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Coolest Weed Gadgets EVER?: The Accessories Every Stoner Must Own


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Welcome to the golden age of cannabis! The vibrant and ever-growing cannabis community is experiencing a remarkable time filled with an abundance of delightful choices, plenty of options, innovative accessories, and the coolest weed gadgets. From sleek vaporizers to stunning glassware and everything in between, the market is brimming with possibilities that cater to every taste and preference among stoners. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this golden age brings forth an array of joyful opportunities to explore this wonderful world, enhance your marijuana journey and elevate your experience to new heights.

Now, there are several reasons why there is a wide range of cannabis accessories available today compared to, say, ten years ago. First and foremost, the gradual legalization and decriminalization of cannabis in many regions of the world, within and outside Europe and the US, have led to a big increase in demand for cannabis-related products, catering to the needs and preferences of cannabis users.

Additionally, the growing cannabis culture has played a significant role in the proliferation of these products and accessories when you want to smoke a bowl. Cannabis has developed a vibrant culture with a diverse community of enthusiasts, fostering the kind of creativity and innovation that leads to the development of unique and specialized accessories.

At the end of it, cannabis accessories are designed to enhance the overall experience by improving the taste, potency, and efficiency of all the strains you choose to try. From high-quality glassware providing smoother hits, grinders ensuring a consistent texture for better vaporization, to specialized storage solutions that maintain the freshness and potency of cannabis, truly, there is something for everyone here.

Lastly, entrepreneurship and market demand have fueled the growth of cannabis accessories. The cannabis industry presents entrepreneurs with a lucrative market opportunity. As the industry has expanded, businesses have emerged to meet the growing demand for cannabis accessories. This has driven innovation and competition, resulting in a wide variety of products available to consumers.

So yeah, in other words, this Golden Age is bringing some A-game when it comes to products that make this hobby even better, and today HØJ wants to highlight some of the very best you can find in the market today.  So let’s dive into the amazing variety of the modern weed community, and go for the stuff you absolutely need!

What are some of the coolest weed gadgets?

1. Vaporizers

Vaporizers have gained popularity as a healthier alternative to smoking. They heat the cannabis to a temperature that releases the active compounds without burning the plant material. Some of our recommendations are:

  • Pax 3:

    A highly regarded vaporizer known for its sleek design, portability, and excellent vapor quality. It offers a dual-use capability, allowing for both dry herb and concentrate vaping. With its advanced heating technology and customizable temperature settings, the Pax 3 delivers consistent and flavorful vapor.

  • Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid: 

    A top-tier desktop vaporizer renowned for its exceptional performance. It utilizes a unique balloon bag system that produces incredibly smooth and potent vapor. The precise temperature control and efficient heating make it a favorite among enthusiasts looking for a premium experience.

  • DaVinci IQ2: 

    Standing out for its sleek design, impressive vapor production, and advanced features. It offers precision temperature control, innovative airflow control, and a replaceable battery. The IQ2 also features a dosage control feature, allowing users to track and control their consumption.

  • Arizer Solo II: 

    A portable vaporizer known for its reliability and outstanding vapor quality. It boasts a long battery life, fast heat-up time, and precise temperature control. With its glass stem and convection heating, the Solo II delivers smooth and flavorful vapor with every session.

  • Ghost MV1: 

    A unique and high-performing on-demand vaporizer. It offers convection heating and boasts impressive vapor production and flavor. The MV1 stands out with its heat-exchanger technology, which ensures efficient and consistent vaporization of your chosen materials.

man smoking from a vaporizer
Man smoking from a vaporizer (Envato)

2. Dab Rigs

Dabbing involves vaporizing cannabis concentrates, such as oils, waxes, or shatter, using a dab rig. These rigs typically include a water pipe or bong, a nail or banger to hold the concentrate, and a torch for heating, providing a potent and flavorful experience. Our recommendations are:

  • Puffco Peak Pro:

     This highly acclaimed electronic dab rig is known for its sleek design and exceptional performance. It features temperature control, intelligent heat calibration, and haptic feedback for a customized and precise dabbing experience.

  • Dr. Dabber Switch: 

    A versatile and powerful dab rig that offers both concentrate and dry herb vaping options. It features multiple heat settings, rapid heating, and impressive battery life. The Switch's induction heating technology ensures quick and even heat distribution.

  • Pulsar RöK: 

    The robust and reliable e-rig that stands out for its durability and powerful hits. It boasts a sturdy design, customizable temperature settings, and a water filtration system for smoother vapor. The RöK's ceramic heating element and long-lasting battery make it a popular choice.

  • MJ Arsenal Ursa: 

    This compact and portable dab rig is highly renowned for its functionality and affordability. Despite its small size, it delivers impressive vapor production and flavor, featuring a quartz banger and a spill-proof design, making it a convenient option for on-the-go dabbing.

  • Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig: 

    A premium glass dab rig designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. It features a sturdy build, exceptional airflow, and a large base for stability. The Heavy Duty Rig provides smooth and flavorful dabs, thanks to its high-quality quartz banger.

