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Do You Need to Grind Weed For a Pipe?


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Smoking a bowl from pipe is perhaps the most popular way among weed consumers due to its convenience. Today we will teach you the fundamentals of preparing for your pipe so that you feel confident and experience smooth, crisp hits next time you kick back to enjoy some milky tokes. 

Choosing A Pipe

A pipes consist of a bowl, a circular basin wide enough to hold the weed, as well as an airtight conduit through a mouthpiece that delivers smoke and air. In certain cases, a second air channel known as a carb is often used in pipes, which is used to control the airflow through the pipe. As long as a pipe contains at least the first two elements, you can smoke cannabis from it.

In shape and size, as well as in complexity, functionality, and availability, pipes may differ widely. Cannabis pipes today are commonly made using borosilicate glass, as the material is more durable then regular glass. Aluminum is also a common pipe material and is the most durable of all. 

Due to its shape and basic form, a "spoon" is the most common type pipe and looks similar in shape to the kitchen utensil. These are the best pipes to start with, as they are travel-sized, discreet and easy-to-use. 

When purchasing a pipe you should consider: 

  1. Durability
  2. Portability
  3. Style
  4. Functionality
  5. How easy it will be to clean 

Voted best pipe of 2020, the  KØL mini is conveniently sized, incredibly durable and offers a stainless steel filter  resulting in a significantly smoother experience. Hidden magnets hold the pipe together, gripping firmly while in use and allowing direct access for cleaning when finished. 

Do You Grind Weed For a Pipe?

Not grinding your cannabis will cause a horrible smoking experience, clogging your pipe and creating an uneven burn. Using a grinder to breakdown the bud before hand is a must. One-hitters and small bowls especially benefit from using ground cannabis as air can quickly flow through. Otherwise you may find smoking your pipe becomes a stressful experience. Grinding up the product helps it to be burnt uniformly.

How to Pack a Bowl:

  1. Get ready with your supplies, gather your weed, your pipe and a grinder. Unscrew the lid of the grinder.
  2. Take a couple buds that you would like to grind. Use your fingers to break down the bigger bud into several pieces so that they fit neatly in the grinder.
  3. Place the lid back on the grinder with its teeth down to crush the flower.  You will know that the lid is correctly positioned when you feel that the magnet is engaged.
  4. Twist the lid and the base of the grinder in opposite directions multiple times (about 15-20 times) using both hands. This will grind the bud into the second chamber. When the first chamber (where the teeth are) is empty, you will know the flower is properly grounded. Do not cover the magnet in the center of the teeth when pushing the bud into the teeth. This will allow the magnet to properly engage.
  5. Now, open the second chamber by unscrewing the top half of the grinder from the bottom.
  6. Ensure that your pipe's bowl has a filter to prevent bits of ash from flying into your mouth when you inhale
  7. By taking a pinch of the ground flower from the grinder and putting it in the bowl, fill your pipe.
  8. Press the flower down gently with your thumb to tamp it down. This helps the weed to keep a burn or cherry at the top while opening up airflow for easier inhalation. 
  9. Now your pipe is ready to smoke, so light-up and enjoy.

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