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How to Clean a Plastic Weed Grinder

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Most people clean their smoking accessories only when it's absolutely necessary. However, cleaning your grinder should be at the top of your to-do list if you want it to work properly. Cleaning isn't exactly as easy when you have weeks of gummy resin build-up rendering them unusable.

Every time we grind a bud the glandular heads of the trichomes break off. These glands release oils that harden and darken, adhering to the teeth and other parts of the grinder as they dry and oxidize. When the dry resin layer stuck in the grinder accumulates, it interferes with its functions dramatically. So regularly cleaning your grinder is essential.

Why Do I Need to Clean My Grinder?

Don't let your lack of understanding about how to clean a grinder be a barrier to your cannabis equipment being preserved. You'd be shocked by how much it can boost the experience of smoking. There are three main reasons why you should make cleaning your grinder a regular priority:

  1. To protect your health. Once, those nugs of bud that we love to smoke were living plant matter. And even though they have been dried and cured, eventually they will begin to decompose. That means that bacteria in your grinder will begin to develop on any leftover kief. And  bacteria can make you sick.
  2. To unlock better performance. Regular cleaning means that, when you need it most, your grinder can operate smoothly.
  3. To protect your investment. Eventually everything becomes obsolete. Clean your plastic grinder regularly to keep the plastic teeth sharp and ready to shred.

When Should I Clean My Grinder?

 Normally, you should clean a plastic weed grinder every 30 to 60 days.

However, the plant matter can build up faster on the surface of your grinder if you use it every day, thus it may need more frequent cleaning.

How Do I Clean My Weed Grinder?

Grinders come in many different designs, sizes, and materials.. The grinder material is extremely critical when trying to determine how to clean a grinder.

When exposed to water, metals can rust. Acrylics and other plastics, when exposed to isopropyl alcohol, can dissolve, bend, and are often spoiled.

First of all, with hot water and soap, you should wash the external parts of the grinder as it is better to get rid of this useless dirt. 

It is best to disassemble the grinder so that we can have all the pieces separated making them easier to clean. If it has a pollinator, make sure to remove this. If the grinder has a kief-collector, make sure to remove this and set aside any crystals for layer use.

According to the material of your grinder, you will need the following items:

  • Large plate or plastic cutting board
  • Container to hold the kief
  • Dish soap (for acrylic and plastic grinders)
  • Hot water
  • Toothbrush or soft paint brush
  • Toothpick, metal pick, or dab tool

Freezing your grinder is optional, but it makes it does make the next steps easier. If you do choose to freeze the grinder, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. This will harden all the sticky plant substance that clings to your grinder's surface. 

Once you take it out from the fridge, treat your plastic grinder with care. At low temperatures, plastic becomes fragile.

How To Clean A Plastic Weed Grinder

First boil water. Never use a chemical solvent, because it can release toxic components from plastic.

Place the grinder's components in the a pot and pour the boiling water over the grinder. This helps enough to soften the resin so that it takes less scraping to remove it. To remove all the dirt, let the boiling water work for a few minutes.

Next remove the grinder and allow it to cool a little. 

Next, use a toothbrush, a little bit of water and dish soap to brush off any of the remaining cannabis bits. This will also disinfect the grinder further. 

For particularly tough resin spots, use a toothpick. 

Finally, rinse it with clean water, then leave to dry before using it again. 

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