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Rizla Rolling Papers Vs. HAMP: Which One Should You Get?


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Do you miss those times when life was simple and you didn't need sophisticated devices for getting the best high, but at the same time you are a connoisseur that knows the  importance of a good piece of rolling paper? If your answer is affirmative, then you should keep reading. 

In this article we'll compare two great brands: Rizla rolling papers and HAMP by HØJ. Let's go back to the basics and take advantage of what a really good joint has to offer.

Rolling Papers: Your Blunt's Best Friend

Just like salt and pepper, or peanut butter and jelly, an extra nice rolling paper and a good stash of weed team up in the best way possible.

First of all, rolling papers are probably the most affordable way to get high. Secondly, rolling papers have numerous advantages, like the fact that if you choose a chemical-free one, the purity of your weed will pop up as well as the flavor (like rizla rolling papers and HAMP.) And more importantly, you should avoid dangerous substances that can affect your health.

And third, another perk of rolling paper is that it is very discreet to carry and use; even the tiniest pipe won't be as small as just a regular pack of paper.

Rolling paper with cannabis
Rolling paper with cannabis  (Envato)

King Size Rolling Paper and Other Wonders

Established in the 18th century, the King Size Rolling Paper company is a very popular brand that provides different kinds of papers. They also proclaim being the first ones in commercializing a hand rolling machine and using gum at the end of one side of the paper to make building the joint a lot easier.

Inside their catalog of products, you can find rizla rolling papers in regular, king size and single wide paper, as well as a variety of thickness and burning speed. Their materials are usually plant based fibers, like bamboo, hemp or rice, all organic and unbleached, which is always a plus when talking about safety and health.

Here at HØJ we created HAMP, where we bet on innovation developing accessories that are designed for a stoner's everyday life. Our products are ergonomic, sophisticated, elegant, easy to use and super resistant, since they are meant to last a lifetime.

In matters of rolling paper, HAMP is one of the healthiest rolling papers, since it is produced under strict principles that include sustainability and being friendly with the environment. Our papers are also chemical and bleach free, but a thing that sets up apart from rizla rolling papers is that HAMP comes with a clever packaging that can be transformed into a rolling tray by folding it as indicated.

Why Are Hemp Rolling Papers Sustainable?

Hemp rolling papers -like HAMP and rizla rolling papers-, are considered sustainable for several reasons:

  1. The hemp plant is  a renewable resource: Hemp is a fast-growing plant that matures in just a few months, making it a highly renewable resource. Additionally, it requires minimal water and pesticides compared to other crops like cotton.

2. Hemp is biodegradable: Hemp rolling papers are biodegradable, which means they break down naturally over time, reducing environmental impact and waste. Unlike some traditional rolling papers made from wood pulp, hemp does not contribute to landfill waste.

3. Hemp reduces deforestation: The production of traditional paper products often involves cutting down trees and contributing to deforestation, but hemp rolling papers, are made from hemp fibers, which help reduce the pressure on forests.

4. Hemp rolling papers may help lower carbon footprint: Hemp cultivation generally has a lower carbon footprint compared to other crops, as it requires fewer chemicals and resources. This can result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions during the production process.

5. Hemp requires minimal and non toxic chemicals: Hemp is a hardy plant that requires fewer pesticides and herbicides than many other crops. This means that the production of hemp rolling papers typically involves fewer chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment.

6. Hemp helps soil health: Hemp cultivation can improve soil health by naturally replenishing nutrients and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. This helps maintain the long-term sustainability of agricultural land.

7. Hemp is known for its versatility: Hemp is a versatile plant, and many parts of it can be used in various industries, from textiles to construction materials. This versatility can lead to a more efficient use of the plant and fewer waste byproducts.

HAMP mini rolling paper box
HAMP mini rolling papers box (HØJ Media)​​
HAMP rolling kit open with red filters
HAMP rolling kit open with red filters (HØJ Media)​​

Where To Buy Rizla Rolling Papers and HAMP


You may be wondering: where can I buy rolling papers?


If you're looking to buy Rizla rolling papers, I'm afraid you won't be able to do it directly from their website. However, you can find it through physical stores or dispensaries, other online stores, or through Amazon. 


Buying HAMP is incredibly easy, since you can get our rolling papers online through HØJ's website. They will be delivered to your door in a fast and efficient manner. Give them a try and tell us what you think!

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