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How to Grind Weed With a Credit Card

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Your weed is ready to be ground, but the realization hits you: you don’t have a grinder with you. What should you do? Sometimes when you are at your friend’s house or some other place different from where your tools are at, you get to reach anything that seems proper.

Here we bring you a small guide on how to grind weed with a credit card, a common object we use daily but as an effective alternative to grind your weed.

How to Grind Weed With a Credit Card

For this trick, you will need a credit card, a surface you can get dirty, and of course, your weed. First, make sure your credit card is clean. Disinfection is essential since your credit card rests in many dirty places, including your hands.

Place your weed on the chosen surface and take the credit card as if you were going to swipe your card horizontally and begin to chop the pieces you have. It is better if you tilt the card to take advantage of the sharp edges your card has.

You can do it from left to right, up and down, or switch between the two. However, you feel comfortable. The important thing is that you get to grind the pieces according to your preference.

There are several downsides when it comes to grinding your weed with a credit card. One of the disadvantages of using credit cards to grind weed is that it is breakable. This is why you should use a sturdy credit card instead of a flimsy one.

In addition, you won’t have a kief catcher, putting your precious pollen to waste. For this reason, we recommend you get yourself a grinder with kief catcher that you can easily take anywhere. You can check out our KLIP, one of the best grinders you can find on the market today.

Once you are finished, the card may also be helpful to pick up the product from the surface you were working on, just like a shovel. Now you just have to pack your bowl and enjoy the ride.

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