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Democratic Design

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We always knew we wanted our products to be easy-to-use, truly believing that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


However, as we began to research, prototype and test our designs, the importance of simplicity took on a new urgency. Far from being a lofty design ideal, we realized that for many people this is not simply a nice product feature, but an absolute necessity.

A lot of people who use the herb medicinally suffer from limited dexterity, mental disorientation and a range of other symptoms that make traditional products difficult to use. In the United States alone, tens of millions of people rely on the herb as a treatment for epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, chemotherapy-induced nausea, and many other ailments. For these sufferers, the complexity of most products is not an annoyance or a design flaw, but rather a barrier that prevents them from accessing their medicine. 


so, we were determined to be different. And we are - ensuring that every product is thoughtfully designed with medicinal users at the front of our minds.


This universal design approach has had an enormous impact on our products with, for example, KLIP’s magnetically levitated and varied angle blades designed to slice through the herb with almost no resistance. This allows an almost frictionless turn that even those sapped of their strength can accomplish, as well as leaving the herb’s crystals intact for a more potent end product! This ensures that people get the dosage they need, making the metal grinder the best herb grinder for medicinal users.!


When ready to consume, this more potent herb can be transferred from KLIP to KØL with our custom funnel, designed in part to help open up our family of devices to multiple sclerosis patients suffering from muscle cramps. KØL also cools and filters the smoke to a far higher degree than any current model, helping to ensure that herbal consumption doesn’t inflame respiratory illnesses or feel discriminatory to those who weren’t recreational smokers before they fell ill. The metal pipe - crafted out of aluminum and stainless steel - literally purifies the herb as you breathe.


Impacting every aspect of our design process, this philosophy compelled us to ensure all of our devices separate magnetically, allowing even those with the most restricted of movement to clean and reassemble them. Upliftingly, it is this feature that has transpired to be the favourite element of many of our earliest and most evangelical users; a lot of whom suffer from Parkinson’s and struggled to grind their own herb despite the relief that it provides. Feedback like this makes us extremely proud. 

As the excitement and interest in the herbal market continues to grow, we are determined that those suffering the most will not be left behind - as they so often are in times of rapid progress. We don’t prioritize the return on investment, we won’t worry about the production delays and we will not give up. Because thinking about all users pushes us to do our best work, to create the most intuitive and simple products.  


this way we can ensure that, for most, they are a delight to use and, for some, they are literally life-changing.



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I love the style, the heft of it, the EASE OF CLEANING, but is there anything I can do to improve the draw. I have to draw like I’m trying to slurp up solid ice cream from the bottom of a Milkshake. Is their Anything I can do to make that easier?
Please Help, I want to use it!

Posted by Jackie Cuddy on March 18, 2022


I really like to buy the KOL pipe from you since it is out of stock now, can you tell me when I can order the pipe again?

thank you

Posted by Toman Wong on March 18, 2022

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