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What is a Doob Tube? The Ultimate Guide

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With the cannabis industry growing every day, many are taking steps towards innovation regarding accessories and devices that are convenient for any kind of consumer. For instance, doob tubes are slowly becoming a necessary item that, despite their simplicity, could save not only your cannabis products but your money too. What makes this item so successful? Next, you will learn everything you need to know about doob tubes.

What is a Doob Tube Used For

Doob tubes are small and compact containers designed to store your pre-rolls and herb in airtight packages that aim to keep your herb safe discreetly, no matter if you carry it in your pocket or bag since they are odor-proof. Companies use durable materials that can resist moisture when producing doob tubes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about buying a new one constantly. 

Types of Doob Tubes

As for many other accessories, there are several doob tube sizes available in stores. Depending on what size of paper you go for, you can buy either regular or large doob tubes. Additionally, these accessories come in various materials and styles, from opaque colors to funny slogans and unique prints.

However, an essential factor to consider when buying a doob tube is its material. Depending on your needs, preferences, and budget, you will find specific types of doob tubes that will meet your expectations best.

Glass Doob Tube

Glass doob tubes are not so popular. Accessories made of glass are elegant but way too delicate to work with. Hence, people usually choose long-lasting and durable materials over aesthetic ones. However, suppose you’re still interested in purchasing them. In that case, EZtube offers a package of 5 translucent containers with a cork top to give it that rustic touch while keeping everything inside fresh and easily accessible for a fair price.

Aluminum Doob Tube

This material is one of the best choices since it is virtually impossible to destroy, even if a car runs over it. High Tree premium aluminum containers are 100% smell proof as well, and some protect your stash from water so it will stay dry no matter what, thanks to its screw lid and silicone ring. This brand has bright metallic colors for you, besides a simple and discreet style you will immediately like, as you can fit it anywhere you want.

Plastic Doob Tube

Polycarbonate plastic is a common material for affordable doob tubes. For instance, Doob Tubes is one of the leaders in this part of the industry. What makes them so great is their effectiveness, quality, and excellent range of designs that appeal to numerous types of consumers with different needs, budgets, and preferences.  

Luxury Doob Tube

Luxe Holding made sure to bring to life a classic and fancy herb tube. Made with natural wood grain, this tube has nothing to envy the other containers since it fulfills its purpose perfectly. Moreover, these tubes have space to put any pre-roll inside comfortably—definitely a luxury and stylish product for anyone who likes to go for a higher level.

Smell-proof Doob Tube

Most doob tubes are smell-proof, but if this is something that really concerns you and you want to be entirely sure you’re not going to be dealing with the smell of your stash, you can Arborrborly. Their tight sealing tubes are going to cover this aspect effortlessly so no one knows what you’re carrying. As a plus, it also keeps the contaminants and water away, featuring an easy-to-pop top lid for those who struggle with twisting and squeezing.

Child-proof Doob Tube

We are aware of how curious a child is, and that could be a problem when we are trying to be discreet with some of our items at home. If you have to be around kids often, there are some excellent child-proof doob tubes for you. These tubes resist a child’s impulse thanks to the well-known push down and turn lid, which is ideal for this task. 

Keychain Doob Tube

Crush, smell, and waterproof, StashLight is a two in one doob tube since you can use it as a container and lighter simultaneously with the convenience of resembling a keychain. It got you covered in every aspect you would need on the go.

Metal Doob Tube

Made of surgical-grade stainless steel, DoobieTube is high-class pre-roll protection for your pre-rolls when storing them in your purse or pockets. The screw-top encloses odors with a lock-tight seal to keep unwanted smells from escaping. All contents stay dry and preserved with this premium smoking accessory. No matter if it is raining or a hot day, your herb will stay in condition with this top-rated smoking accessory.

Are Doob Tubes Smell Proof?

Absolutely. One of the reasons why doob tubes became the public’s favorite, is that it protects you from being too evident about what you bring with you. Furthermore, doob tubes use a special lid thought to trap any odors inside safely without ruining the pre-rolled herb’s quality.

Doob Tubes Alternatives

There are some alternative options for doob tubes that even allow you to do more than just carrying a single article with you and are discreet as well. All you need to take into account is how much you are carrying with you. Do you need things to be ready when you want to enjoy a session? Do you prefer to keep your buds intact? These questions are helpful to know what you are looking for. 

Once you have defined your needs, you can check out this list to make sure you choose the perfect doob tube alternative.

  • A  KLIP  has enough space in its chamber to carry a couple of nugs with you, no matter if they are already ground up or ready to slice. Better to have a freshly prepared roll than none at all.
  • Stash jars or boxes come in infinite shapes, colors and materials. You can find them with the same doob tubes’ features like odor-proof and water-resistant. 
  • Smell-proof bags look like regular bags and catch smell inside too. They have more space to fit more accessories and come in many styles and colors.
  • One-hitters are slim and discreet too. Have the herb ready inside and all you need is to light it up.
  • Vaporizers are modern devices that can you can easily disguise if you need discretion, as many resemble a pen or similar object depending on size and shapes.

Homemade Doob Tube

It is extremely easy to make your own tube container, but maybe it won’t have the smell-proof benefit you would have with a real one. Yet, it is the best option to store or hide your pre-rolls, with no one suspecting anything. For this, you will only need an old marker you have on your desk or bag and no longer use.

  1. Hold the marker vertically with the cap upwards and unscrew the pen mouth carefully to avoid spilling the ink.
  2. Depending on how complex your marker is, it may have wadding inside, a valve, steel balls, and so on. You need to empty everything to have enough room to place your roll there.
  3. Clean the ink left in the pen tip. Swipe it with a napkin or tissue, pressing the tip while covering it. Do this to make sure it won’t stain what you put inside the marker’s tube later.
  4. Next, wash the marker's body in your sink with soap where you know it won’t leave dark spots because of the ink.
  5. Once all parts are dry, you can begin using it and place your product inside. Screw the mouthpiece, and if someone ever takes the cap out, it will look like a regular marker.

How to Use a Doob Tube

To use a doob tube, take the lid out and put your pre-roll inside so you can secure it again, screwing the top tightly. This is one of those primary devices that doesn’t include complexity in its equation; therefore, many find it appealing to add it to their daily lives.

At HØJ, we are constantly creating unique pieces that can capture nature’s incredible forms while being functional. For this reason, you will be able to find the perfect doob tube for your pre-rolls in our shop in the near future. Moisture resistant and smell-proof, we are completely sure our product will meet your needs so that you can take your herb wherever you want to.

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