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How to Make a Banana Pipe

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We all know the fantastic source of nutrients fruits and vegetables are. Sugary fruits make a refreshing and hydrating snack when you’re craving something after a smoking session kicks in with full force. But, did you happen to notice that some fruits and vegetables can be modified to serve as smoking devices? 

The ideal length and form to be used as pipes are tropical and delicious bananas. Bananas make excellent tools, whether you are out of materials or just want to try something new. In fact, so do many different sorts of vegetables and fruits but bananas, along with apples or carrots, are a classic.

The world seems a little bit darker when you are needing a bowl to smoke, but have no tools or paper with you. Often, hard situations like this require radical measures, and that is normally the case when you have decided to make a banana pipe. Though there are many ways to make DIY pipes, a banana is a technique that is relatively quick to get done, if strange. It makes for a great on-the-go alternative to glass that you can get rid of while helping the planet, given how simple it is to find one and how fast it decomposes.

How to Make a Banana Pipe

Making your own banana bowl is not difficult at all. To build a banana pipe, prepare all the necessary household materials:

  • Either a plastic straw or pen
  • Scissors or knife
  • One hard and fresh banana

Avoid the ones that are too ripped, with spots and blemishes on the surface when you pick your banana. The extreme softness on the inside makes an absolute mess if you use one like this. A semi-ripe banana that is slightly green or fully yellow is the best choice.

Even when you just need a scissor or knife and a pen or plastic straw, if you have additional instruments, it could be more convenient while in the process. For starters,  carving a bowl from a banana's end using a small teaspoon is excellent.

  • Remove the ink and everything else from inside the pen before doing something else. All you want is the pen's plastic body, because you're going to use it to carve holes in the banana. Cut off one end of the banana where the pen will get through about an inch. Don’t throw it away, though, as you will use it later.
  • Pull the pen back out when you've made a tunnel that stretches the length of about half the banana. Now, rotate and grab the banana horizontally. Think of it as carving a one-way tunnel, so don't pierce straight through the banana with the pen. If you do, you'll get your pipe ruined. You have to create this chamber where all that marijuana smoke rich in THC will naturally flow from the pipe into your lungs.
  • Calculate where you think you just carved the end of the tunnel. Cautiously poke the pen straight down until this new passage and the tunnel meet up forming an 'L'. To prevent inhaling any banana bits, make sure that all the residue is removed from this tunnel by blowing through it a couple times.

The first hole you make is the mouthpiece, and the bowl will be placed in the second hole. The tunnel within the banana's heart is the chamber. If you do it right, the smoke will circulate through the chamber at the other end of the fruit and into your mouth smoothly.

  • Take the end of the banana from the first step and scoop the innards out. This will serve as a bowl for your pipe, using the peel only. With the knife or scissors, widen the hole you did in the third step so the bowl suits properly. It should comfortably fit or the pipe would not work otherwise. You don't want it to sit so loosely in the banana that it wiggles and falls, spilling your weed all over the place. 
  • This one is an optional step but highly recommended. Slice a thin vertical section off the other end of the banana using the knife again, just enough to reveal some of the fruit's insides. Cut a hole leading from this end to the bowl, using the pen or straw again. This passage will act as a hole for a "carb" that you should cover with your finger when you’re inhaling and then release it once you have taken a full hit.

Voilà! You have a banana pipe ready. All you have left is grind up your favorite cannabis strain and put the product in the bowl. In that improvised bowl you will light the weed and inhale through the hole. It should be sweet and smooth when you're smoking. Finally, you can either eat the banana or discard it when you are satisfied.

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