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How To Grow Weed In Winter: Cold Climate Weed Strains

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Your mileage may vary on this, but winter is a pretty divisive season, huh? You either love the holidays it brings, like Christmas and New Year, the cozy atmosphere you can get at home with a fluffy sweater and a cup of hot cocoa, and there’s plenty of outdoors stuff you can do, like a good old fashioned snowball fight, ice skating, building snowmen, and even sledding on the local park. Or you either hate the cold, shoveling snow from your driveway every day, having to leave your home to go to school/work, or even the chronic sickness that many people suffer through this season. However, no matter how you feel about winter, there’s something we can all agree on: weed makes it better in every way.

No matter if you just smoke a joint to take off the edge of a hard day in the snow, or you add a couple of drops of CBD to your cocoa to make it 200% more relaxing, or if those cannabis gingerbread cookies are currently in the oven, or even if you are craving a good serving of weed eggnog right now, adding some mary jane to any winter activities will markedly improve them, no matter your stance on this cold, cold season. However, to make sure all of this happens, you should secure a steady supply of green during all of winter (like the grasshopper and the ant, and all of that), lest you have to spend your holidays without a nice high to cozy the season up.

And as we have talked about before, one of the best ways to secure your reserves of cannabis is by growing your own garden, because not only it goes easier on the wallet (pretty important for the Christmas days), there’s also plenty of beginner friendly kits and advice you can start your own little farm today. But, if you are a newbie to the topic of growing and harvesting your own grass, this coming winter may have you asking some pretty important questions to yourself. How to guarantee you are going to have a good harvest during the coldest days of the year? Can you do the things you normally do, or special winter preparations are necessary for your garden to survive? Fear not, dear northern stoner, that here at HØJ we have all the information you need to ensure your winter cannabis harvest is as good as it’s always been. So sit back, grab your favorite warm beverage, and let’s dig into the world of winter cannabis and everything you should know about it.

What to do with an outdoor garden?

Cannabis is a plant originating from warm climates In Southeast Asia, so it’s easy to think that a cold winter season would automatically spell doom for any crop you are hoping to grow during the holidays. With that, you then might be surprised to learn that growing marijuana outside if possible, if a tiny bit difficult to do. After all, we are working with a plant with a ton of history, a variety of strains, and plenty of knowledge of how to grow it pretty much anywhere. With that in mind, the most important thing you should worry about is sunlight; having the correct amount of light on your plants is crucial to their survival. So, ideally, your garden should be located in a place where plenty of sun hits, with enough space around to put up a small tent to protect them from the elements during the night and the coldest days.

Nevertheless, snowstorms and general humidity can still present a threat to your harvest, so take the time to transplant them to pots (if you haven’t done it already), so you can quickly take them inside your home if the weather starts to get too severe. And the most crucial step you should take to ensure you have a bountiful harvest for the winter is to select the appropriate strains to grow outside. Some of the best ones are…

   Blue Cheese:

Although the name “cheese” may not sound very appetizing at first, the whole family of these strains is surprisingly sweet, and becoming more and more popular by the year. And a good portion of that popularity is because of the strong resistance to mold this variety shows, which is perfect for the cold, humid climate of most winters.

   Afghan Kush:

A classic strain with a strong high, this sativa weed plant, contrary to its name, comes from the Netherlands, and over the decades has developed a natural resistance to cold that goes along with the pure, fresh flavor it offers of true connoisseurs. The choice of cold climate weed, if you ask us.

   White Widow:

A pretty popular and sought after strain from Europe, the colder climates of this region have helped this weed variety to thrive in colder climates, being very good at fighting pests and diseases, and generally having a nice, strong high perfect for the winter vibes. Planting these strains will guarantee a healthy garden from the snow season.


What is the timing to grow weed in the winter?

All these tips will certainly help you ensure you have enough weed for the winter, if you grow your own, but your effort will be for naught if you don’t master another pretty critical element of winter weed: the timing of your garden. In the northern regions, summer is a lot shorter and winter is a lot longer than the region's weed hails from, so knowing the best possible time to plant a new crop is the mark of an expert cannabis farmer. Ideally, you would grow your weed normally during the 10 or so weeks of summer, but in winter you want shorter growth periods to reduce the potential damage your plants will have during snowfall and dips in temperature.

The best way to go about this is by cloning your plants instead of seeding them from scratch, planting the cuttings directly into the soil, not only guaranteeing you have a female plant to work with, but cuttings coming from a mature plant will grow quickly, give you an exact copy of a plant you already know and enjoy, even letting you experiment with strains, since you get genetically identical plants. However, remember to take special care of fungus and plagues, since identical plants can also make your crop weaker. But, for the winter months only, this solution might be the best one to have a good crop during the cold months.

Final words

So yeah, growing cannabis during the winter is kind of a challenge, but one that is doable if you are smart about it. Select a place with lots of sunlight, prepare to transplant, choose the adequate strains to plant, and get the timing and techniques right to ensure your holidays are the jolliest they can be. So good luck, dear stoner, and tell us how it went with your cold climate cannabis!

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