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How to Make a Peach Pipe

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Peach is a delicious fruit originally native from the northwest mountains of China, where it was first domesticated. Known for being a sweet and tasteful fruit, it has exquisite juice. Containing many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this fleshy cousin of the almond has a wide range of properties and uses beneficial for the human body, including its skincare effects, allergy symptom reduction, and anti-cancer qualities. 

But, did you knew you could also use peach as a herb pipe? It is an excellent option to add some fruity rich flavor to your smoking experience. Fruits have become one of the crafty stoners’ favorites when it comes to making homemade pipes, being apples usually the most used ones. However, it is totally possible to achieve this mission using a peach. Get ready to make an amazing peach pipe.

How to Make a Peach Pipe


  • Cannabis strain of your preference 
  • KLIP or regular herb grinder
  • A Fleshy Peach
  • Skewer stick
  • Pencil
  • Lighter


  • The first thing that you have to do is create the bowl of your peach pipe. This step can be a bit tricky to achieve as not all peaches are from the same size or same amount of flesh. Added to this, the peach’s seed is placed precisely where you would have to dig the hole for the bowl in an apple. So this is where the process varies a little. To make the bowl of your peach pipe, differently from an apple, you will carve the hole on the side of the peach with the pencil until you reach the thick seed in the middle. The hole’s size is up to you, and it depends on the amount of weed you want to place within the bowl when you’re smoking.
  • To create the channel that will work as the stem of your pipe, hold the peach in a position where the bowl hole is placed comfortably enough to light it up once it is packed without dropping any ground weed away. To know the exact place where you should make this hole, you can measure by positioning the bowl as you were going to smoke and place your mouth as if you were going to do it. This will let you know where you should make the hole to make it in the perfect position. After you know where you have to carve, go through the peach flesh with the skewer until you reach the other hole you previously made.
  • Pierce another hole in a place comfortably reachable to the hand’s index finger, which with you’re holding the peach. This is the carb of your peach pipe, and it will let regulate the amount of air you’re going to let pass through the stem, which in consequence will affect the temperature of the smoke before it goes into your mouth.
  • After these three holes are made and connected, it is time to take a piece of your cannabis flower and grind it with your KLIP. Choose the size you want your weed to be ground by placing the grinder screen you wish within the KLIP.

Now that your pipe is ready and the weed is ground, just fill that bowl with the desired amount of weed you want to smoke and light up your peach pipe. You will enjoy refreshing and tasteful smoke as you hit this natural marvel.

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