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How to Use the Volcano Vaporizer

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We can definitely say that the Volcano vaporizer is one of the hottest and most reliable options when it comes to vaporizing cannabis flower. This iconic device is an indisputable favorite among the most advanced cannabis users due to the great experience it provides and because the device itself can work as an ornament for your living room. 

Moreover, the Volcano vaporizer is an effective and highly customizable way to consume cannabis flowers, concentrates, and other cannabis and CBD products. If you happen to have one and you want to know how to use the Volcano vaporizer in a proper way, this article will provide you with all the answers you are looking for along with some simple advice to set up your Volcano only like experts do.

What is a Volcano Vaporizer?

The Volcano is a vaporizer that hit the European and American markets in the late 90’s. This vaping device is similar to other handheld devices in that they have a dry herb chamber and work to gently heat the weed or concentrate to the point of vaporization. 

The efficient Volcano vaporizer reached the stores in the 2000’s and has been increasing its popularity exponentially over the past years. Offering a unique opportunity for caregivers to prepare medical cannabis doses for ill patients, and the possibility of vaping cannabis with larger groups, this vaporizer is one of the most potent desktop vaping devices you can find on the market.

What separates the Volcano from other vaping devices is that it modifies the vaping experience by passing the vaporized cannabis into an attached bag made from food safe, flavorless, and odorless materials. In this balloon the air is holded before actually getting into your lungs. Additionally, the filling chamber on these vaporizers is generally larger than portable, single-use style vapes, and the vapor balloon holds quite a bit of active THC infused vapor. 

In this sense, CBD products will vaporize perfectly as well. This attached bag style mechanism is also innovative because it separates the vapor from the heating chamber. This is a huge plus when considering the dangers of handheld vapes, especially low quality ones that are prone to malfunction, overheat, or even combustion after consistent use. 

How to Use the Volcano Vaporizer

Despite its futuristic appearance, the Volcano Classic vaporizer is actually really easy for a beginner to get started. To use it, you will just need the base unit, one of the easy valve bags, and a filling chamber. 

After plugging in the device and waiting for the light to indicate it is ready, you can easily use the Volcano vaporizer. The following are some simple steps and tips that will help you get the most out of your vaping experience.

  • Step 1: grind your herb. If you are using a four piece grinder, turn the grinding tiers upside down and give it some twists a little longer than you’d normally grind before turning it upright again. However, we recommend using the grinder included in your Volcano Vaporizer´s box. Each Storz & Bickel vaporizer includes a plastic two-piece grinder, and while it might not look like much, it does a great job generating that mediumly fine consistency when grinding herb that works perfectly for the Volcano. 
  • Step 2: spread the grinded weed into a piece of paper and funnel it into your filling chamber. You can also use a Storz & Bickel dosing capsule, which we recommend but remember, you don’t want to tamp it down at all, just spread a flat layer across the bottom. You can fill it with just a little, or just under swelling. The Volcano works best with a full chamber, but there are also some tricks to make it work perfectly loading it less.
  • Step 3: if you have the classic Volcano vaporizer design, once the orange light turns off, it is the right time to vape. Proceed then to remove the black plastic mouthpiece from your Easy Valve and straighten out the bag gently till it is completely unfolded. Then, dock the orange mouthpiece onto the filling chamber and set it on top of the Volcano so it lightly grips the ring on top. 

In case you have the Hybrid Volcano model, just give it a clockwise quarter turn. Then, push the green button, or the “Air” button on the hybrid model, to turn the fan on and start blowing up the balloon. Press the button again when you are comfortable with the amount of vapor within the bag. You should fill it with as much vapor as you think you can take down in about five minutes, as it will start to get stale after that. Once that your bag is filled with sweet cannabis vapor, turn the fan off and you proceed to the next step.

  • Step 4: Now that your bag is completely filled with cannabis vapor, remove the it from the filling chamber and insert the black mouthpiece back into your orange Easy Valve. Then, remove the filling chamber from the Volcano. Pressing on the mouthpiece will open the valve and let vapor out, so when you press it to your lips, you can draw as hard or gently as you prefer.
  • Step 5: the Volcano Vaporizer is not hard to maintain at all and it benefits from frequent, light cleaning. In this sense, after you vaped all what was within the heating chamber, throw it out right away. Then use the included brush to dust off the screens and inside of the heating chamber. This step will help prevent that kind of build up dirt that requires deep cleaning. If you are using the Volcano Hybrid, the shut-off timer will eventually turn it off. Don't freak out, you can simply press the HEAT button to turn it back on.

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