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How To Use A Bong: Smoking A Bong For Beginners


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So you tried cigars, enjoyed smoking them, and now you went on to try something new: your first bong. It probably wasn’t an easy task, since they come in all sorts of shapes and colors according to functionality, aesthetic and even ideology. 

Leaving all this side, it's important to know that if you smoke a bong the idea is to get a smoother hit, a cooler smoke and a softer flavor with less smell (however this may vary depending its design and how carefully you handle it), not to mention the fact that the weed won't be lit all time, making the process more cost efficient. 

So without further ado, let's get to it.

How To Use A Bong: Basic Steps

Woman holding a glass bong with her hands
Woman holding a glass bong with her hands (Envato)​​

The first thing you should know is that there are three main steps to smoke a bong: 

  1. Prepare the bong
  2. Light the weed
  3. Inhale the smoke

That's it. Yes, even the fanciest ones work mostly the same way. It's also worth noticing that most of them also have the same components: 

  • A base to be water filled
  • A mouthpiece
  • A bowl
  • A downstem. 

Here’s what you should do:

How To Use A Bong: Step 1

Start by filling your beautiful, brand new first bong around an inch up to the downstem. If you have an excessive amount of water, it would require a stronger suction, and therefore, it would be more difficult to smoke. On the other hand, if you don't add enough water, the result would be a harsher and dryer hit.

Once you get the water, it's time to fill the bowl correctly. This step is kind of important, since you may be tempted to break the flower with your hands and charge the bong with some big pieces. In this case, the result may be kind of uneven because the flower won't burn as uniformly as we want. Grinding it is the best option, since the job will be easier, quicker and you will get all the benefits that come with grinding your weed

Sidenote: don't forget that nowadays we can find some beautiful state-of-the-art grinders that will get your precious herb nice and ready to go for a more pleasant experience. 

Anyway, once you're done grinding, take a couple of pinches and load them into the bowl. Since you're probably into new territories, it would be a good idea not to overpack it: it makes it more difficult to inhale, so take  into account that the weed won't be burning constantly as a cigar would be. After loading your bong, you are ready to move on.

How To Use A Bong: Step 2

The next step is lighting your bong. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is, but we need to have some considerations first. 

Taking into account that smoking a bong is probably new for you, you'll have to get used to its weight and shape. Test it, put your lips in the mouth piece and remember that you are not using a straw. The main idea here is to create a suction force to inhale so, similarly to a kiss, put your lips inside the mouth piece not around it. 

You can also make a test run, just to make sure that it has the right amount of water and that you are getting the right amount of bubbles. Make an effort to notice that if your bong has a hole in it you will have to block it with your finger as you light. If everything seems to be in the right place, you will have to pull the bowl out of the stem as you inhale. 

By this point it's almost safe to say that you're ready to light your bong. Do it after you place your lips around the mouthpiece and not the other way around, so you don’t waste your weed.

How To Use A Bong: Step 3

Now that your pot is lit, don’t feel like you have to fill the bong to take a hit. Take it slow -at least until you find the right amount of smoke you can handle-, and do not worry if you cough, that is just bound to happen. 

If you do get more smoke than you can handle, don’t force yourself to clear all the stuff up. Do only what makes you comfortable. Remember that there’s no need to hold the smoke all that much, you are depriving yourself of oxygen and plenty of cannabis to be enjoyed. 

Now you are finally good to go. Cheers!

Smoking Weed From A Bong: Some Final Comments

Now that we're figuring out how to use a bong, it’s important to mention that smoking a bong is not -in any way- healthier than smoking joints or pipes. The water won’t do anything other than make it easier and smoother to hit.

It's probably a good idea, before getting into those funny or innovative bongs, to get something simple. In particular, a clear one that will allow you to make sure you get the right amount of smoke you can handle.

Man smoking from a bong
Man smoking from a bong (Envato)
Man inhaling from a bong
Man inhaling from a bong (Envato)​​

While loading the bowl, there’s a possibility to overpack. Use a toothpick to adjust if you feel the smoke not circulating the way you think it should be.

Take good care of your first bong, keep it clean and be aware that if you plan to smoke tobacco with the same one, you are going to have to clean it even more often. Tobacco tends to clog more than cannabis and not to mention the fact that the smell will be worse. 

Smoking A Bong: How Do I Clean It?

This is not written in stone, but obvious signs may be when there’s a bad taste, a bad smell and/or clogging. This will also depend on how often you use it, for some people a nice cleaning once every week will be more than enough; however, this will be based on your consumption habits and preferences.

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