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How to Grind Weed Into Powder

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Some cannabis users really don't like chunky bits in their bongs and joints. But a finer grind can be almost impossible to achieve with fingers alone, especially if it's a very sticky bud. If your main objective is to perfectly grind your weed, get as high as possible, and get the most out of your cannabis, that’s a different story altogether, and we recommend trying the revolutionary KLIP grinder. However, if you’re really looking to grind weed into powder, we can recommend the following techniques using household devices. 

All of the following techniques will require some sort of household grinding or chopping machine. The reason being, with finger-chopped marijuana, it can be difficult to pack a pipe or bong that pulls properly, as the airflow will be stifled by the bigger chunks. This is where a grinder comes in handy. And while we understand many prefer the old-school techniques, it is always better getting used to a grinder if you want to enjoy the best smoking experience.

If you specifically want your marijuana ground into a fine powder instead of chopped pieces, you will need tools that go harder when grinding the buds. The good news is you probably have these tools lying around your house — and in your kitchen to be specific. 

The following are unconventional techniques to be sure, but will help you in case you don’t have a grinder within reach.

A Coffee Grinder

Cleaning before and after is complete torture with this method, but it's the closest thing you can get to an actual weed grinder, and is definitely capable of turning your buds into the powder you’re looking for. This is also probably the easiest way to go if you're grinding up larger amounts of cannabis.

Just like you were going to grind coffee beans, put your buds in the jar and press the button to start the machine. Remember that you should clean and rinse the container out first unless you are willing to smoke coffee too (please, do not try it). If the next day you want a cup of coffee, also remember to wash the jar thoroughly.

Tips to Take into Account When Using a Coffee Grinder:

  • Make sure you're packing the bud loosely 
  • Do not overwhelm the grinder.
  • Don't use buds that are too big or too small. 
  • Make sure your weed doesn't grind excessively by adjusting grind time and settings.

A Blender

This strategy works if you really want your bud ground to a fine powder. Yes, it's probably the biggest cleaning issue (just like with the coffee grinder), as after you're finished grinding your cannabis, you need to clean your blender blades thoroughly. A dangerous task, so be careful. That's probably not your best bet but it’s a possibility. 

Of course the first step is to wash the glass jug, then throw your nugs right in there. Close the lid, and you're free to get started. You want to be cautious with the pulse setting where you can control when it blends. Switch on and off in short intervals until you get the desired texture.

Tips to Take into Account When Using a Blender:

  • Before mixing take out any stems and seeds, as they may cause issues for the blender's blades, and you don’t want to smoke them either (some consumers claim that stems and seeds can give you a headache).
  • Think big. This method works better with large amounts of weed.
  • Some blenders are way too powerful, so shorten the blending time to 10 seconds maximum.
  • To not make the cleaning more exhausting, try to dry the weed as much as you can.


There is a lot of change to the trichomes on your weed by using these methods instead of a proper grinder, like the HOJ KLIP. Some of the most potent parts of your bud don’t end up in what you’re finally smoking. When you use a KLIP grinder, you preserve your cannabis’ trichomes for an optimal high, or even with a regular grinder, the trichomes can fall into the bottom chamber (if you have a multi-chamber grinder) which you can save for later.

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