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How to Roll a Plumber's Joint

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Despite all the recent advancements in the cannabis industry and the wide variety of smoking devices available on the market today, smoking a joint is still one of the most popular, reliable, and loved forms for cannabis users worldwide to enjoy a sweet smelly weed bud. 

Some classics do not go out of style, and the plumber's joint can undoubtedly fall into this category. It may not be as famous or popular as the cross joint or the scorpion joint, but if you are one of those users who enjoy large, even, and fresh smoking, the plumber's joint may be a good option for you. The plumber’s joint has an end-to-end channel in the middle joint to offer a bigger airflow that refreshes the smoke and allows it to take bigger hits.

If you want to give a touch of freshness to your day with this air channel of the plumber’s joint, you have come to the right place. This article shows a straightforward way to make a perfect plumber joint in just four simple steps. 

How to Roll a Plumber's Joint

A plumber’s joint is ideal for enjoying on your own or with friends and assembling those large king-size you love. You can even change the outside rolling paper for blunt wrapping and give your regular blunt an extra touch of freshness.


  • Rolling tray or flat surface
  • Your favorite cannabis flower
  • KLIP or the weed grinder you have in hand
  • Rolling papers
  • Skewer
  • Cardboard for the crutch
  • Scissors
  • Lighter


Step 1

It is essential to use a proper weed grinder to slice your cannabis at the perfect size to ensure an evenly smoking experience. If the herb is too thin, it will clog as you smoke, making that way harder or even impossible to smoke out of your joint. If the weed is too thick, it will burn the air and paper spaces between bud pieces. 

A medium to fine-sized screen on your KLIP grinder will work perfectly, slicing the cannabis flowers at an ideal size to provide a comfy smoke. Make sure to discard any stem or seed. As the KLIP slices the cannabis flower instead of crushing it, your ground weed is going to preserve even more all of its shiny, sticky trichomes, and you will get more kief out of it as well. If you don’t have a KLIP, don’t worry. Just do the best you can with the grinder you have. 

Step 2

Grab the rolling paper and place the glue side facing out on top of the skewer. Starting from the glue side, roll the piece of paper onto the skewer and burn the remaining part. When finished, you should have a skewer covered with a thin layer of rolling paper. This paper cylinder surrounding the skewer will be the air channel that will go in the center of your plumber´s joint. 

Now, take the scissors and cut a cardboard piece in a rectangular shape to make your joint crutch. This time, you will make the filter by rolling the cardboard you just cut around the skewer at the end covered with rolling paper. The filter’s thickness will depend on you and how thick you want your joint since the filter will set its basis.

Step 3

Grab the rolling tray or set up a flat, clean surface to help you avoid making a mess or wasting your ground weed since the next step can be a bit tricky to accomplish without dumping some herb off the rolling paper. Take the rolling paper coated skewer and filter and place it in the middle of a new rolling paper center. Then proceed to add the ground cannabis, just like when you make a regular joint. Place the skewer right in the center of the joint. After you have the amount of weed you want to smoke on your rolling paper with the skewer and filter properly located, proceed to close your joint as you would close any regular joint, but making sure that the skewer is in the center of the joint.

Step 4

After your joint is well built, closed, and suitably packed, you will have a beautiful joint with a skewer in the middle. To turn it into a plumber's joint, proceed to remove the skewer very carefully, making sure to leave the cylindrical space that will serve as an end-to-end air channel that passes right through the center of the joint. This air channel will ensure you have an even smoke without leaving any space between the ground weed and the paper, allowing you to take deeper enormous puffs. You can close the tip of the joint after you close it or leave it open as you wish.

You should have an adequately rolled and beautiful plumber’s joint on your hands. Now that is ready, just light it up and enjoy this fancy joint!

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