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How to Pass a Hair Drug Test for Weed

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The hair follicle test is one of the most common among the many drug test methods companies choose from. Many of them decide to go with this screening procedure to see whether in the last 3 months the applicant has been on any drug or not. When it comes to detecting toxins and marijuana use in individuals, a hair follicle drug test is considered to be one of the most successful ones. There are ways to get around it, regardless of most users finding it to be one of the most daunting tests to ever exist.

Latest data indicate that, because of cannabis use, a total 7% of U.S. employees have failed their hair follicle drug test. However, these were not casual smokers who had bad luck. Since they were heavy consumers, people who take hair tests are for sure going to fail it. 

Hair follicle tests look for recurrent, regular use, unlike urine tests, which look for recent drug usage. In case you are taken aback at work by a random drug test notice of this nature, you will be asking yourself how this situation could have immediate solutions. 

If you are wondering what is the right thing to do to pass a hair follicle drug test in 24 hours, that means you are likely reading this article with a certain level of desperation. Therefore, we won’t be beating around the bush and tell you how to make it through this test.

What You Need to Know First

If you have been smoking marijuana with some regularity, you probably won't be able to pass the hair follicle drug test within 24 hours. Here is why.

Procedures for hair follicle checks usually look only at the first 1.5 inches of hair, measured from your scalp. Based on how rapidly human hair grows, the 1.5 inches presents about a 90 day insight into your cannabis related activities —or any other drug like amphetamines ir codeine, as it is not limited to cannabis. Hence, if you've been doing drugs on a daily basis for the past three months, you are very prone to fail the test.

However, if you've just smoked twice or three times after not doing so for the past moths, you are probably going to be okay. For THC to attach to your hair follicles and to grow out of your scalp, it takes 5 to 10 days.

Likewise, you will be okay if your cannabis use has been very constrained for the past 3 months. Testing for hair follicles is sensitive, but not that much. For instance, if you haven't continuously consumed cannabis  (this includes eating too), say just a fair few times in 90 days, THC probably won't appear in your results.

Technicians are focused not on your hair follicles but in collecting your hair. It goes without saying that the newest growth is hair closer to the scalp that will help point out heavy use of marijuana. That's why technicians cut about 100 hair strands and leave  all except the follicle's nearest 1.5 inches of hair since this is the section that grew the last 90 days, meaning 0.5 inches of hair grows every month. 

How Does Marijuana Show Up In Hair Drug Tests?

Your body adapts in diverse ways to THC and other cannabinoids, and the overall result is that they end up dispersed or even getting involved, thus affecting the body's different processes, alongside the metabolic system.

Weed gets in your hair through your bloodstream, or your hair follicle, more specifically. And that is something pretty important, indeed. Signs of cannabis use for extremely long periods of time will linger in your hair.  Unless your entire body hair falls out or you cut it off often, once cannabinoids blend into your hair strands, they will be there. This cannot be changed, it is simply science. At the end, how long traces of consumption will remain, is a question with no reliable answer for now.

The body absorbs the cannabinoids in the blood easily. However, cannabinoids basically adhere to the sheath of cells and tissue covering the root of your hair before that happens. This takes place under the surface of your scalp, yet the cannabinoids will be absorbed into the follicle soon after, and from there, the hair strand itself will come out with those cannabinoids.

Eventually, your weed-infused hair will pop out of the top of your head anywhere between 5 and 10 days, as mentioned earlier. An accidental snitch that at any moment could put you on evidence. That is what makes cheating on a hair follicle drug test so difficult. To generate a positive on the test, it takes only the smallest amount of THC to do so.

Methods to Pass a Hair Drug Test for Weed

You should take precautionary steps if you are aware of when the drug test will be performed. If you know that in a short amount of time you need to pass a hair follicle drug test, then you should not take marijuana in any forms. Also, take into account your head or whole body does not need to be shaved. In reality, the marijuana industry is well informed of its drawbacks and has come up with a lot of products to bypass the test.

The first thing you can choose is to detoxify your hair, and there are specifically formulated products for this purpose. Although they are not 100% effective, they do block to a certain extent the ability of the test to detect THC or cannabinoids in general. While this approach is not all-proof, it still works. There are usually two methods to pass this exam or increase the probabilities of success; the Macujo Method and the dye and bleach method.

Macujo Method 

This method takes commitment and dedication. What you will need to do is first rinse hair thoroughly to begin with getting rid of any traces. Applying vinegar to the scalp is a good approach for the detox process.

While having the vinegar for about 30 minutes, use a shower cap to help the product hold and concentrate better in your scalp and hair. Then, rinse your hair and use shampoo. It could be regular shampoo or the ones designed for this kind of task so you can play it safe.

Lastly, clean hair properly running your fingers through your hair vigorously. You can use this method three times the day before the drug test. If you do this while showering, it increases the effectiveness since they could cut hair from your armpits or chest.

Dye and Bleach Method

Before explaining the mentioned method, it is important to highlight that it is, in essence, a radical transformation. For this reason, we recommend you do this only if you are willing to change your appearance.

First, help this method increase its chances of working correctly. If you are a frequent cannabis user, this practice must be discontinued at least 10 days before the day of the drug test.

  • Go buy hair dye based on ammonia and bleach your hair. Follow the instructions on the box.
  • Rinse the dye and then apply shampoo that will detoxify your hair and skin. For this, explore and discover new, updated products that are a step ahead of the test. To determine if the product is actually good or a scam, look for the most reviews online you can find. People won’t play around and will tell you honestly the cons and pros.
  • Another thing you can add to this formula is taking baking soda paste and adding it to your scalp. Pour baking soda in a cup and fill it half, then with 1 tablespoon of water make a paste. Leave it there for 15 minutes and then use a detox shampoo to rinse off everything. This takes up the traces of drugs in your hair.

Nonetheless, all those tricks, chemicals and rough treatment will make your hair look lifeless, dry, damaged and, to be completely honest, way too suspicious for a drug test technician. That is why you need the additional step, a conditioner is your life, or hair saviour in this case. It doesn't miraculously repair your hair from the chemical seal, but makes your hair look more from a human being.

As we stated before, this is a method that should be followed only if the circumstances require it. In case you don’t want to lose your job, simply cut the dosage or try to change your routine. However, as the narrative and laws around the use of cannabis evolve, it seems likely that cannabis specific drug testing will become more and more out of date. Specifically for medical marijuana where usage is encouraged not inhibited. HØJ is a direct respondent to the changing attitudes towards cannabis and their products reflect this. For example KLIP and KØL are specifically designed to increase the ease of usage and improve users smoking experience. Inevitably, there are numerous barriers to overcome before cannabis drug testing is completely abandoned. Therefore, until then, there are several options available, just choose whatever fits your needs.

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