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Is it Legal to Buy Pipes Online?

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One of the best feelings in the world is to find a smoking accessory that makes the best out of your herb. Glass pipes, bongs, vaporizers; all of them are equally important to the quality flower you buy. 

Among consumers, there is a great worry when buying smoking accessories online. In a country with such divided views on cannabis, figuring out what is legal and what isn’t becomes an almost impossible task. Due to this confusion, many users avoid buying products such as pipes online. 

Everything you buy online leaves a trace. That doesn’t mean, however, that it will get you in trouble. This also applies to pipes, vapes, and many other smoking accessories. In case you are wondering if it is legal to buy pipes online, the simple answer is yes. However, this article will shed some light on the issue so that you can confidently purchase any type of pipe online.

Is it Legal to Buy Glass Pipes Online?

Many people consider that glass pipes, vaporizers, bowls, and similar accessories are drug paraphernalia. However, this isn’t entirely true. 

When you visit a headshop, you are not being sold drug paraphernalia. You are just getting water pipes, glass pipes, and other different smoking tools. The way headshops are able to sell these products is by stating that they are offered only for tobacco use, but it is entirely up to you to use it the way you can according to your state’s laws.

These accessories can only be considered drug paraphernalia once they are used for illegal purposes. Depending on the state you live in, smoking cannabis with a pipe will get you in trouble, while in some others it will be legal. As you can see, it only comes down to the purpose of its usage. 

Likewise, It is legal to buy pipes online. It doesn’t really matter if your state has a ban on marijuana, because the item you are buying is basically glassware when it is brand new. Knowing this, you can buy pipes or any other smoking accessory with ease, because there are no legal repercussions following it. However, always take into account that you have to be at least 21 years old to buy these kinds of products.

Now, there are definitely some important aspects to bear in mind when buying pipes online. While you may find amazing and beautiful products in online headshops, you must watch out for those who are only after your money. Here are some tips to find the best headshop to buy pipes online:

  • Make sure you have easy access to the business license. While it is not required to have a license for tobacco use products such as pipes and bongs, it is always important to make sure you are buying from a legal online headshop.
  • When buying items such as glass pipes online, the retailer must have shipping policies that prevent the damage of the product. Many online headshops have multi-step quality control procedures to avoid any kind of incident. In case the product arrives with even the tiniest crack, the most reliable places will have a return policy.
  • Every genuine online headshop will make sure to become an authorized retailer of the many brands they carry. If you come across an online retailer with an authentic relationship with a brand, it is most likely to be reliable, since they have to work hard to earn that label.
A beautiful black KØL pipe sits on top of a white rack.

Now you know that it is completely legal to buy a pipe online, and you have some tips to find the best retailers online. Nowadays, there are thousands of vendors with beautiful smoking accessories to offer. However, only HØJ has the edgy and smooth KØL. Rated as the best pipe of 2020 by Herb, this design masterpiece delivers a cool smoke and a tasty hit. If you are the kind of person who likes stylish, easy to clean pipes, the KØL is the best option for you.

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