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How to Roll Fancy Joints

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If you have been part of cannabis culture for some time, then you’re likely to have tried all sorts of complex smoking methods to keep things fresh and interesting, and potentially even augment your high. From supercharged bongs to joints in the form of your favorite cartoon character, it seems like the sky's the limit these days for ways to get high.

The art of rolling a joint has become so advanced that almost everyday you probably see new ways to roll and enjoy your weed. Some of the following methods have a higher level of difficulty, but it is totally worth it if you want to step up your cannabis game. Some are fancy looking, some are true forms of art, but all will certainly make a couple heads spin.

Think back to your beginner days: if you needed to be patient to master the correct technique to roll a regular joint in perfect condition, then these fancy joints will also certainly require effort. So, in honor of all you skilled paper rollers out there, or even the ones who can not make their fingers and the tiny delicate paper cooperate, we chose the best  for you. Let’s take a look.

Golden Papers

This doesn’t require great technique, it is just that the rolling paper looks really good. If you aim for an elegant and showy moment while smoking, the golden papers are the ones for your joint. They are not opaque at all, instead they are really shiny to the point you may think they are made from real gold (these rolling papers are simply coated in 24k gold).

Printed Rolling Papers

This one is similar but just in case you like something more graphic and elaborated. There are hundreds of rolling papers with awesome designs on the internet. Maybe the coolest are 100 dollar bills, fully printed rolling papers with patterns or luxury brands logos.

A fancy braided joint on a notebook with a pen

Braided Joint

Expect some trial and error with the braided joint. You will know what frustration is with this impressive piece so do not think this could be ready in 5 minutes. Only the experienced smokers can do it in 15 minutes or so. Rolling joints is such a common practice, that sometimes it is just boring and you lose the excitement of doing it. However, this is a good challenge if you’re into crafts and if you pay attention to details.

A fancy tulip joint in a champagne flute

The Tulip Joint

This is one of the more basic rolls, though it may seem complicated. It only requires the basic materials: weed, hemp strings, rolling paper and a grinder. You will end up with an elegant shape you can even use as a gift for someone special, or just to put on a show for your friends. The tulip joint is really popular among Europeans and the credit of its origin is also for them.


Twaxing not only looks good but significantly improves your smoking experience. Twaxing is an awesome finishing touch once you have rolled your regular joint. This technique uses concentrates to mold them into ‘twax snakes’ to roll-up around the joint and give them a cool-looking appearance. In general, twaxing includes the usage of hash, kief, oil, wax, and every other marijuana train.

The best part is that it would give you an extra kick, an incredibly powerful high. Because of their high THC levels, cannabis concentrations continue to gain popularity. A good cannabis concentrate would have a THC level of up to or above 70 per cent in most cases. A neatly-made cannabis concentrate will immediately get you high and the euphoria will continue for many hours in your bloodstream and mind.

It is now up to you how elaborate you want the twax to be, inside or outside the joint, with dots or webs, using it as a ‘glue’ for your kief... the possibilities are unlimited. You can find inspiration on the internet.

Plumber’s Joint

You might be happy to create some new options if you are already comfortable with the joint-rolling process. Why should you take the time rolling a plumber's joint ? Well, it is really useful when it comes to airflow and  it leaves no gaps between the weed and the paper. As a result, with each pull, you get a smooth even smoke. No matter how hard it looks to roll, it only has a few differences from a regular joint. After you try this method, you would notice the difference and maybe be hooked. The plumber’s joint could turn into your top 5 ways to enjoy your weed.

A diamond joint lays on a grinder in front of a candle

Diamond Joint

A diamond joint is a cannabis roll consisting of one mouthpiece, one filter, and several smaller diamond-shaped joints that are fused together. It is more difficult to roll a simple diamond joint than a double-barreled version because there is a lot more sealing that needs to be done for it to fully smoke and burn. 

Anyway, this is more for those with experience rolling joints as it needs leveled up skills to perform this unique method correctly or a disaster would be inevitable. At least, this diamond joint guarantees to alter your smoking experience and it is fun for parties.

Cross Joint

This one is well-known for the community thanks to the ‘’Pineapple express’’ movie. The film popularized this impressive way of rolling a joint and it is not as complicated as it may look. In the shape of a cross, a cross joint consists of two joints fitted together. This results in three ends which can be lit, and the consumer gets to enjoy the novel experience of smoking two joints at once. A good option to blow your friends' minds and they will surely appreciate it. You can find Seth Rogen (one of the main characters of the movie) on YouTube with a tutorial on how to do the perfect cross joint.

A fancy joint with filter art

Filter Art

You could always buy filters online but where’s the fun in that? The most essential part of a joint is its filter or tip. A joint filter not only allows better airflow, it also helps hold the joint together, which gives a joint its structure and it looks pretty good if you do it well. Bring an ok-rolled joint to the next tier, you're also not limited to just one form of filter so take that cardboard or business cards and prepare yourself to experiment with filter art.

Besides the classic ‘W’ or ‘N’, new ways of folding filters are emerging — awesome geometric figures, even cartoon faces, heart shape filters, entire patterns, and so on. The thicker the filter, the wider the options you have to create stunning pieces. And it doesn’t affect its functionality, instead it could improve it. This combined with the other fancy joints listed above ends with the perfect joint. It makes it possible to bring almost art like methods and weed together.

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