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Natural Purity

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We love nature because of its purity.



As designers, we marvel at evolution as the purest system of design - with Mother Earth perfecting every feature through millions of years of naturally selective trial and error. 


as a company, we understand that the natural world is our home, and we are constantly striving to create products that are in balance with it.


And, as human beings, we love to be out in nature; gazing at the horizon, feeling the earth beneath our feet and breathing in the fresh air. However, we live in an age where the natural world has never felt further away. Surrounded by concrete our bodies yearn for their primitive habitat, and even the air we breathe has lost its purity. In fact, the air quality of most Western cities is now polluted far above safe levels, affecting each one of the 23,000 breaths we take we take every single day.

This isn’t how humans are supposed to live and we’ve expressed our defiance in the only way we know how, through design. However, while our metal pipe KØL allows you to enjoy the herb in a more natural and pure way, we aim to elevate your entire lifestyle. So, we’ve been looking for a way to help you naturally filter all of the air you breathe. And what we found made us smile because it turns out all you need is a little bit of plant power.

And we do mean power. Studies have shown that the addition of only five small plants across an entire house can increase the air quality by about 75%. Plus, participants in the same study reported they were 60% happier and 43% calmer. 

So, which plants are the best you ask? Luckily, we are here to help. These are our top five! 


  • Snake Plant

Also known as ‘mother-in-law’s-tongue’, this flower is far more friendly than it sounds because, unlike most plants, this one doesn’t stop photosynthesizing at night. This makes it an ideal bedside companion that actually produces sleep-inducing oxygen to help you snooze. For this reason, and the fact the leaves continuously absorb harmful toxins from the air, NASA is thinking of using snake plants to clean space stations. So, they’re probably good enough for your windowsill! 

Enough that you would only need 7 of them to keep you alive in a sealed room!


  • Peace Lily

A symbol of peace and rebirth around the world, the peace lily works hard to live up to its name – removing benzene, carbon monoxide and lots of other nasty things from the air. And, considering they only need the occasional watering and live best in the shade, they really are a pretty perfect companion.  


  • Jade Plant

The jade plant is particularly good at absorbing a range of toxic compounds that often plague our modern world - like those released by carpets, paints and adhesives. Plus, they aren’t fussy and only need watering once a week in return.  

  • Spider Plant

The perfect choice for those without green fingers, this plant purifies the air and demands very little in return. Surviving in almost any condition, you’d have to try pretty hard to mess-up owning one of these. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy KLIP and KØL without a worry in the world. 

  • Boston Fern

While requiring a little more TLC than our other picks, the Boston fern looks great when hung or on a windowsill and, best of all, removes formaldehyde - a very unsavoury compound often emitted by the construction industry. 


this means you can make your home look better and your lungs feel better. Sweet.


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