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How To Hide Weed Smell These Holidays

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When family and friends get together nothing can go wrong, of course, sarcasm is extremely noticeable. Maybe that's the idea they're trying to sell us, what people share on social media. But the truth is that many times we live dramatic experiences. And that's totally normal because no family is perfect. No one is going to upload stories to their social networks of their conflicts, arguments or fights. 

Sometimes the situation might become stressful. But to better manage the situation a little weed can be an excellent idea. You can smoke before the event, dinner, lunch, whatever. Also, having a dog helps a lot to disguise the exits. Before the event starts you can take your dog for a walk while you smoke a joint or take some hits from the pipe. 

Be aware of the smell when you return from your walk. There is always someone that is bothered by the smell of weed. They might find it offensive, or simply disapprove of it. You should walk more than usual to air out. In addition to eliminating the weed smell, your dog will enjoy the walk more. 

Another classic is going out to the “store” with your cousin, brother, friend whoever before the commitment begins. Whatever you do, will be better. The problem could be if two or more arrive at the same time after smoking. The smell of weed will be stronger and these situations are better if handled wisely. 


Remove marijuana odor from clothes

Marijuana smoke doesn't just stick to hair and skin. It can also stay on clothes for long periods of time. One solution might be to wear another garment on top for smoking. If you have to make an appointment after smoking, put on an outer layer of clothing to absorb the smell. 

A jacket or hoodie will capture most of the smell, leaving the garment inside free of odors. If you are at home and the commitment is outside, before leaving you might enjoy a joint, but arrive without smelling like weed. You can smoke in shorts or underwear, after you finish smoking, dress and leave home just as if nothing had happened. 


Keep your rooms from smelling like weed

When your home is the meeting point and you smoke weed you might have to check some things before you open the doors to your guests. Sometimes visits can come unexpectedly, here speed, agility and efficiency will be your best allies. When someone arrives unexpectedly, and you just smoked a joint, the first thing you should do is ventilate. Open the windows, doors and with help of a fan make sure to provide a good air circulation. 

Sometimes you can smoke an extremely odorous variety, or it can get too cold to open the windows. In these cases focus better on camouflaging the smell

*Essential oils

    Some terpenes are strong enough highlighting their odors and helping to hide other odors such as weed. Essential oils diffusers use terpenes from especially aromatic plants such as rosemary, lavender or eucalyptus to make rooms smell of flowers. 

    Ambient flavorings are very accessible and useful for hiding the smell of marijuana. There are presentations for all tastes, in the same way you can program to air the room automatically from time to time. 

    *Adequate storage

      Sometimes a problem happens, your room smells like weed even without smoking weed there. This happens due to improper storage of weed. The more quantity the greater the problem. Glass jars and airtight bags  are the best alternative to prevent the smell from escaping and spreading through the room. 

      *Incense sticks

        Another alternative to camouflage the smell if you have improvise visitors or simply to kill the smell while smoking are incense sticks. Incense sticks release strong  aromatic compounds that disguise the smell of marijuana. 


          Scented candles are also a good option if you smoke indoors. They are economical and there is a great variety of smells. You can light them at the same time that you light a joint, for when you finish smoking leave the candle lit for a while longer and when you turn it off it will dominate the smell of the candle. 


          Sploof, if you want to avoid ll the inconvenience

          A sploof is a very reliable and ingenious artifact, but not infallible. A sploof is an old trick to smoke indoors and hide the smell. It is a homemade filter for odors. You can have it in your room or even in your car, in public view it goes unnoticed it can be confused with anything else. However, it may be compromising in some countries, be aware of the cops you never know. A sploof effectiveness depends on the quality and age of the pieces that we will need to assemble this artifact. 

          • Scissors
          • Dry paper that has some aroma, such as some toilet paper or something similar
          • A plastic bottle or the cylinder of a roll of a toilet paper
          • Adhesive tape or garter

          Follow the steps below to build your sploof

          • The first thing you should do is cut the bottom of the bottle, if you opted for the toilet paper cylinder leave it as it is.
          • Then you must put the dry papers inside the cylinder or the bottle. With a pair that covers the surface is enough, but the more papers you put the more effective it will be. 
          • Then add another paper at the other end of the cylinder (as if it were the patch or membrane of the drum). Hold it with a garter.
          • You are ready to smoke. In the sploof the smell will remain. Change from time to time the papers inside and forward. 


          How to smoke weed at a family reunion 

          Sometimes there are compromises from which we cannot escape. Personally, I enjoy family plans like going to lunch or dinner. Unfortunately sometimes it becomes routine and monotonous. If the commitment is mandatory, I make sure to carry a wax pen with me. A trip to the bathroom and you return more willing and in a better mood. 

          The wax pen is very useful for smoking anywhere. If you go to the cinema, you can smoke without any problems, at work, doing paperwork, in a museum, anywhere. Closed places are no longer a problem, the smoke and smell of wax go unnoticed by most. 


          Avoid the smell of marijuana on your car

          Although the car seems to be designed especially for smoking marijuana: reclining seats, air conditioning, sound system... of course, we advise not to drive if you smoke. However a parked car is very comfortable for smoking.

          Sometimes it happens that after smoking in the car you have to bring someone or give a lift. When you go on the road before picking someone up who does not like the smell of weed, put the air into the fullest. Drive with the windows open while the air is full, this will reduce the concentrated smell of weed. 

          There are many types of air fresheners, even after washing the car in the car wash they leave an air freshener that serves to hide the smell of weed. Take a look at some extra tips on how to get rid of weed smell out of your car.


          How to smoke without producing odor

          For most cannabis users the first experience consuming is in joint, pipe or even in bong. Traditional or classic methods such as those mentioned above are usually the ones that give off the most smell. But also those that have a more ritualistic and community touch, therefore the most used. 

          The good thing is that there are other methods that guarantee a good dose of THC without exotic odors. 


          Wax, the pure extract of weed, butane hash oil. You just need to boil a pipe until it gets red and put the wax to burn and be smoked. Wax contains many more cannabinoids, however, less plant material is burned than with a joint. Wax does leave a smell, but it is much more discreet and goes much more unnoticed than the typical smell of ganja. 


          Vaporizers expose cannabis buds and extracts to lower temperatures than when smoked in a joint or pipe, preventing combustion. Through vaporization, these devices extract the cannabinoids without burning them. The taste changes and generates a much less revealing smell.

          As we have already mentioned before, wax pens are also a very discreet option. There are many methods and auxiliaries that eliminate the smell of weed.

          Do you know any other method to avoid the smell of marijuana? Tell us in the comment section.

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