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How to Conserve Weed


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Learning how to conserve weed is essential if you want to make sure your nugs last longer, especially if you are on a budget. Moreover, keeping your flower’s fresh, sticky consistency is definitely better than having a dry, tasteless herb.In this article, you will find out how to conserve your weed and how to keep its flavor and potency for longer. 

How and Where to Store Weed

Did you know that some elements can and would -if you let them- ruin your weed by degrading it? If you keep it correctly, the cannabinoids in your buds will remain stable for up to two years, according to a study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. There are a few factors to consider when trying to conserve your weed for the long run. One of those is understanding what it is to degrade your weed and what you can do to stop it. If your buds are properly cured, take into account the following factors to slow down your flower’s degeneration process:


Only a few of us know that the most significant factor that leads to cannabinoids degradation is light. It is a fact that intense ultraviolet rays burn the precious cannabinoids and terpenes present in your weed. Without them, you won't even feel a slight buzz when you smoke it. So the next time you store your weed, keep your flower buds in opaque containers, out of direct contact with any source of light to maintain your strain's unique compounds.


High oxygen levels can speed up the degeneration of your flower, whereas low oxygen content can alter humidity levels, which make your buds develop a fine mold or mildew cape.The best way to avoid this unwanted vapor content and protect your weed from long-term oxygen exposure is to vacuum seal it, but the truth is that most people don't keep vacuum sealers lying around the house. If this is your case, airtight storage will work as well. You will recognize them as jars that seal wholly and quickly.Size does matter when it comes to choosing the right weed container. Our advice is to pick a size that fits your cannabis consumption. A very large-sized jar with just a few nugs inside can trap more oxygen than you need, degrading them even if there is no air flowing into it. Notice that plastic jars can encourage sweating, so you might want to avoid those to damage your weed. Carefully stored cannabis can stay reasonably stable for 1-2 years in dark, room-temperature conditions. We recommend glass or ceramic airtight containers that easily holds your cannabis, fitting each bud inside and leaving a little room to spare.


Another thing that mold loves besides humidity is moisture, related to water content in a liquid state. It’s essential to keep proper levels of it to conserve weed’s properties and compounds. Don’t put fruit rinds into your cannabis jar to rehydrate the bud and improve flavor, or you might end up with a moldy, unsmokable weed due to the excessive moisture that these produce. Although Tobacco Humidors may sound theoretically like a good idea, most of them are out of cedarwood. Cannabis flowers can absorb wood's oil, affecting its flavor by altering its valuable terpene profile.The best way to prevent extra moisture without losing those valuables terpenes and cannabinoids of your bud is with a humidifying capsule placed on the top of a mason jar lid. These reusable, two-way humidifying capsules have become the best and cheapest humidity control solution. It is specially formulated materials that absorb or discharge moisture as needed. These pods have proved that it’s worth investing in a pair. What you get is a balanced perfection that optimizes your cannabis flower’s taste and potency.


Temperature also plays a vital role in preserving your stash. Extreme temperatures can ruin your green; it either gives off a harsh smoke with an unpleasant flavor or covers up your weed with unwanted mold, meaning that you must throw it away.While high temperatures can dry out your herb and make terpenes evaporate, allowing mold and mildew to thrive, a low temperature will make the delicate trichomes burst and lose potency. The ideal storage temperature for weed is below 70° F or 21° C.Think twice next time you reserve your weed, and skip refrigerators or freezers as a storage place. People often recommend storing cannabis in a “cool, dark location,” such as a closet in a basement or a dark corner, inside of a proper air-tight jar.

Make your Greens Last Longer

For the sake of your wallet, just have a little self-discipline to make minor adjustments to your consumption habits with this guide to make your weed last longer between dispensary visits.Now that you know how and where to store your stash correctly, it is time to learn how to ration your green, cash, and cannabis, to make it last and still get high.

Fewer Joints, More Glassware 

Take a vaper or clean up your glassware and treat them as you should because it will save your greens! These little beauties use less cannabis than you would with a joint or blunt.Vaporizers are the best way to stretch out your dried cannabis, making it last for weeks. Vapes heat cannabis at lower temperatures, burning off less of the cannabinoids in the bud. In other words, it means that you will get more THC by consuming less cannabis. Glass pieces, such as pipes and bongs, feature smaller bowls and prevent you from loading too much bud at once. If you still want more, you can just pack another bowl. Practical and easy, but with joints is another history.Have you ever noticed that rolling a joint or blunt cost you about 50-75 grams? If you smoke 2-3 times a day, just do the math. You probably like to get highly stoned, but you could have done it efficiently. Besides, when you lit up one, the burning tip burns off the cannabinoids even when you are not inhaling. All the time wasted in properly pack a mound of weed into one joint, all that to a single high experience.These are the least efficient cannabis consumption methods. If you are a joint lover, and you can’t help putting one in your lips, just remember that you don't have to smoke it all at once. Try to only smoke joints or blunts on the weekend or only at night. Our advice for those who smoke every day and want to start saving some to make it last is “Fewer Joints, More Glassware.”

Cut Off Freeloaders

Sharing is caring, we all know. The world tried to bring people together for ages, but now you can’t just smoke with homies since everything has changed. There is no one worse friend than a freeloader, who always takes advantage of your generosity without giving anything in return. Cannabis gets pricey, and if you are trying to make it last, then using less in more strategic ways is vital. Cut off that habit, and we promise that it will last even more. Besides, it should be easy for you now that social distancing is the new manner.  

Wake & Save

Maybe you will miss that sweet ride in the morning, but there’s no better time to smoke than at the end of a long day when you’ve taken care of all your responsibilities. You deserve that late-night roll-up.

Invest in quality

Your high-state depends on what you smoke. High-quality cannabis makes the difference in potency levels, terpene profiles, curing plus drying processes, and growing conditions to provide you with the highest kick. If you can afford to spend a little more on high-quality weed, do it because you will get a strong potency with just a few puffs. Nevertheless, be aware that if you routinely consume highly potent strains, you will develop a tolerance over time. That’s why the following advice may be the best conservation method, which is to slow down on frequency.


Downregulation is the word you are looking for explaining the tolerance that your body has developed to THC due to your regular consumption. Sadly your cells are no longer sensitive to particular molecules because the whole system is overwhelmed. With this negative feedback activated, consumers must smoke more to reach the same experience they could have when they first tried it, affecting their wallets by spending more.An excellent way to regulate your daily cannabis intake is to store it in a weekly pillbox. Break down your nugs and distribute them evenly in 1-gram quantities. This way, you will consciously stretch it across the whole week. Researchers have proved that only with a couple of days of abstinence, those receptors begin to bounce back and return to almost normal levels after four weeks of adjustment. Work your body's tolerance by setting the standard, and be your hero. Pack a smaller bowl, smoke a pinner roll, or invest in a one-hitter or snap bong piece designed for the slightest hit possible.

One-Hitters are your best friends

If saving is what you want, be a one-hitter or a chillum advocator. It would take you where you need to be with just a few tokes. Definitely, it is a very worthwhile purchase, because your cannabis will stretch for a few extra weeks. It is essential to bring out that a one-hitter will give you a couple hits next to cash out, but a chillum bowl will push out four or five, maybe even more if you corner the bowl just right.

Smoke Kief

It rains resinous trichomes during the grinding process of the flower to the bottom chamber. You can reuse this very potent dust to sprinkle on top of future bowls and add to their potency. Collect and save your kief because it is the key to saving weed.

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