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Benefits Of Growing Weed Indoors

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Despite the fact that there’s always light, fresh air and carbon dioxide in our outside world, indoor cannabis growing has been on the rise for the past years. One could name a hundred reasons why, starting off with the fact that renting a house with a garden is practically a luxury to millennials. 

Whatever the reason, indoor growing is a great alternative nowadays, so let’s talk about the benefits of using the inside of your home to grow our favorite herb for personal use.

Outdoors vs. Indoors: Which One Is Better?

Ah, yes. The ongoing, never ending debate. We simply cannot talk about indoor growing without discussing the pros and cons of outdoor growing as well. The truth is, your own circumstances will determine if growing outdoors or indoors will work best for you

Some people love growing outdoors because they already have everything that they need: air, light and rainfall. Outdoor growers just need to add a few extra cultivation materials like rich soil and healthy fertilizers, their favorite weed seeds and the correct size pots.

However, not everyone lives in a perfect climate for cannabis cultivation, right? And this is where I make an emphasis on choosing what works best for you depending on the resources that you have around. There is no right or wrong, only evaluating and determining the better cultivation method for yourself.

The significant difference on outdoor vs. indoor cultivation rests on how much resources will be invested in the process. Naturally, growing indoor cannabis will require more, but perhaps that’s not exactly a bad thing– at least in the long run.

Yes, with indoor cultivation you may spend more money and resources on tools, but controlling every aspect of your experiment will give you better results. Being able to modify every little aspect of light, temperature and airflow will give you an advantage that outdoor growing could never have.

3 Important Factors To Consider

Since we already established that indoor cultivating requires more money, time and resources, here’s three key factors that you’ll need to reflect upon before committing to the cause.


How much are you willing to spend on your equipment and setup? Since you’re about to create a controlled environment almost entirely from scratch, adequate tools are a must have. 

Make sure to research, ask the experts, and really dive deep into this subject– you don’t want to spend a lot of money and then realize that your investment was actually a waste of time and resources. 


According to a publication on Environmental Science & Technology Letters, marijuana plants need low humidity, from warm to hot temperature, airflow, and lots of sunlight to prosper. If you can master the exact temperature your plants need, the rest of the journey will get easier.


As it was stated before, cannabis will thrive under the right, adequate light. The 21st century has blessed us with a lot of innovative technology, and grow lights is one of these marvelous inventions. 

People who grow indoors choose between High Intensity Discharge lights (HID), fluorescent grow lights, or even LED grow lights for their cannabis plants. The beautiful thing about these three options is that you can choose the product which best suits you, the available space, and your budget.

6 Benefits of Growing Weed Indoors


Quite possibly the best thing about growing pot indoors is that you are not tied to the ever changing seasons. With indoor cultivation there will be no such thing as “my crops freezed” or “the sun dried them up before they were ready.” Growing your plants in the heart of your home will help you raise your crops in a stable environment, free from external troubles.

Controlled Environment

You’ll never have to wait for the “right climatic conditions” because you will make sure to create those conditions inside your home. Indoor cultivation will make you in charge of creating the perfect warm temperature with the best airflow and just the right amount of humidity cannabis needs. 

Naturally, if you’re a beginner on the subject you may need to change and adjust a few times at first, but that also means learning how your plants respond to the environmental conditions that you set up, such as adapting the lights and being mindful of how much water your crops need, for example.

Go organic

As silly as it may sound, weed is not 100% vegan. If you’re into that sort of thing or you’re even looking to turn your life around into a more organic lifestyle, this is your opportunity to start adjusting your habits even in the weed that you consume! 

From planting its seeds and all the way to lighting up a joint, you’ll have control of every aspect of your pot, an experience that will make you mindful of all the little things you put inside your body. 

Less chance of having pests and insects

Quite simple– having your plants grow away from an actual outdoor space will prevent annoying pests and hungry insects that may want to feast on marijuana leaves. These are things you can forget about and direct your focus on other subjects.

Multiple harvests

Another beauty of indoor cultivation is that you can expect to have at least more than one harvest a year! Growing cannabis at any time of the year is great, it doesn't matter if you start off in summer, winter, or whatever season you’re going through. Let your crops grow as big and tall as you want, cut them off whenever you need to, and expect consistency with each harvest.

Privacy & security

Nobody likes nosy neighbors, and keeping your weed inside locked doors will most certainly ease a potential paranoia from being observed by the people who live close to you. 

To read further more about growing cannabis indoors, check out these very useful 9 tips that you need to know about. 

And Last But Not Least– Check State Regulations Before Starting!

You may be swooned by the wonders of growing cannabis in your own home, but checking state regulations is the first thing that you should do before starting.

According to Salon Prive Mag, indoor cannabis plants may require fewer security regulations than outdoor growing. Of course, they each have their own set of rules that vary in every state, but indoor growing has a lot less than cultivating outdoors. Even so, be extremely careful of these policies because punishment by law can be severe and remember to always stay on the right side of law. 

Happy weed experimenting!


Author: Mary Jane


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