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How to Make a Carrot Pipe

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One thing that we all have learned through these years is to never underestimate the creativity of a stoner. When it comes to smoking weed out of nothing under circumstances where the need is pressing enough, they proactively have figured out how to creatively turn all sorts of fruits and vegetables into makeshift smoking devices. Among these, we find one vegetable that already has the perfect shape for carving a pipe: carrots. 

If you are just looking for a novel way to impress some smoking buddies, carrot pipes are a perfect choice thanks to their shape and texture. Whatever your reasons are, making a carrot pipe can be an easy, fun, and cheap project. Here’s how. 

How to Make a Pipe Out Of a Carrot

You must visualize your carrot pipe before you get crafty. You will be using the carrot’s stem-end portion as a separate bowl piece. The rest will serve as the pipe’s body and mouthpiece.

Notice that the perfect carrot for this craft must be long and straight in order to minimize the carving. Moreover, the longer your carrot is, the cooler and flavorful your smoke will be. Another essential factor to look for is carrot thickness, which will determine the bowl’s size. 

Once you’ve taken care of these three features, your final product should look amazing. Without further ado, let’s get started. 


  • A carrot
  • A sharp paring knife
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Your favorite cannabis strain

Step 1

Use a paring knife to cut the tip end of the carrot. Then, carve a bowl by hollowing out the carrot tip into a conical shape. The result should be a conical-shaped bowl with a larger opening on the top, where you’ll pack your weed once you finish, and a smaller circular base with a perforation on the bottom, which eventually will rest inside your carrot pipe.

Step 2

Take the carrot’s fatter stem. If it is too large, snip it off about the size of a regular spoon pipe. Now, use your bamboo skewer into the flat, thinner side of the carrot and pierce a hole right in its center. 

Push it through, making sure that you are going straight. Stop a few centimeters before the carrot’s end. Run it back and forth, giving it a little twist as you go to ensure a clear pathway to breathe in the smoke that will eventually travel through the hole you just made. Widen it out a bit and proceed to clean it so that nothing obstructs the smoke’s flow.

Step 3

Next, make a hole on the top of the carrot so that your cone bowl-piece can sit in it. Take your paring knife and carve a hole straight down into the carrot. Cut it approximately an inch away from the fat round end. Be careful in this step because if the cavity is too big, your bowl will wobble around, spilling your herb.

Keep carving straight down until you connect this hole with the passageway you just hollowed out through the carrot’s center. This way, both pieces will line up correctly so the smoke can freely move from the bowl down into the carrot. 

Step 4

Remember the carrot's thinner end, which you've just poked with the bamboo skewer? It is meant to be the mouthpiece of your carrot pipe.

To do so, grab your paring knife again and whittle it down to a shape that perfectly fits your lips. In this step, you can customize your veggie pipe. You are free to do whatever your creativity tells you to as soon as it fits your mouth comfortably.

Step 5

Now is when both pieces come together into a functional carrot pipe. Take your separate bowl piece and insert it into the hole you cut towards the carrot’s fat, round end. Ensure that all the pieces fit snugly. Once it is positioned correctly, you’re ready to pack your herbs and puff your troubles away. Congratulations, you’re becoming a stoner engineer!

Even though most pipes made out of fruits or vegetables are one-time use things, carrot pipes can be used more than once. Thanks to its hard-consistency root, you can technically use it a couple of times before it starts drying out and shriveling up. Next time you have a bunch of carrots lying around, but nothing from which to toke, you know what to do. 

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