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How Marijuana Consumption Will Be If Cannabis Stigma Disappears

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Marijuana use has been defined by two main purposes, medicinal and recreational… but has always been this way? If we take into consideration that evidence of cannabis with more than 5000 years old have been found, we can know that people used this plant before regulations and laws suffocated this plant. However, no matter how much times has passed, its assimilation with medicinal terms seems infallible, thousands of years ago, yesterday, today and in the future. What changes is the methodology and application obviously because of technological advances. In the past, another main purpose of marijuana was to enlighten the spiritual world and was part of ceremonies and rituals of various tribes. Now its main importance is related to the industry, as people believe that hemp can be used to craft over 5,000 different products from the construction industry to the textile and obviously pharmaceutic industry. Weed purposes change and adapt to the context and needs of man.

Today as times change, acceptance and normalization will set new standards in human behavior and its relationship with marijuana. What kind of trends, behavior, fashion and culture await us in terms of consumption and distribution of marijuana. And with the same importance what adjacent business will prosper and will be involved and committed to the cannabis industry.


Daily life over business

Before getting to market failures and monopolies in the weed industry as it will happen, let's see the daily life and consumption habits that will lead to it. Let's first look at the inevitable, demographic and social impact. For example, one day those who stigmatize and criminalize marijuana will cease to exist, not for good, opposition is a big industry, but you know what I mean. The younger ones, the next generation and those that follow have a tendency towards consumption and every day there are more and more users of marijuana. One day dealing with the prohibition of marijuana will be somewhat retrograde. And what might happen to society with these effect never seen before.

As we know, consumption is increasing. And with less people in the world are against weed, marijuana pants in homes would be normal. As much as it is illegal in some places, the new generations, normally some of their first acquisitions as independent people are marijuana plants. Sometimes they reach more elaborated situations such as led or hydroponic indoor cultivation.

This could present a risk to marijuana farmers, investors and any industry related to legal cannabis. Due to economic interests, there could be an attempt to defame and criminalize this practice, however as the system has been discredited a lot of times it has lost a lot of credibility and that’s why I doubt people can be manipulated as easily as before. However, something will be done, marijuana stocks and ETF’s already represent a well speculated and participative market that will be defended.


For some workers, a pipe is a first-need product? 

When I mention this, I question the term “recreational”. As we know there are more working people. The more densely populated countries and poorer countries live a different reality. Inequality and corruption make the term “recreational” obsolete when people think about whether tomorrow they will be able to feed their family. It is drastic, but a large part of the population lives like this. So, how these people’s marijuana consumption will be like?

We categorize “recreational” like hanging up with your friends, get high and just order some food, get a nice spots and chill. But what about the millions of people who doesn’t have this opportunity?. There are people that live with a tight budget for their basic need and their families, but still need to take more away from their income for marijuana expenses.

Unfortunately, most workers in undeveloped countries have monotonous and repetitive jobs. That’s why, it is well know that many work high. And you might say, well mate, me too. But is different, we do it for creativity and chilling they do it for survivance and avoiding fall into desperation because they earn very little money.

Bus stops full of busy souls are witnesses of how a worker prepares himself in a sacred and daily routine to undermine the monotony, sadness, and resignation of that reality. He takes out his pipe and lights up some hits. The jobs are different, but their chances to evolve are low. So, all this people, in Latin America, Asia and Africa, if they do good will use weed, others lose all hopes and use methamphetamine.

When it becomes a basic routine, the articles used eventually become products of necessity. And this will cause a different way of distribution and an opportunity gap for adjacent industries. Imagine the new amount of opportunities for glaziers who make pipes, the silkscreen, all the new brands that may born. I think will not be recreational but basic need.


The new distribution of a new basic need

As we mentioned, the future awaits without stigmatization. And this will change people's relationship with marijuana. Marijuana would become a product of basic necessity among many people, specifically working men. In the same way the accessories to smoke it: pipes and rolling papers.

These artifacts do not require regulation for their sale and distribution or require very little. Specially in underdeveloped countries where informal economy is indispensable and, in some cases, it reaches 50% of the economy.

In the same way means of distribution will change. Usually you buy your pipes, rolling papers, bongs etc. in smoke shops or via online. What if I told you that you could eventually find these at any grocery store, bar, barbershop, or clothes shop. In fact, there are already department stores where rolling papers are already sold. Is a classic one, you go looking for something to eat or drink and at the counter you see some rolling papers. Why no, anyway mines are almost over.

Any small business is going to try to cover this demand, because demand of these smoking items is on the rise.


Adjacent businesses

The profitability of adjacent business is fluctuating since many areas waiting for legalization. However, expectation is a factor that makes the economy dynamic for some industries related to marijuana. For example, those who can grow marijuana must invest in irrigation systems, tools, and technology to meet the demand. In places where legalization is closer than ever these business will thrive.

Three main categories of the marijuana industry are

  •         Marijuana growers and retailers, cultivate and package cannabis products
  •         Biotech companies, develop and market cannabis-based pharmaceutical drugs
  •         Ancillary marijuana business, provide products and services to cannabis companies

The opportunity gap will be seen by many creating competition and better quality for the consumer. When the destigmatization eventually disappears, the relationship of new generations with marijuana will be different. The purpose of this plant may change. Advertising of international sporting events will be taken by cannabis industry. Cannabis advertising will be seen as never before. In places where smoking marijuana is seen wrong it will be so everyday and unimportant to see people smoke a joint. The economy will have a new contributor of great importance, marijuana.


Weed marketing

 In addition to facing difficulties in its legalization and regulation, cannabis entrepreneurs contend with strict platform rules. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat as some of the main marketing and brand diffusers are not friendly to the industry. How are people solving this problem?

Some cannabis brands are finding value in teaming up with celebrities, leaning into the entertainment and music industries. Marijuana's versatility makes it a good fit for many types of styles it covers. How much music and art have been pillars of cannabis culture. Urban style, rap, comedy, art to name a few. However, weed might be the perfect sponsor for many creators.

We will witness a lot of new type of content related to the cannabis industry. The social changes that accompany normalization of weed are coming to change history and people's mentality as well as the economy. Everybody will consume weed, some literally others indirectly but weed has always been and will be a game changer.


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