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Ear-Shaped Edibles: Mike Tyson’s New THC-infused Gummies

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Okay, we know that the preceding headline has a lot of information to digest in a single go, so let’s take a minute to breathe, ground ourselves and regain our bearings. Ha ha. But no, really, this is something that is happening next year: former boxers Mike Tyson (famous, among many other things, for biting off the ear of a dude during a boxing match) and Evander Holyfield (the aforementioned dude whose ear was frickin’ bit off during a fight) are getting together to launch a line of THC-infused gummies named “Holy Ears” because, yeah. They are ear-shaped. Of course. This might be the weirdest piece of cannabis-related news that we had shared (so far) at HØJ, but it was irresistible to pass the opportunity up.

Cannabis and everything related is growing big, and 2023 is not going to be any different, but still, you have to wonder why this is happening. And it’s a good question! One that might be a little more complicated to answer than you expect, so roll a joint, or grab your favorite pipe, and come down this rabbit hole together. Who knows? You might find the weed edible that you just need to try this coming 2023. Happy New Year!

Taking a trip through The Tyson Zone

And it will be a trip, all right. In more ways than one. For our younger stoners that might not remember the decades of the 80’s and 90’s when Mike Tyson was at the top of the boxing world (so much that he even was the main antagonist of a famous Nintendo game), this story might not be very well known, so here it goes. In 1997, on June 28th, during the third round against Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson got a little too worked up and bit the ear of his opponent, taking a good chunk out of it. As you might guess, it was a whole scandal. 

For one, Tyson was at the very tail-end of his boxing career, and he was in decline. Secondly, at this point in history, Tyson had already accrued something of a reputation for his weird behavior, both on and off the ring. Behavior that included “threatening to eat an opponent’s children”, “asking a zookeeper permission to fight a gorilla”, “claiming he could beat Jesus”, and “blowing his 300 million fortune on, among more normal stuff like hookers and coke, a collection of pigeons”. In fact, this history of bizarre incidents lead sport commentators and the like to coin the term “Tyson Zone” for those celebrities that reach the point when any rumor about them is credible to some degree. So all in all, biting the ear of an opponent was pretty in character for Tyson, all things considered.

Still, on that fateful night of June, a past-his-prime Tyson lost any sort of composure when Holyfield was dominating the fight (and it should be noted, this was a rematch after losing a year earlier against Holyfield on a fight that was supposed to be part of his comeback), but as you might assume, this pretty much ended Tyson’s career, after he took out his teeth guard, bit Holyfield’s ear, spit it out on the ring, and bit his other ear before the referee intervened. To make the story short, not much after this fight, Tyson's reputation and finances went into a much worse decline, and by the beginning of the new millennium, he had to declare bankruptcy after spending all his remaining money on the maintenance of his pigeons, which ran about $400,000 dollars a year. That wasn’t a joke.

Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson

With all that in mind, it is not difficult to see why Tyson might look to diversify a little in his ambitions. In fact, Iron Mike has been notorious for making something of a career out of poking fun at himself for his younger, crazier days. From stand-up comedy to TV, he has found a niche in selling his image, and experimenting with different formats. That’s how we got to Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, a YouTube channel where Tyson interviews other famous people while progressively getting high as a kite; effectively a weed-based version of the popular Hot Ones interview show that has more or less the same format, but with hot wings.

Because, yeah, Mike Tyson knows his weed. So much in fact that he launched Tyson 2.0, his own brand of cannabis, cannabis strains and other cannabis-related products, including flowers, oils, concentrates and all kinds of consumables, offered with the touch that only The Baddest Man on the Planet can give it, like the “Toad” strains, inspired by the habit he had of licking psychotropic toads to get high when he was younger (again, not a joke). The best part is that Tyson’s weed credentials are pretty genuine, constantly talking about how smoking cannabis was an important part of his boxing life, helping him relax and manage pain at the height of his world-champion prowess.

So, combining his reputation as a weird dude who can do pretty much anything, his love for weed, and some well earned self-deprecation, it’s not that bizarre that a line of gummies like Holy Ears can exist. Holyfield and Tyson have reconciled after more than two decades after that fateful night, and seeing how the former heavyweight was already selling his “Mike Bites” which were already shaped like ears with little bite marks, it seems only natural to invite the owner of said ear to the business.

Offered in both THC and Delta-8 variants, the new “Holy Ears” line of gummy edibles will launch this month, if you are into that sort of thing. It seems like a funny gag gift for this holiday shopping season at least, so if you are making a list of presents for a special stoner in your life, we also recommend you to check out the HØJ store for the best accessories a weed smoker can wish for. From amazing, elegant pipes to enjoy your favorite strains, to grinders that guarantee the perfect chop for your flowers, to the platonic ideal of rolling paper for your joints, HØJ is the best stop for Santa’s Naughty Children List. We wish you happy holidays, dear stoner, from everyone here at HØJ! And see you next year!


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