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How to Fix a Broken Weed Pipe

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We all know that among the plethora of weed pipes that exist on the market, glass pipes are the most popular ones. They come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and designs, appealing to each smoker’s preferences.

While glass pipes are very convenient, easy to clean, and pretty, there is a downside to them. If they are not carefully handled, next thing you know is that your precious glasswork is broken to pieces. In such cases, you would think that the most reasonable thing to do is to throw away your broken weed pipe. However, you can learn how to fix a broken weed pipe and make it last for a little longer while you find a new one.

How to Fix a Broken Weed Pipe

Before getting your hopes up, you have to face reality and think if your pipe is worth repairing. If it has shattered, you may want to get a new one, since it will be almost impossible to fix it on your own. On the other hand, if there is a crack, there are some methods you can use to fix your broken weed pipe. 

  • Use Epoxy: a two-component epoxy is perfect for sealing, coating, and bonding substances. Moreover, you will put your health in a safer place if you use food-grade epoxy, just to avoid toxic fumes. This method is best suited for situations where the glass has had a clean break and needs to be stuck back together. 
  • Food grade silicone: as an alternative, you can use food grade silicone, since it is a non-toxic substance. Highly resistant to damage, food grade silicone doesn’t crack, crumble, peel, or dry out. It’s great for use as a sealant. In case your pipe has a clean-cut piece of glass that busted off, food grade silicone can help you stick it back together.
  • Duct tape: while it may not be the most esthetic method to fix a broken weed pipe, duct tape is perfect for a last minute fix. If your glass pipe has a break across the tube, just connect the two pieces and tape away. However, you must bear in mind that this is just a temporary fix, and it won’t completely seal the broken parts of your bong.
  • Blow torch: only use this method if you have access to the proper equipment and a professional setting. In this case, clean the glass and heat up the part with a torch. If you don’t have a hot enough torch, pinch it off with some pliers. Once one end is sealed, roll your pipe in your fingers with the end touching the blue cone of the flame until it glows red. Then, pull the piece out and blow in the other, making sure it is not too hot. While doing this, a bubble will begin to form. Keep blowing until you have the right size and let it cool. To pop open the bubble, concentrate the heat at one point of it and blow.
  • Leave it to the professionals. If your pipe has a lot of sentimental value and is worth fixing, hiring a pro may be the best way to fix your broken weed pipe. Call around to your local head shops and get some good quotes. This way, you may be able to have your weed pipe as good as new without using risky methods.

If your pipe is not worth repairing, it may be time to say goodbye and get a brand new one. There are plenty of glass pipes that will work just as good as the one you lost, and the investment will be worth it. Nevertheless, there are many different alternatives to replace your broken weed pipe without it being a glass one.

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