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The Art of Rolling: Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Rolling Papers


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Cannabis enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best cannabis rolling papers online to fully enjoy their smoking experience. With the rise of the internet, finding and purchasing the perfect rolling papers has never been easier. This blog post will delve into the various aspects of cannabis rolling papers.

All About Rolling Paper Fibers

1. Wood Pulp

Traditional rolling papers are typically made from wood pulp. These papers are easy to find, affordable, and come in various thicknesses and flavors

Wood pulp rolling papers are known for their even burn and are a popular choice among beginners due to their slower burn rate.

2. Rice Papers

Rice papers are made from processed rice and are usually thinner than wood pulp. They have a slower burn rate and a smoother taste. 

These papers suit those who prefer a longer, more enjoyable smoking experience.

3. Hemp Papers

As the name suggests, hemp rolling papers are made from the hemp plant. These papers are eco-friendly and sustainable, as hemp is a renewable resource. 

Hemp papers are known for their slow burn and natural taste. They come in various thicknesses and are a popular choice among environmentally-conscious smokers.

Here at HØJ we are experts on hemp rolling papers. Meet HAMP, our enhanced cannabis rolling papers with extra thickness, optimized airflow for an even burn and made to prevent unwanted herb inhalation. The HAMP experience is unlike any other. You can also find a smaller version of these hemp rolling papers with HAMP mini.

HAMP mini rolling paper kit with hemp paper
HAMP mini rolling paper kit with hemp paper (HØJ Media)

4. Flax Papers

Flax rolling papers are made from flax fibers and are known for their thinness and slow burn rate. 

They provide a smooth, even smoke and are a favorite among experienced smokers.

Cannabis Rolling Paper Adhesives

1. Natural Gum

Natural gum adhesives are made from plant-derived materials such as Arabic gum. These adhesives are organic, biodegradable, and provide a reliable seal when moistened.

2. Sugar Gum

Sugar gum adhesives are made by dissolving sugar in water and then drying the mixture to create a sticky residue. This adhesive is less sticky than natural gum and is less likely to tear the paper when moistened.

3. No Adhesive

Some rolling papers do not have any adhesive and rely on the user's technique to create a secure seal. These papers can be more challenging to roll but are a great option for those who want to avoid any additional chemicals or substances in their smoking experience.

Best Rolling Tips

1. Choose the Right Size

Cannabis rolling papers online come in various sizes, ranging from single to king-size. Select the appropriate size based on your smoking preferences and the cannabis you plan to smoke.

2. Grind Your Cannabis

Use a grinder to break down your cannabis into a fine, even consistency. This will help ensure a consistent and smooth burn throughout your joint.

We highly recommend using a high-quality grinder to preserve your cannabis trichomes like KLIP slicer, really a unique experience.

KLIP grinder with grounded weed
KLIP grinder with grounded weed (HØJ Media)​​
KLIP grinder and HAMP joint
KLIP grinder and HAMP joint (HØJ Media)​​

3. Fold and Fill

Fold the rolling paper in half and place your ground cannabis evenly along the crease. The amount of cannabis you use will depend on your personal preferences and the size of the rolling paper.

4. Tuck and Roll

Tuck the edge of the paper closest to you under the cannabis, and then gently roll the joint using your thumbs and forefingers. Apply even pressure along the length of the joint to ensure a consistent shape.

5. Seal and Twist

Lick the adhesive strip on the edge of the paper and press it down to seal the joint. Twist the excess paper at the end of the joint to secure the cannabis inside.

Cannabis Rolling Papers: Conclusions

The world of cannabis rolling papers is vast and diverse. With so many options available, it's essential to understand the different types of fibers and adhesives to make an informed decision. Practicing your rolling technique will also ensure a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience. So explore the various choices and find the perfect rolling papers online to elevate your cannabis experience.

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