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How to Hit a Dab Pen Correctly


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Dab pens, also called wax vaporizers, are relatively new to the cannabis market and many new users are not pretty sure how to get them to work right. If you are one of those people and you are doing your research on how to hit a dab pen correctly rest assured it is not so hard.

Although there are many different types of dab pens out there, almost all follow the same functionality. Concentrates are not like regular THC or CBD flowers or cannabis vape oil. Their consistency is thicker due to their manufacturing process. For this reason, they must be heated in a particular way to properly turn the product into smooth vapor.

If you are thinking of getting a dab pen, or just bought one and want to make sure you use it the right way, we are here to help. With some patience, you will learn how to hit a dab pen correctly and feel the strong effects of your concentrate oil.

How to Hit a Dab Pen

You may already know how to work your dab pen and load it. Once you are all settled and your concentrate is ready to vape, we are sure you want to make the most out of it. However, it is not as simple as just inhaling. There are a few tricks you should take into account to hit a dab pen correctly.

The first thing to make sure you hit your dab pen correctly is to have the right temperature. The ideal dab pen temperature should be between 420°F and 550°F. The lower end of this spectrum will result in a smooth and really flavorful hit, but you might not get the full effect of all the compounds in your wax.

dab pen and cannabis bud
Dab pen and cannabis bud (Envato)

Keeping the temperature low is perfect for getting the most out of your dab pen. Most of these devices don't come with a temperature control regulator, so most of the time you can just heat and hit it. However, variable voltage batteries are now available, allowing you to adjust the coil temperature to get the best out of your dab pen. This is great for dab connoisseurs who really want to vape in their personal favorite vape temp.

Now that you have the right temperature settled, it is time to hit it. Take a long and smooth pull to get the best vapor out of the pen. Start with smaller kicks as wax concentrates can be really potent, then move up to filling your lungs a bit more as you go feeling cannabinoids hitting you as well.

The coil inside the heating chamber should vaporize everything, resulting in thicker and more potent clouds of cannabis concentrate. However, if the vapor is getting too harsh, try slightly turning down the temperature and see how it goes.

Always remember to take small hits. Concentrates have higher cannabinoid levels, making them extremely strong. For this reason, learning to hit a dab pen correctly is essential to avoid vaping more than you can actually take.

Additionally, it is great to bear in mind that the better condition your dab pen is, the better your experience will be. In this sense, it is very important to keep your dab pen in proper condition.

How To Store Your Dab Pen

All you have to do is keep your dab pen standing straight upright while it is loaded and especially after use. Wax gets thin when hot and will leak out of the heating chamber if the pen is left on its side, creating a sticky mess, not to mention losing whatever wax was left in your pen.

Cleaning your dab pen is as simple as wiping down the exterior with a wet wipe or alcohol. Never use water and be careful around the electrical components. The residue build-up on the sides of the heating chamber can be scraped and reused, but be careful not to damage the coil inside the heating chamber in the process. If you want to take the dab pen experience with you and you're planning to take the pen somewhere, just make sure you have vaporized all the wax in the heating chamber and let your vape cool before transporting it. At this point, having it on its side is totally fine.

Now you are ready to start hitting your pen! Enjoy.

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