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The Rite Of Spring: How To Grow Weed In This Time Of The Year


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Ah, Spring. Indeed the most memorable season of the year for many reasons, including marking the end of a long winter and the gloomy weather. This season brings a wave of warm days, blooming flowers, and a colorful world full of life. It's certainly the most aesthetic season with all its vibrant colors and blooming flowers, from seeing trees start budding to watching animals come out of hibernation, ready to start another annual cycle. It's no wonder why Spring invokes a strong connection to renewal and rebirth; everywhere we look, we are greeted with renewed beauty that serves as a reminder of possibility, hope, and growth.

In consequence, this season also brings about new beginnings. As the days grow longer and lighter, people feel inspired to start fresh on personal projects. Even just opening their windows and letting fresh air into their homes feels surreal. Best of all, Spring is something everyone can appreciate no matter where they live. This season gives us a chance to enjoy the perfect days by just going outside for a walk in the warm. As the earth begins to thaw out from winter's chill, bringing light into our lives, it brings new opportunities to grow. It's basically like our planet's own little surprise party every year that we can all take part in together.

And when it comes to parties, the best ones have an element that absolutely must be present in order to enjoy the color and freshness of Spring to its full extent: your favorite strain of cannabis, ready to be consumed just as you like it. After all, Spring is the perfect occasion to truly bask before what mother nature gives us every year. It would be a disservice to not prepare the best weed garden possible to welcome the season of renewal to your home. However, have you tried to grow cannabis in the Spring? Is it any different than doing it in any other season of the year? Well, to answer that question, the cannabis experts here at HØJ bring you a guide with everything you need to know to obtain the freshest and most flavorful harvest of weed flowers, perfect for this season. Let's go!

How To Grow Weed In Spring Season?

1) Be wise about the kind of flowers you will plant

We have discussed the challenges of growing weed in the coldest months of the year. Although Spring is generally more accessible for a good crop of cannabis, there are still a couple of considerations you should make if you want your weed garden to flower just as the season starts. For example, different strains of cannabis have different flowering periods. Sativa-related variants take a longer time than any other, so take that into consideration when planning your crop. If you want your garden to flower immediately, then an indica variant might be what you are looking for, and experimenting is always encouraged here.

2) Prepare your garden beforehand

If you want to have your crop of cannabis ready to welcome the Spring, you should start at least three months beforehand. Considering that Spring begins in full force at the start of April means you should start planting your seeds during the first two weeks of January at the latest, depending on the strain of weed you want to grow. This also means that your garden will start in the dead of winter, so most of the tips and advice we already covered in the aforementioned Winter Growing Guide will apply here. But a strategy to guarantee the success of your garden is to start your crop indoors. We have a couple of articles ready if you want more information, but as any tomato farmer will tell you (weeds and tomatoes are not that far removed), starting inside a controlled environment will be the key to your successful harvest.

3) Take proper care of your soil after the winter season

As you may suspect, the state of any soil after a long and grueling Winter season will not be optimal for starting a garden. So to prepare for the Spring, you need to begin loosening the soil of the parcel where you will replant your garden once it is ready. Also, you need to add a layer of fertilizer and compost to enrich your soil correctly. All in all, late Winter and early Spring require a little more effort than usual to ensure that your parcel is in the perfect condition for some weed growing.

Cannabis plant in Spring
Cannabis plant in Spring (Envato)

4) Be careful with your seedlings

Okay, now that your soil is ready, your indoor garden had a great start, and the weather is also starting to ease up, the process of transplanting your seedlings can now commence in earnest. The ideal way to go about this is to take your seeds and wrap them in wet paper towels for a few days until they have sprouted (after a week, you should get sprouts strong enough to withstand planting). Later, transport them to your parcel to plant them with the roots facing down. You will need a lot of light, so we suggest you invest in some good lights to ensure 24-hour lightning for the first few days after planting. After doing so, we also strongly recommend you keep a tight watch on your seedlings because they are at their most vulnerable during this period. Animals also like to have a good yet wild time, you know!

5) Keep water and nutrients coming

The weather might still be cold, but this will have a taxing effect on your garden, so keep them watered and add some nutrients to it regularly, so they remain strong during the first few months of the year. This will last until the flowering period of your cannabis plants. Therefore, be a careful and attentive parent and spoil the [expletive] out of them. These are your babies, and when Spring starts, they will bring you great joy if you are careful and considerate with your garden. Once the flowering begins, the season should be in full force, so get to enjoy Mother Nature as you should and have a proper Spring as soon as possible!

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