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How to Roll a Honey Joint


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Cannabis and honey are a sweet and delicious combination for smoking. When it comes to rolling honey joints, we must say there are a few ways to do it. Here we are going to talk about the ones we think are the most practical. 

In case you want to join the club, read this guide to learn how to roll a honey joint to level up your smoking experience.

How to Roll a Honey Joint

Before starting, we must highlight that you will have to be very careful when rolling a honey joint, as using the wrong amount of honey could easily rip your rolling paper or clog the joint when smoking. 

In addition, make sure you are using pure raw honey. Processed honey may contain refined or fake sugar, which could be harmful to your lung’s health.


  • Flat and clean surface
  • Raw honey
  • Cannabis buds of your preference
  • KLIP  or preferred weed grinder
  • Filter tip or paperboard to do it
  • Rolling papers
  • Pin or pencil to pack your honey joint
  • Finely ground weed, kief, or dry hash (optional)
  • Lighter

There are two ways to add honey to your joint when you are rolling it. 

Honey Inside

Just like with a regular joint, grind your weed, make the crutch, grab a rolling paper, and stop there. Here is where you add the honey. Just make a thin line going through your rolling paper before adding your ground weed. You can also spread that line of honey into a thin layer. 

You will have to be very careful when doing this as your rolling paper could rip very easily. Make sure always to add the honey before you add the ground cannabis. After you placed the amount of weed that you want to roll, continue with the rolling process and give form to your joint with the tip of your fingers. Lock and pack your honey joint as you would do with a regular one, close the end, and that’s it. Your honey joint is ready to be smoked.

Honey Outside

Making a honey joint with the honey outside can be even more comfortable to do. Just roll a regular joint from the size you want, and once your joint is ready, cover the outside of the joint with a thin layer of honey. Instead of covering the joint with a thin layer, you could also just make a simple honey line on the outside of the joint. You can even be creative about that. However, just make sure to leave enough space at the bottom of the joint without honey so it doesn’t stick to your fingers. ¾ of the length of the joint size will work great. 

If you want to go a little bit further and take your honey joint to the next level, you could add a coating to your honey joint with the rest of the ground weed left in your grinder or even some kief if you want. For doing this, just spread the ground weed or kief into a flat surface and roll the joint covered in honey over it till you get the coating you want. 

Simon Folmann
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Simon Folmann

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