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How To Get A Better High When Smoking Weed?


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When I was younger smoking pot was a surreptitious activity. Had to sneak out of school, do it fast and leave no traces. For obvious reasons my first experiences with cannabis were good but pretty far from the best. All I wanted was my own space to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Fortunately, nowadays I’m all grown up (even though my girl may think differently), and l can take my time and roll up a blunt every once in a while without the fear of getting caught.

But sometimes I still aske myself… How can you make the most of this freedom and get a better high? Let me share with you what I’ve found.

So… How To Get A Better High?

Get the best cannabis accessories

The first question you should reflect on, is if you are consuming your weed correctly, I mean, if you’re touching your herb with bare hands you should be aware that natural hand moisture and/or chemicals from soap or cream might affect the potency and taste of your product. Also, is your weed grinded? Did you know that tinier bits of weed will make a more fluid smoke along with its taste and smell, but not only that, your product will be much easier to carry and forge new and flawless joints? If you need more information on grinding herb, you should check in detail how grinders work, or even more, check the finest products in the market. 

Next step will have to be the way you consume your cannabis. Do you roll joints? blunts? Or do you prefer bongs or pipes? Whatever you like better, it is important to get the right material for your preferences. May we suggest a magnetic pipe that is durable, easy to clean, easy to carry and with a beautiful design? It’s not the same to smoke from a common paper, is it?

HØJ products: KLIP grinder, KOL pipes and HAMP rolling papers with cannabis buds
KLIP grinder, KØL pipes and HAMP rolling papers with cannabis buds (HØJ Media)

Get the best cannabis strains

An old man once told me: the best wine is the one you like the most, and I think the same principle applies to cannabis. If you are lately feeling that you are not getting the most of your product, it might be a good idea to try new strains or mixtures. Whether it is indica, sativa or hybrid, It’s well known that humans tend to get bored with monotony, try to mix it up a little every now and then. Each strain has a different taste and different levels of THC. Go and talk to your trusted dealer and ask for directions, pretty sure there is a good chance of you getting interesting new experiences, tastes and, evidently, a better high.

Get the best location


In order to get a better high you should 100% smoke in a place you feel comfortable, sometimes a private area such as your home or a friend’s house, might be the best option. Feeling comfortable and safe can help the way that cannabis gets to you. Also… smoking by yourself is not always a good idea, so stick around good friends that want to experience the high feeling with you, that can help all of you get a better high together.

How to get more high?

Getting higher than high.

Now that you have the proper equipment, it is possible that you are still not getting exactly the kind of experience you wanted. Could it be because instead of tasting, your main concern was to get more high? In this case, there are also some popular options to try besides exploring new strains to enhance your high.

Get a new grinder: Preserve the high of the herb

You might be loosing all of your cannabis effects when grinding it, and that’s not just wasting your money, but also your time. Take a look at a high-quality “grinder” like KLIP slicer, this is the perfect accessory for any stoner. It’s called slicer instead of grinder as it literally “slices” the herb instead of crushing it, leaving many more trichomes intact so you get a noticeably more potent high with the exact same herb! 

Having its own kief catcher is also a great advantage KLIP has over other 4-piece grinders. The kief you'll get from your cannabis buds would totally elevate your smoking experience. You can learn more about this in the article: “KLIP, a grinder that doesn’t grind” and get KLIP right away!

Try CBD: helps enhance your high

Some people report that mixing cannabidiol with THC may improve the overall experience of smoking weed making the mixture more potent. CBD can be easily found, just make sure it’s specifically designed to consume and from a trusted source, and it may be as easy as adding some drops to your cannabis mix or to your bowl. It is also said that CBD might help if you have developed some degree of tolerance.

Eat mango: Foods that enhance your high

I know, some people say it’s just a myth, but come on, isn’t it just delicious? Who knows? Maybe all those stories about myrcene and monoterpene turn out to be true. Supposedly mangoes contain the same compound that gives cannabis its sedative effects. In order to take advantage of it, just get some slices ready half an hour to an hour before smoking. Some people go as far as eating one or two full mangoes beforehand. Check if it does better for you, if not, at least you certainly got a tasty treat. Take a look into other foods that enhance your high while smoking weed.

Abstinence: A weed tolerance break is key

If you really want to fly high as a kite without having to spend money or getting exotic fruits, just try to take a break. Remember how special was the first time you tried weed? Well you can try to plan ahead, clean your system a bit and smoke for a special occasion. Try to exercise a bit; sweat glands work almost as a third kidney cleaning all that fast food, alcohol and, most importantly, weed. Now, if you are too lazy to workout, try drinking water and going to a sauna or a steam bath. Yes, pamper yourself! Your body will be much more relaxed and clean after a good weed tolerance break, and pot will certainly hit you harder, and therefore, you’ll get a better high after.

Hands holding KLIP grinder opened with sliced cannabis inside
KLIP grinder opened with sliced cannabis inside (HØJ Media)
Man on a table eating mango in a white plate with a fork
Man eating mango with a fork (Envato)​​

A word of advise:

If you are trying to reach new levels of potency with your herb, be very aware that you may get lots of information around the web or on the street, and not all of it may be safe or true. For example, we all know that weed is relatively harmless compared to other substances, however, if somehow you get the idea of mixing it with something else, be very, very careful, your health and wellbeing may be at stake. The same goes to smoking your weed with an empty stomach; yes, you may get a more potent effect, however, there is also a high chance that you may get dizzy or even faint from the shot. Also, if you have any gastric problem such as gastritis, acid reflux or hiatal hernia, be advised that smoking on empty stomach may be related to duodenal or gastric ulcer (even though cannabis consumption has been also related to protective effect on gastro digestive system). In conclusion, be responsible and smart, or there's a chance that the only trip you are going to get is to the emergency room.

So, what’s actually “a better high”?

While some people might understand the word “better” as a synonym of “harder”, some others would tend to associate it to “quality”. In this article we tried not to get all philosophical and just went to answer some basic notions on weed consumption and how to improve it. Getting a better high will depend on your perspective and expectations. If you still have questions, be sure to check out some other great articles related to cannabis under the section “learn” where you may find more substantial and extensive information related to your particular interest. 

Author: Emerson C.

Disclaimer: HØJ is not a medical advice blog, so please consult with a doctor or a specialist if you have any questions regarding smoking or anything related to cannabis consumption itself.

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