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Growing Cannabis Feminized Seeds Indoors as an Example of Forbidden Fruit and Sour Diesel


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Growing weed at home has become a popular hobby for many users who want to save the costs of buying their therapeutic remedy at a local dispensary and control the growing process and weed quality independently. Thus, it is not uncommon to see a couple of plants thriving in a neighbor's backyard or a compact, odor-proof growing tent in one's apartment. This way, people get access to high-quality, organically grown cannabis of their own production. 

Besides, indoor cultivation is a great alternative for consumers who need a regular weed supply but live in unfavorable climatic conditions. For instance, frequent storms or cool nights can destroy one's harvests, and it's much safer to cultivate crops in an indoor setup to control the environment and protect the plants from calamities. 

So, once you decide to start your own weed-growing project, it's time to select the seeds you want to plant and work on the creation of proper indoor growing conditions and setups. Here is a detailed guide on how you can cultivate feminized weed seeds indoors for rich yields and a hassle-free experience.

Why Feminized Seeds?

First, you should clarify whether you will grow feminized (photoperiod) or autoflower (non-photoperiod) seeds. On the one hand, the difference is pronounced, as autoflower seeds are quicker to flower and don't need advanced light-and-dark cycle adjustments to give yields. On the other hand, feminized seeds can reward the cultivators with greater yields per plant and a much higher THC level, which you can maximize by postponing the harvesting moment. Thus, it's up to you to choose which seed type to opt for; yet, if you have moderate growing experience and want to get maximum from your plantation, feminized seeds are your way to go.

growing cannabis indoors
Growing cannabis plants indoors (Envato)​​

Growing Stages

Please remember that feminized seeds take longer from seed to harvest, so you will typically need to wait 3-4 months to collect the resin-rich, flavorful buds from your plants. The stages they will go through in the process of maturing are as follows: 

  • Germination

This stage usually takes 2-3 days; the most convenient method of germinating seeds is to place them between two wet paper towels and keep them moist, but not wet, during the germination period. Please note that some seeds may take up to 1-2 weeks to germinate, so don't panic and wait patiently until your seeds crack and show the first sprout. 

  • Seedling

The seedlings develop from a germinated seed within the first week after germination. The sprout that cracks the seed’s shell gets more mature and healthier. 

  • Vegetation

 The autoflower seeds need one month to complete the vegetative stage, but feminized seeds need more time for that. Growers should give their plants 18-24 hours of daily light during the first 4-6 weeks of vegetation.

  • Flowering

Once the plants mature and are ready for flowering, the cultivator should reduce the amount of light to 12 hours a day and trigger the flowering stage in the crops. 

  • Harvesting

After you have identified the signs of flower maturity and readiness for harvesting, it’s vital to flush the plants one week before harvesting and then start collecting the buds, either by cutting the whole branches and drying them or by cutting the buds and trimming them while the branches are still fresh. 

Setup and Equipment for Growing Cannabis Indoors

The growing tent should be a minimum of 4x4 feet, which gives enough space to position a fan, filter, lights, and a couple of plants with convenient spacing. Some growers on a budget may start with a small growing setup of 60cm by 60cm, which is suitable for micro-growing, and see how it goes. Yet, the setup arrangements depend on the strain you want to cultivate, as some cultivars grow really tall and may not be suitable for indoor growing. 

For instance, when you grow Sour Diesel seeds, https://askgrowers.com/seeds/sour-diesel-seeds-feminized, you may expect the plants to reach a maximum of 130-160cm, which is okay for a small-sized tent. However, the cultivation of Forbidden Fruit seeds, https://askgrowers.com/seeds/forbidden-fruit-seeds-feminized, may require a tent of a bit larger dimensions because these plants reach 180cm high and beyond, thus requiring high-stress training that may damage the crops.

Lights for the Indoor Growing Room

Now, an important aspect of indoor cultivation – lighting. Cannabis is very hungry for warmth and daylight, so it’s impossible to attain high yields and decent THC/CBD levels in your weed plants if you use mediocre lights. 

The standard recommendation from pro growers is to use HPS bulbs if you have a meager budget for growing; these lights can do the job reasonably well. Yet, if you're serious about long-term growth and want to create a sustainable setup, it's better to equip the growing room with LED lights. These bulbs produce much lower heat stress on the plants, live longer, and provide a more optimal light spectrum than HID or HPS lights. 

As a result, your weed buds will contain a higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, thus delivering much higher therapeutic value to you. Both Sour Diesel and Forbidden Fruit strains grow well with LED lights, accumulating 18% and 24% THC respectively.

Place of the Growing Room

The final decision to make for an indoor growing setup is the location of your growing tent. It should be spacious enough to host your growing plants and placed in a room where the temperature doesn't fluctuate greatly. Besides, locating the growing tent in a room with low to moderate humidity is optimal, thus lowering the risks of mold. Here are some options you may consider: 

  • Attic

  • Basement

  • Closet

  • Garage

  • Standalone cannabis grow room

Obviously, each variant depends on the amount of free space you have in your apartment and the number of rooms at your disposal. Those who live in small apartments even place the plantations in bedrooms; you may have no problems with this arrangement if you keep the growing tent small enough and properly ventilated.

Final Word

As you can see, working on the indoor setup is a meticulous craft that will reward you with cannabinoid-rich, bountiful yields in the end. Don’t leave the indoor growing to chance. Organize everything properly and manage your plants well to reap big yields and enjoy all the benefits of growing cannabis indoors like a sufficient supply of weed stocks all year round.

Author: Tia Moskalenko

The author of this article is Tia Moskalenko, a cannabis advocate and an avid weed cultivator. Tia works as a full-time blogger at AskGrowers and shares both theory and practice of weed growing with aspiring cultivators. She is always ready to offer her rich expertise to improve user experience with cannabis cultivation indoors and outdoors.

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