  • GRAV Labs Circuit Rig: 

    Offering a unique and eye-catching design combined with excellent functionality, it features a recycler system that cools and filters the vapor for smoother hits. The Circuit Rig's borosilicate glass construction and craftsmanship ensure a satisfying dabbing experience.

3. Glassware


High-quality glassware, such as bongs and pipes, are designed with intricate designs and functionality in mind. Some glass artists create stunning and unique pieces that can be considered works of art. Glassware can enhance the smoking experience and provide smooth hits. The ones we like are:

  • GRAV Labs Helix Beaker: 

    A popular choice for its innovative design and exceptional functionality. It features a helix-shaped chamber that creates a swirling smoke effect, enhancing the cooling and filtration of the hits. The beaker-style design provides stability, and the borosilicate glass construction ensures durability.

  • ROOR Bongs: 

    Known for producing high-quality, hand-blown glass bongs that are considered some of the best in the industry, their bongs feature thick glass, precision craftsmanship, and a wide range of sizes and designs to choose from. ROOR bongs deliver smooth and flavorful hits, thanks to their optimal percolation and diffusion systems.

  • Illadelph Glass: 

    A renowned brand for its artistic and visually striking glassware. Their bongs and rigs often feature intricate designs, vibrant colors, and unique percolation systems. Illadelph Glass products are handcrafted with attention to detail, resulting in functional and visually appealing pieces.

  • Grav Labs Upline Bong: 

    This one stands out for its innovative "uptake" filtration system. It features multiple stacked glass chambers that create a series of tiny bubbles, providing excellent filtration and cooling. The Upline Bong offers a smooth and clean smoking experience, and its sturdy build ensures long-lasting durability.

  • HVY Glass: 

    Respected for its heavy-duty and robust glassware, their bongs and water pipes are crafted with thick glass and solid construction, ensuring the best durability. HVY Glass products often feature simple yet effective designs with effective percolation and diffusion, offering satisfying hits.

4. Rolling Papers

Rolling papers come in various materials, sizes, and flavors, allowing users to roll their own joints, and papers made from organic materials, such as hemp or rice, are often preferred by cannabis enthusiasts. And truly, the only one you will ever need again is definitely HAMP papers offered by HØJ.

  • HAMP (King-size slim):

    These rolling papers offer the most flavorful and textured joint you will ever experience thanks to the complete kit they come with. HAMP rolling kit includes 33 hemp papers, 33 airflow filters, and a foldable rolling tray to make rolling easier for you. HAMP's special design reduces tearing when you need your smoke from a joint. And last but not least you can find a smokable gold paper (one in every 200th pack) that entitles you to win a free HØJ product!

  • HAMP mini (1 ¼ size papers):

    Basically the same as regular HAMP kit but includes 40 hemp papers a bit smaller in size and 40 filters. A rolling tray is also included in the packaging. The great thing is that you get to smoke joints of the same quality but a smaller amount, maybe for a solo session.

hemp rolling papers with red filters and gold paper
HAMP rolling kit (HØJ Media)
KLIP grinder with accessories
KLIP slicer with accessories (HØJ Media)

5. Grinders

Grinders are essential tools for breaking down cannabis buds into a consistent and fine texture for smoking or vaporizing. Innovative grinders have emerged with features like multiple chambers, kief catchers, and unique designs. And, simply put, there’s no more unique design than that of KLIP by HØJ. 

  • KLIP Slicer:

    With its innovative magnetic system, this “grinder” finely slices your weed with a precision that lets you keep all the flavor and texture, but ground to the point you can use it in almost every way, from smoking, to making cannabutter, to making some wax. If you need a professional-grade grinder that will offer you the best possible cannabis experience, look no further! 

HØJ: The only cannabis accessories brand you need

If you are not already aware, HØJ is known for its innovation when it comes to weed accessories, continuously striving to develop cutting-edge products that offer unique features and functionalities. Whether it's their grinders, pipes, rolling papers or other accessories, HØJ aims to stay ahead of the curve and provide today’s stoner with state-of-the-art solutions, prioritizing user-friendly designs and intuitive interfaces, ensuring that their accessories are accessible to both novice and experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

That’s why HØJ is often considered one of the best in cannabis accessories due to their focus on quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and commitment to the community. With premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly designs, resulting in incredible products that enhance the cannabis experience like no other. HØJ's reputation reflects their dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, and now it’s the time to give it a try. Your weed experience will never be the same!

Simon Folmann
Simon V. Folmann

Simon Folmann

Simon is an accomplished entrepreneur and inventor in the cannabis industry. He’s the founder and CEO of HØJ; a revolutionary high-end cannabis accessories company. His mission is to change the way we experience the herb and enhance people’s smoking experience through knowledge and unique products.

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Disclaimer: HØJ is not a medical advice blog, so please consult with a doctor or a specialist if you have any questions regarding smoking or anything related to cannabis consumption itself.


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