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How to Light a Pipe Without a Lighter

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Nearly every cannabis consumer on the face of the planet has found themselves in this terrible situation; perfectly-packed bowl ready-to-go but no lighter in sight. When the realization hits you, it brings on a wave of disappointment, which is probably the opposite feeling you were looking for when you began grinding and packing your flower. Of course we won't let you give up there. 

How to Light a Bowl Without a Lighter

No matter what got you in this tricky situation, here are six different options or  h to get you smoking without having to use a lighter at all. And no, it doesn’t involve rubbing two sticks together. 

Hemp Wick

When you are using a short or a small pipe, you should consider changing to hemp wick even if you have a lighter. Here we have 3 the main reasons:

  • As you may know, lighters use butane to create the flame. Butane is potentially toxic for your lungs, especially if you are inhaling from such a short distance with a small pipe. 
  • Hemp wick burns at a slower rate and lower temperature so it doesn’t release any particles or smell. This allows you to taste the terpenes in your herb fully and highly improves your smoking experience.  
  • Due to its organic nature, hemp wick is environmentally friendly and lasts a long time.

It is pretty simple to use hemp wick. Take the end of the hemp wick and stick the tip out a finger of length and draw near the tip to a source of heat or fire -whether it is a candle or your stove. Wait until it ignites. When you're finished, just blow the fire out. Now you have your flame for your pipe and meters of hemp wick to use later.


Taste is a factor to consider as well if you want to use matches. The taste of the burning wood is significantly better than the weird, chemical taste of butane. Personally I find the taste of wood burning complements the flavor of  cannabis. Do not use cardboard matches as they bend and break easily, not to mention burn out quickly. 

What matches lack for in durability, they make up for in volume since they commonly come in boxes numbering in the hundreds. Matches do however require patience and you may use a few to light the bowl. 

Take a wood match from the box and place it at one end of the surface and strike the head of the match against the side of the match box. Avoid striking on a different surface to preserve the integrity of the match head. Be careful the moment you are moving the match from the strike board to the bowl, covering it from wind disturbance with your other hand. 


In any kind of weather or setting, cannabis torches are built to endure difficult scenarios. They can blaze as hot as 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1,371 degrees Celsius. Torches must be handled with care, to avoid burning yourself or starting a fire. Butane torches work best for concentrates, such as budder, shatter, and oil  but they will do the job if you use it correctly with the pipe.

For a pipe, the heating process is quick, so you should torch your bowl for a three seconds or less. To uniformly spread the heat, make sure that you torch all around the bowl. When you see it glowing crimson or deep orange, you will know the herb is ready. 

One thing to take into account is that a torch could damage your pipe if you leave the flame more time than necessary. 


Long candles seem to be perfect for this trick. First, heat the middle of the candle until it becomes soft, then cut the candle in that section. Be careful not to cut through wick, then pull it apart. Place a tray of plate under when doing this since wax is messy and we don’t want to spill it on your clothes or the furniture. Ensure that all the wax is removed from the wick on a section of the candle before proceeding. 

Now light the wick with your stove and bring it closer to your pipe. 

Magnifying Glass

Many of us have played with a magnifying glass and the sun. We all know that with the right angle, things will catch fire. Well, if you are particularly desperate this technique can be employed to focus the sunlight creating a hot, intense spot on the bowl that will eventually catch fire.

Solar hits are simple. Just take a magnifying glass and hold it over your bowl of weed in direct sunlight. This will only work if it is a particularly sunny day. Hold the magnifying glass above the bowl, tilting the lens to direct the sunlight into the correct spot. You should see and smell the smoke rising from this sun-singed spot after a few seconds. Start inhaling immediately once this happens. 

Dry Pasta Noodle

Take a dry uncooked spaghetti stick and heat it on the stove until it is caught on fire, ideally a gas-operated stove will take the least amount of time to burn the pasta noodle but an electric stove will work too. Use the flame to light your bowl. Watch to ensure that the tip of the pasta does not fall into your bowl.

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