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How to Rehydrate Your Weed

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Not everybody can afford high quality cannabis every time they smoke. I mean, for regular use, I buy regular weed, and for special occasions I buy some special, exotic, expensive strains. When you buy from a dealer, because it is cheaper, you depend on what the dealer has. And usually the quality changes, doesn't matter how exotic he wants to name the weed. The dealer is a pro seller, so don't trust him that much. The strains he has usually changes monthly or even weekly, even though he says it is the same indica blue dream or whatever. 

That's why sometimes we get nice looking weed, and other times not that much. The quality of weed that people sell in the street deteriorates mainly because of its storage methods. We must be aware that if people are selling illegally, quality, control and regulation are not a priority. So their storage methods are not optimal. You might not know, but you can be buying weed which might have been stored for months or even years. And that's when the weed gets dry, and brownish. As I said, dry weed is something exclusive from illegal and not regulated selling points or dealers. But don't worry, if sometimes you buy this kind of weed, or your weed just drying for "no reason", we got you. We are telling you how to rehydrate your cannabis and the best ways to store weed, so you  always smoke good looking and tasting cannabis.


How to rehydrate weed: Smoke good looking and tasting cannabis.


When weed is to dry:

  • Loss of aroma and flavor.

When cannabis becomes too dried out, it results in a loss of terpenes and flavonoids due to the fragile nature of the compounds. This causes the flower to lose not only their flavor but their scent as well.

  • Loss of potency.
When cannabis has been dried out over a long period of time and exposed to oxygen and light, it can also degrade the cannabinoids making for a less potent high. Make sure you have a good grinder with kief catcher for that too!

  • Harsh to inhale.
When smoking weed that is too dried out, users often experience a harsher inhale. This can increase throat and lung irritation, resulting in more coughing. 

In order to fix dry weed there are a lot of good methods to rehydrate cannabis and make your weed look, smell and taste like premium cannabis flowers. Hydration is a primordial factor. Cannabis buds need to regain humidity so rehydration can be accomplished. So if you want to learn how to rehydrate your weed in less than three steps and with items you have at home keep reading. 


Orange peel

Citrus fruit peel is an outstanding way to rehydrate your cannabis buds. Every citrus peel will work perfectly, the only difference is the taste and aroma it gives to your weed. My favorite is orange peel. 

You just need to place the orange peel in an airtight container, along with the dried cannabis. Monitor the container: Check the container after a few hours, don't let the orange peel that much because due to moisture and humidity it can grow fungus. You must check your weed often and check the moisture level on your cannabis. If you leave it for a long time, apart from the fact that fungus can grow, it can also get very humid and become very difficult to maneuver, grind and will hardly burn. The only way to achieve the right amount of moisture is by regularly monitoring the airtight container. 

The orange peel turns the buds like new and gives them a fresh orange aroma and flavor. You have a new orange kush strain. With these simple tricks, the freshness of your weed is a guarantee. After you learned this just remember to store your cannabis properly. Proper storage will avoid dried-out cannabis, and keep nice looking and tasting terpenes. Even the potency of your weed remains optimal. The best way to keep your weed properly are airtight containers, however if you use a glass jar also works fine. 


Paper towel

Paper towels also can rehydrate dry cannabis. You just need to take a paper towel and wet it thoroughly with clean water. Squeeze out any excess water so the paper towel is damp but not dripping wet. After these, take your dry weed and place it in a resealable plastic bag. 

Put the damp paper towel in the bag with your weed, making sure that the towel is not in direct contact with the weed. Then, seal the bag or container shut and let it sit for a few hours. The damp paper towel will slowly release moisture into the bag, rehydrating the weed. 

After a while, check the weed to see if it has reached the desired level of moisture. Once the weed is rehydrated to your liking, remove it from the bag or container and let it dry for a few minutes before smoking or vaping. 



Rehydrating weed with lettuce is another simple and effective method. It is very similar to the paper towel method but instead of a damp paper towel we'll use lettuce. 

Just take a small piece of lettuce and rinse it thoroughly with clean water, Make sure to remove any dirt or debris. Take your dry weed and the lettuce and place them in a resealable plastic bag. Then, seal the bag shut and let it sit for a few hours. Remember to monitor your weed every once in a while, we don't want any fungus to grow. 

Once the weed is rehydrated as you wanted to, remove it from the bag and let it dry for a couple of minutes before you smoke it. As you can see it is just like the paper towel but more eco-friendly. 


Slice of bread

If you want to rehydrate your weed a piece of bread or tortilla wil also work. As with the orange peel, just put some bread in a container with your dry weed. Yes, it is also possible to rehydrate weed with a tortilla, same process. In a few hours dried-out weed will look like a high quality strain. 

Just check your weed more often because yeast in the bread can grow fungus very fast. Remove the bread when buds are in good condition, when the humidity level is optimal. This method will guarantee your buds to stay fresh for a long time.


Apple peel

In addition to the famous orange peel, there are other products that you can easily find in your fridge that can also be used to moisten very dry weed buds.

Apple is another of the most commonly used remedies to rehydrate very dry buds; some even prefer it to orange peel. This is because apples do not have the aromatic oils that citrus fruit such as oranges contain.

Anyway, the process is the same; just leave some apple peel in a glass jar with the dry buds. Check them every once in a while so the buds don't get too wet.

As we can see, a certain amount of moisture  is the key to rehydrating cannabis. There are a lot of ways to rehydrate marijuana however, moist is the principal factor. Moisture to rehydrate your dried cannabis  is how these flowers gain life. Proper storage will avoid these problems


How to store weed properly: Avoid dry cannabis

Avoid dry marijuana, learn how to properly store your weed so you don't struggle with dry cannabis. You should store your weed in an airtight container, such as a glass jar with a lid or a plastic container with a sealable lid. This will help keep the air out, which can dry out your weed and degrade its quality.

You can also store your weed in a cool, dark place, such as a closet or a drawer. Avoid storing it in direct sunlight or near sources of heat, such as radiators, as heat can cause it to dry out and lose potency.

These methods will help you have nice and decent weed without spending that much in order to smoke nice weed. 


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