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How to Grind Weed With Scissors

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Grinding your weed is extremely important to make sure you get an even burn when rolling your joint or packing a bowl. For this reason, having an useful weed grinder is essential.

Most people have around a pair of scissors laying around in the house so this is a pretty convenient method when you don’t have an actual grinder with you. 

What You'll Need To Grind Weed With Scissors

  • Scissors. Get the sharpest pair you have. It doesn't matter if they are nail scissors or crafting scissors, as long as they fit in the glass and you can move them freely.
  • A glass or plastic container
  • Cannabis

How to Grind Weed With Scissors

STEP 1: Before you start, disinfect your scissors with fragrance-free soap and rinse them with warm water. You can also cleanse them with vinegar. 

STEP 2: Clean the inside of the glass with fragrance-free soap and dry it thoroughly. 

STEP 3: Once you are finished with sterilization, put one or two nugs into the glass. The purpose of this glass is to contain the sliced cannabis. 

STEP 4: Place the scissors down inside the glass and start by slicing the nugs in half.This technique works better when the weed is loosely packed.

STEP 5: With help of the tip, cut the initial halves smaller and smaller into uniform pieces rotating the glass to make the process easier. If you see big chunks at the bottom, use the tip as well to stir the weed and cut them properly.

Remember to do it steadily and not too fast just in case something spills out, hence it is a good idea to do this on a flat, clean and smooth surface if possible.

Finally, bear in mind that cutting precisely keeps your valuable trichomes intact.

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