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How to Store a Weed Pipe Without Smell

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Whether you're smoking in your hotel or dorm room, or even in public, the pungent odor of cannabis is something that every stoner has dealt with before. Especially if you live in an area where might draw some unwanted attention, knowing how to mitigate the smell of your cannabis consumption tools is valuable knowledge. 

So today we are going to discuss how to get rid of the smell of a weed pipe to  keep your activities discreet. This article will teach you eight handy ways of how to store your weed pipe without smell.

  1. Wrap the Pipe In Foil and Keep it in Tupperware

Find any Tupperware in your kitchen or lying around your house. Make sure it is Tupperware with a lid you can close tightly.  Wrap your entire pipe with two or three layers of foil. Then, put it inside the container you found and secure the lid. No all that is left to do is just choose a place where you know it will be safe.

  1. Mason Jars 

Mason Jars are super helpful for storage. They come in different sizes and  fortunately are available in any dollar store or grocery store.

Simply put your pipe inside and screw the lid. Large mason jars should be able to fit multiple pipes. Mason Jars are airtight once closed, hence it hides the smell no problem. 

  1. Keep the Pipe Clean 

Try to clean your pipe every time you are done using it. It doesn’t take too much time and your smoking experience will drastically improve with clean equipment. Furthermore, frequent cleaning prevents long-term build-up which requires significantly more work to get rid of.

To clean, you will only need cotton swabs, or pipe cleaners and rubbing alcohol (91% ISO works faster). Wet the pipe cleaner with rubbing alcohol and pull it through the stem and mouthpiece with circular movements ensuring you get every nook and cranny. 

Ensure that you rinse thoroughly once you are finished with the process and set out to dry With a dry cotton swab remove the excess of moisture. The alcohol gets rid of the smell immediately and of course sterilizes your piece. However, rubbing alcohol is a cleaning agent and needs to be rinsed thoroughly for safety reasons

  1. Wrap the Pipe in Long, Thick Socks

Do you have an old pair of long and thick socks sitting around? Or two socks each from a different pair you couldn’t find? It’s time to give them a second life! Fabrics and textiles hold onto smoke and odor. It goes without saying to ensure they are clean.

Form a thick roll or a pocket with both socks in a way you are able to place your pipe in between. Try this if you’re not sure how to fold it properly. First, place both socks on a flat surface, with one sock on top of the other. Then, grab one cuff and flip it inside out while tucking both socks about halfway into the cuff. The socks  should form an improvised bag where the pipe goes in.

The fabric should absorb most of the stale odor from the used pipe.

  1. Keep The Pipe Outdoors

Place your piece outside the window, in such a way the pipe doesn’t fall easily. This method won’t eliminate the odor completely, but it will be an immense help, allowing much of the scent to dissipate into the atmosphere. Afterwards the smell will only be detectable up close.

  1. Use Smell-Proof Bags

There are several options on the internet for you to choose from with a lot of variety in color, size and design. These smell proof bags are made with high-tech materials providing true odor control. Make sure to do your research on every bag, and pay attention to the reviews before investing. 

Smell proof bags have other benefits besides concealing odors from your pipe -or anything you smoke with-, including controlling the loss of moisture, preserving potency and preventing your herb from being tampered with by others, especially minors. 

  1. Zip-Lock Your Pipe With Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets aren’t just useful in the laundry room...they can be your solution to reduce the smell from your pipe. Grab a zip-lock bag or any resealable plastic bag and put a dryer sheet in, then wrap your piece making a roll and drop it in the bag. Reseal the bag letting just a little air inside. These dryer sheets leave a strong fresh aroma helping to disguise the stale smell of cannabis. 

  1. Use A Stash Box

Weed stash boxes are another excellent option if you want to store your pipe properly without smell and the best thing is you wouldn’t need to figure out other options every time you finish smoking. They are both odor-resistant and durable, providing an organized place to store your cannabis consumption tools. 

The best weed stash boxes are usually smell-proof and shock-absorbent. Some stash boxes include accessories besides the odor-proof container jar, like grinders or rolling trays. You can find wood stash boxes with cool designs and others are simple, classic brown. The most expensive boxes even come with a combination lock.

  1. Buy a Pipe That is Easy to Clean

For the most effective scentless storage, consider buying a pipe that is easy to clean since resin and build up is often he greatest culprit when it comes to odor.  The KØL, allows you to simply snap open the magnetic pieces and give it a quick wipe, or wash it in the sink with your pots and pans. While cleaning pipes is normally a hassle, the KØL makes cleaning your pipe easy. 

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