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How to Roll a 3 Skinner


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A 3 skinner joint is basically a joint made out of 3 rolling papers. Maybe you are too familiarized with the term since 3 skinner joints are considered by most cannabis connoisseurs like a dying art form. 

Considering the fact that now there are a whole lot of different varieties of rolling papers available on the market and it is no longer necessary to stick several rolling papers in order to have a thicker and better-shaped joint as now, not many cannabis users roll 3 skinners. However, they are a great option when you're having friends coming to your house or if you want to amaze them with your incredible rolling techniques. Definitely different from a regular joint, 3 skinners are bigger in size and they will provide a really enjoyable moment with friends, family, or at a party. 

Feeling like giving it a try? Then you arrived at the right place as we prepared a simple and easy guide you can follow to easily roll a 3 skinner joint.

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How to Roll a 3 Skinner joint

As we said before, a 3 skinner joint is mostly a cone-shaped joint that you make by using three rolling papers stuck together before starting the process of rolling it up. It is actually very easy and is not too different from making a regular joint. This is what you have to do:

  • Step 1: 

    Gather all the material necessary to accomplish this mission. Starting obviously by the cannabis flower of your preference. You're gonna need pretty much the same as if you were going to roll up a simple joint. Weed flower, grinder, paperboard to make a filter. The only difference is that you are going to need some extra rolling papers to get this joint done. 

  • Step 2: 

    Now break down your cannabis bud into smaller pieces so they can fit well in your KLIP grinder or the weed grinder you have in hand. Proceed now to grind your weed to the proper size to roll it up onto a joint since in a 3 skinner joint you are going to have more rolling paper to work on, you may need a little more weed than you do for a regular 1 rolling paper joint. 

  • Step 3: 

    This can be the little tricky part of putting together a 3 skinner joint. Take 2 rolling papers. First, stick one of them and use the glue side of it to stick it to the side that doesn't have the glue from the other rolling paper. After you do this, you should have something like a double-size rolling paper in your hands. Then, grab another rolling paper and use the glue on it to stick it to the upper side of the double-size rolling paper you just made. Now you should have a 3 piece rolling paper in which you're going to roll up your 3 skinner. 

  • Step 4: 

    Use the paperboard to build up a filter for your 3 skinner joint. Start by cutting a piece of paperboard to the length you want your filter to be. Start making accordion-type folds on one of the sides of the paperboard. 3 to 4 folds should be enough. The width of the filter is a matter of personal preference. Wider filters let more smoke pass through, which produces rougher smoke. Thinner filters cool off the smoke a bit but run a greater risk of clogging. Somewhere in the middle should work great. After you do this, your filter should look like a “W”. 

  • Step 5: 

    Place the filter on the bottom end of your 3 piece rolling paper that has the glue on one of the sides. Then, take your ground weed and place it in the middle of the 3 piece rolling paper just like it was a regular rolling paper. Spread the herb from the filter to the opposite end of the paper, making sure to leave enough space to be able to work it with your fingers once you roll up your 3 skinner. 

  • Step 6: 

    It's time to roll your 3 skinner joint. Now that everything is in place, proceed to roll up the 3 skinner using your fingers. 3 skinners are mostly cone-shaped, as the 3 piece rolling paper gives you more space to make this work possible. So, give the form you want to your 3 skinner joint and when you're happy with the results, proceed to lick up the gum on the side of your 3 piece rolling paper to then lock down the joint. 

The top end is going to be open, so you can take advantage of this and finish filling your 3 skinner with remains of ground weed that may have fallen down to the table during the rolling process. After you're done, close the top end of the joint by giving some twists to the remaining paper and your 3 skinner joint is packed and ready to smoke.

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