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How to Grind Weed Without a Credit Card - 13 Ways

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There are times when you find yourself helpless. Nevertheless, creativity shows up in times of need, and one can become a genuinely resourceful individual when your weed is involved.

Everyone knows how useful a credit card can be when it comes to grinding weed. However, you may not always have one with you. In such cases, there are several items you can use to enjoy your cannabis flower.

No matter where you are, here we give you 13 easy and simple ways to grind your weed without a credit card.

How to Grind Weed Without a Credit Card

Levitation Blade & Static Blade

First, we have this revolutionary tool that changes everything you knew about grinding. The KLIP’s levitating and static blades slice and don’t crush the herb, unlike traditional grinders. Its custom-built dual-blades finely slice through it and create a softer texture that burns more evenly. With this technique, the crystals’ integrity is protected, resulting in a more powerful experience with the same herb.

Since the opposing magnets prevent contact with the sides through levitation, this guarantees a frictionless turn. Now you can forget grinders that catch, clog and break. Moreover, KLIP blades are made for everybody, easy to use, and accessible for all, including those with limited dexterity.  It is as simple as placing the herb in between the blades and turn.

Electric Pen Grinder

Electric pen grinders are secure and portable devices. They offer you the possibility to prepare your weed and have a dispensing mechanism to fill your pipes and joints or whatever you want to smoke with. Its dual-motor crushes the herbs perfectly in thin pieces. Besides, you can use it for storage where you load the sprouts—the perfect 3 in 1 that fits in your pocket. When you want to grind, you just push, rotate, and voilà, dispense the product by pressing a button.


Grinders are the number one option when it comes to grinding your weed. Simply put, this tool has everything you need to make your experience easier, making sure that your buds are evenly cut. Moreover, learning how a weed grinder works is not difficult at all and is definitely a tool any stoner should have.


As you may know, marijuana has been around for centuries. Thousands of years ago, people had no choice but to use their hands to grind weed.

The best thing you can do is make a bowl shape with your hand and start picking at the buds with your other hand once you place the marijuana bud on the palm. If the marijuana is sticky, some resin will accumulate. Put it out to dry or place it in the freezer to solve the issue.


While this method to grind weed without a credit card can be a little uncomfortable, it will give you great results when needed for a weed grinder. Grinding your weed with scissors can be a lifesaver in case you are at home.


You have seen how a grater works. Vegetables and spices aside, this simple tool can help you grind your weed manually.

A good grater is capable of finely slicing or chopping the toughest and densest nugs. Simply grab a bud and grate it against the side with small holes in a container or onto a clean surface.

Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is a good option when you have a large quantity of weed. Actually, most cannabis users employ a coffee grinder rather than a conventional grinder when it comes to a large amount.

First, clean and dry the jar before using it to avoid contaminating the aroma of your sprout or coffee. Then, place your weed in the jar of the grinder and push the button as you do when you grind your coffee beans.

Some resin may build up once you are finished, so make sure you scratch it with a key or a credit card not to waste it.


If you are skillful with a knife when cutting vegetables, it is time to give it another use. In fact, this is a popular way to grind when you don't have a credit card or weed grinder.

As always, clean the knife before because we don’t want to contaminate your weed. Then place weed buds on the chopping board and chop them down with a sharp knife. You have to be patient with this one, but if you have previous experience and the necessary abilities with the blade, you will get finely chopped pieces.


A clean coin and a pill bottle are the only elements you need. You can replace the pill bottle with any sturdy container as long it has a lid. First, break the more prominent and tougher pieces with your hand. Then put them inside the pill bottle, next to the coin, and shake the bottle as vigorously as you possibly can. After a few seconds, unscrew the lid and check if that is how ground you wanted it to be. If you want finer pieces, keep shaking the bottle.


Again, this works when you have a significant amount of marijuana to grind. Few quantities will turn into powder immediately.

Simply throw the buds in the jar, place the lid and turn it on. After you remove as much of the product as possible, you can blend some fruits or yogurt, taking advantage of what’s left inside.


We will use the teeth of the key to grinding the nugs. You only need to follow the knife procedure's exact instructions and wait until you have the desired results.

Pizza Cutter

Place your marijuana on a cookie sheet or a chopping board, take the pizza cutter, and repeatedly move it back and forward. Do this until you get what you expect.

Mortar and Pestle

A mortar and pestle is another popular tool used to grind cannabis. They’ve been used for crushing, breaking, and grinding plants and herbs for hundreds of years. Thankfully, it is another item that can be found in your kitchen.

Simplify the process by breaking a little the buds with your hands, putting them inside the mortar, and crushing them with the pestle with circular movements. You can monitor the consistency of the powder and stop at the right time. This technique works best if your bud is dry enough.

Weed Grinder and Roll Machine

Our last alternatives are intelligent weed grinders and rolling machines. These incredible devices adjust pressure, speed directing the mills to perfection, so you get far better results than grinding and hand-rolling.

Rolling doesn't come out exactly right, as it can be messy and take time. However, some devices incorporate artificial intelligence to mill expertly and fill a perfect cone every time at the touch of a button, no matter if your herb is dry, sticky, or moist. It provides you a superior rolling experience with a smooth draw and no air pockets, runs, or waste.

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