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Is Growing Your Own Weed Actually Cheaper Than Buying It?

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So… cannabis is kind of getting popular lately, right? It really feels that way, with more and more countries decriminalizing (if not outright legalazing) weed every day, and lots of old stigmas and taboos around it starting to become relics of the past. In fact, in the United States alone, 19 states have completely legalized cannabis and more than half of the remaining ones have varying degrees of acceptability (depending on the medical or recreational use you wanna give it), and the near future can expect to see more changes in this regard soon.

However, does this change in attitude towards cannabis mean that more people can access it freely? You would think so, right? But with a bigger demand, obviously higher prices follow, and in some states like Washington D.C., the prices per ounce of high quality weed can reach almost $600 hundred dollars. And with the mess of legislation, loopholes and taxation around cannabis that can differ dramatically from state to state, trying to import weed from cheaper places sometimes just isn’t feasible. So what options are there for the financially-driven stoner that wants to have a good time, but doesn’t want to break the bank in the process? Well, if you have been following the HOJ blog for a while, you know that we want you to keep enjoying cannabis with the best tips and advices you will find anywhere, alongside some of the best weed accessories you will ever try, and this time we want to take a look into the most popular way to enjoy weed without the need to wipe out your retirement funds: growing your own. 

Is it really more economically viable? Or is there something we are missing? Because growing cannabis is truly a commitment that should not be taken lightly, and should you choose to embark on this, there are a few things you should know, so let’s dig (pun intended) right into it and see if growing your weed is actually cheaper than just buying it.

Over the (cannabis) garden wall.

“Okay, but you only need some dirt, water and the seeds, right? What else should I consider to start my own weed crop?” you may be thinking right now, and well… it’s a bit more complicated than that. What we advise you to do first is to commit the least amount of money possible if this is the first time you are trying your hand at growing cannabis. Like any other hobby out there, is recommended to first test the grounds (another pun, yes) to see if this pastime is really for you, After all, there’s nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars in equipment and materials, and then finding out that this isn’t really what you want to do on your free time. And believe us, depending on the size of your garden, you will need a lot of free time to get this right.

So, let’s think of a very basic indoor setup to start your crop: first you are going to need some seeds, obviously. You will find three main types of seed in most markets, so get familiar with these terms to choose the one that suits up your needs:

  • Feminized: Means cannabis seeds only produce flowering female plants.
  • Regular: Your regular old seeds can produce either male or female plants.
  • Autoflowering: If this is your first time, this is the kind you want; autoflowering seeds that do not require changes in the light cycle to flower.

Depending on your provider, which you can just google, the seeds alone will run you out an average of $4 dollars per individual seed, and we recommend you a couple dozen or so to start, so let’s write the first $104 you’ll spend. Now, let’s think about lightning; to grow weed indoors successfully, and to have more control on the amount of light your plants are receiving (which is why we don’t really advise you to rely on sunlight), you will need some 200 watts LED lights, especially designed for growing plants. Each one will run you about $40, and you need at least three of them (one for every eight seeds, if you start with a couple dozen), so there goes another $120 dollars. Now four or so 2-gallon containers to put everything in there (you probably already have some, but if not, this will around $5), a fan to ventilate everything, which on the cheaper end can be about $40, some especially prepared soil, which is like $8 dollars per bag.

Oh, and let’s not forget the electricity you will need to commit to your indoor garden, which varies a lot by area, but on average can be about $42 per month, more or less. So with that in mind, a beginner’s garden will be around $319 dollars, which isn’t so bad, considering that this is what an ounce of average weed will cost you depending on where you live; if the weed in your area costs more, then it’s a no brainer, and if it costs less, just think of the benefits of becoming your own supplier in the long run.

However, and this is important, remember that this is just a starting kit which will have some bad yields at the very beginning, so you probably don’t want to tell your dealer to go screw himself just yet; it will take around four to five months to grow your first complete, usable crop to consume, and we haven’t gotten around to mention some additional tools and resources you might need (gardening scissors, pesticides, etc.) as you learn how to properly keep a garden.

Final words

We have talked before here at HOJ on the benefits of growing your own weed, and this is truly an incredible hobby that is well worth trying. After all, the patience and dedication you commit to your crops will really benefit each joint and edible you make from now on (there’s no single best feeling that making something from the very beginning, which is why so many people took to make sourdough at home when the pandemic began), and as you get more experienced in the garden, and start making your own strains of cannabis, in the long run this will be one of the best decisions you ever made. So, grab those overalls and a straw hat, and find out why growing your own weed is the best way to enjoy it right now.

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