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How to Make a Pipe Less Harsh

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Pipes have been around since the year 2000 BC. They have been even found aside from mummies within their tombs since Egyptians use to place a pipe within the grave for the person could enjoy a smoke in the afterlife. Initially, the first tobacco pipes found in Europe, from around 500 BC, were made of wooden stems, reed, or clay. Ever since, pipes have been evolving in forms, types, materials, and smoking mechanisms.

Pipes usually consist of a bowl, which is a round basin deep enough to place the ground cannabis in it. The bowl is connected with an airtight channel that delivers the smoke and air through a mouthpiece. In many cases, pipes also contain a second air channel known as a carb that is used to regulate the airflow through the pipe. 

However, these air channels aren’t always effective enough to make your smoke cooler. As a result, you may start coughing. This is one of the reasons why many users have bad memories of their first smoke

So, what do you exactly have to do to make a pipe less harsh? In this article, we will help you find a solution to your coughing problems, allowing you to smoke weed through a pipe with confidence.

How to Make a Pipe Less Harsh

  • Smoke Gently: This is one of the most logical things to do if you don't want to choke on your cough while smoking. Don’t pack your bowl too much and avoid taking monster hits. Try to always inhale nice and smooth to let the smoke cool in the stem of the pipe or in your mouth before inhaling it all to your lungs.
  • Use the carb: Most experienced cannabis users will answer almost in choir “use the carb,” and they are right. This second air-channel is placed there to let more air pass through the pipe stem, which will lower the smoke’s temperature, making the smoke less harsh in your throat. For doing this, just tap off the carb hole for a moment while lighting the bowl. 
  • Corner your bowl: This hack is more commonly used in water pipe bowls. However, it is a piece of great advice to follow with almost every pipe bowl you can think of as it will let you take more advantage of your weed, ensuring you always take hits from the fresh green weed, which will make your smoking experience soother. 
  • Pack Snaps: This means packing your bowl with just small quantities of weed that you can comfortably smoke all of in one hit. The less amount of herb you place in your bowl, the easier it will be to smoke it all at once. 
  • Iced Smoke: This one will work mostly with water pipes with a stem large enough to fit some ice in it or into the water chamber of your bubbler. While water cools the smoke before inhaling it, adding some ice to the water or placing it within the stem will offer you an incredible and refreshing smoking experience.

Alternatively, you can simply use a functional, perfectly designed KØL. Inspired by the scales of the Mako shark, this aluminum pipe has everything you need for smooth smoke. With its stainless steel filters, the KØL will cool your smoke before entering your lungs to prevent it from harming you. Moreover, it has been designed to allow you to clean it easily. If you want to have a brand new smoking experience, check out our nature-inspired designs.

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