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How Much Do Rolling Papers Cost?


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When it comes to rolling papers, you will usually find packs from $1- $7, which contain around 30 papers. However, if rolling papers have more features, a pack can cost up to $9. This said, your best bet is to buy in bulk. For instance, if you get 5-10 packs, they will cost around $4 - $10, while 10-25 packs can cost $10-$20.

What to Look For in Rolling Papers

The size, length, thickness, and type of glue used on the paper you choose will make it more or less expensive. However, price is not the only reason why you should carefully choose your rolling papers. Depending on the factors mentioned above, the quality of your smoke will vary, and it will all have an effect on how well your blunt burns. For example our rolling paper, HAMP is made from 100% organic hemp paper, arabica gum from conflict free tree growers in Africa, with an integrated rolling tray and a 1 in 1000 chance of finding a 24 Karat gold paper with every purchase. 


Rolling papers can be made from a wide variety of materials, each having different effects on the burning quality of your joint. Most commonly, rolling papers are made of rice and hemp, since they have better textures and lack of flavor. However, you will also find rolling papers made of wood pulp, as many cigarettes were rolled in this material. These kinds of papers are usually chosen by beginners, since they have a thicker texture, making them easier to handle. 

Nowadays, smokers love to use hemp rolling papers for its thinness and because of its origins. When rolling a joint with hemp paper, you are basically burning the same herb, which makes it more natural. On the other hand, clear rolling papers and gold rolling papers are a novelty, but they aren’t as popular as the previously mentioned ones.

Burn Rate and Smokability

Choosing a quality rolling paper means getting the option that needs less relighting and has the perfect burn rate. For instance, a wood pulp rolling paper will stay lit to perfection, but it will burn very quickly. On the other hand, rice paper needs constant relighting, but it will burn the slowest, allowing you to enjoy your herb better. Lastly, hemp rolling papers are in the middle with a moderate burning rate.

Rolling Paper Glue

There is nothing worse than a rolling paper that won’t stick. When buying a pack of papers, take a look at the ingredients of its glue. Usually, this glue is made from cellulose sugar, which has a base of glycerol, a natural compound used to sweeten food. On the other hand, arabic gum is another common choice for some rolling papers. Completely safe and nontoxic, this is a natural gum from the Acacia tree. If you want a healthier option, the latter is much better for a quality smoke.

Environmental Impact

Rolling joints can have enormous consequences on the environment. If you want to make sure you are buying sustainable options, hemp and rice rolling papers are your best bet. On the one hand, hemp is an incredibly sustainable crop, needing minimal watering and little to no pesticides to grow. On the other hand, wood pulp rolling papers leave the biggest carbon footprint, with a tree taking up to 40 years to grow.


For obvious reasons, buying larger rolling papers will cost more than your typical single sized papers. In case you need to know which rolling paper size fits your needs the best, use this simple guide:

  • Single: Forget about sharing your joint when using this size. Single papers are the perfect choice if you are smoking on your own and want a small, tight joint.

  • 1 ¼: This is one of the most popular sizes, since it can be shared between three people. A 1 ¼ rolling paper will allow you to make a joint the size of a cigarette.

  • 1 ½: This is the perfect size for a puff, puff, pass session. This size yields a joint larger than a cigarette. 

  • Double wide: If you need practicing rolling, a double wide size is a great option. However, users find it troublesome when smoking, since it will result in inhaling more paper than herb.

  • King-Size: Good for sharing between four and five people, this size offers better ventilation and more tokes. Refrain from getting a king size rolling paper if you have a low smoking tolerance.


This feature shouldn’t be overlooked, since it can make your rolling paper more expensive.

Normally, users like to buy tasteless papers in order to full experience the flavor of their favorite strain. In this case, rice and hemp papers are the right option.

However, there has been a rise in flavored rolling papers in the last years. This is because some smokers like to enhance the flavor of their joint when it is too grassy. In this sense, you will find birthday cake, coconut, strawberry, vanilla, and many other flavors for your rolling papers.

Despite its delicious taste, you will find that these papers burn faster than your classic non-flavored papers.

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