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Black Friday Social Media Strategy For Your Smoke Shop


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The American tradition involving the remnants of Thanksgiving and a frenzy of consumerism is slowly gaining popularity outside America and being similarly adopted by different cultures around the world. 

With this increasing popularity, the competition to capture the attention of shoppers has grown fiercer than ever. To stand out in the crowd and attract your target audience, taking advantage of the power of social media is a no brainer. 

Join us as we explore some of the most effective strategies to implement for your smoke shop this Black Friday and a complete Black Friday social media strategy for your smoke shop.

6 Black Friday Social Media Strategy Tips

1. Use social media posts to build anticipation

First things first. If you want to have a successful Black Friday social media campaign, you need to generate interest around it. For this reason, the main objective should be to increase your number of followers, thus reaching a wider audience before the actual holiday shopping season. 

In addition to using paid or promoted ads in social networks, you can share previews of future offers to entice new customers. 

Another effective strategy is to provide early exclusive offers, discounts, or promotional codes via an email marketing campaign. This way, you can not only strengthen the connection with loyal customers but also allow you to reach a new audience. 

You can also offer discounts to those who subscribe to newsletters or follow your social media channels. 

Finally, consider the option of a partnership with an influencer, as this has proven to be a successful strategy to reach new audiences.

Woman in smoke shop smoking from a vape
Woman in smoke shop smoking from a vape (Envato)

2. Use hashtags to reach a wider audience

As a complement to the previous social media tip, using hashtags is an excellent tool to increase your followers. You can connect with people who are looking for content related to Black Friday by using hashtags similar to #BlackFridayDeals or #BlackFridayBargains

Many of these individuals may have never heard of your business or may not be aware that your products or services could be of interest to them. When a hashtag is clicked, users are directed to a collection of related posts. 

To use hashtags effectively, consider your products and market niche. Keep in mind that the Black Friday campaigns are fierce, so you need to find the right words to create a sense of community.

It's worth noting that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, but it's advisable to narrow the search to around 5 for more efficient targeting. Using hashtags can also be an excellent opportunity to engage with your audience by encouraging them to use your hashtag and share user-generated content.

However, be aware that Facebook, while supporting hashtags, is not commonly used for hashtagging by its audience. On the other hand, Twitter is built around the use of hashtags, but be prepared to wade through a large number of unrelated posts to gain notoriety. While it's not impossible to stand on Twitter, it can be challenging. 

Finally, consider the option of using TikTok, as it is a network specialized in the use of hashtags and has gained popularity and social media users in recent years.

3. Create a sense of urgency

Creating a sense of urgency in social media can be also an excellent marketing tactic. Sometimes, having great products and promotions isn't enough; some consumers need that extra "push" to make a decision. 

The notion that an offer is limited or a product is scarce can motivate a potential customer to make a purchase instead of endlessly perusing the sea of nearly limitless seasonal offerings. 

There are effective ways to increase this sense of urgency.

  • You can post a countdown in your social network, announcing the nearing end of a special sale. 
  • Announcing last chance items is another effective alternative. Choosing the right terms or expressions can make a significant difference in the final outcome; phrases like "limited offer," "Don't miss," "last chance," or even "once in a lifetime" can be remarkably persuasive. 

Now, as you prepare your multiple social media posts, remember that warm colors like red, yellow, or orange are associated with emotions and passion, while using bold fonts can emphasize headlines or discounts, making your message even more compelling.

4. Run a Black Friday Giveaway

Giveaways in social media marketing are a well known strategy (who doesn't like free stuff?) However, what's truly fascinating is how well this strategy can work. 

Investing in freebies can be an excellent opportunity to gain followers and encourage interactions within your social network. Moreover, it seamlessly complements paid ad campaigns. 

An effective tactic is to offer or make a contest around specific products in exchange for shares or likes. This not only boosts your client loyalty and followers but also has the potential to reach an exponential number of prospective customers, increasing brand awareness and product visibility. 

Social media giveaway
Woman showing a red giveaway​​ sign (Envato)
Loyalty program
Loyalty program sign with some coins (Envato)

5. Engage shoppers with QR codes

Sometimes it is not enough to rely on bargains and Black Friday deals to attract new customers, but this is where the strategic use of QR codes could become quite handy. 

QR codes have gained popularity across various industries, offering practical solutions for customers, from accessing reservations and event tickets to viewing restaurant menus. These codes serve as a versatile tool to not only bring potential customers into your physical store, but also to create a sense of exclusivity, which, hopefully, will evolve into customer loyalty. 

Alternatively, QR codes can work the other way around, driving your physical store visitors to your website or social platforms, where they can access exclusive discounts for future purchases.

6. Create a loyalty programs for customers

Beyond having a successful Black Friday marketing strategy and hence, increase sales, one of the most important achievements should be turning an occasional customer into a loyal customer. 

Try to use customer retention strategies such as follow up marketing, encouraging reviews, subscriptions on newsletters, etc. Even a simple gesture as saying thank you through any of your social channels can create a lasting bond to your customer. 

Moreover, consider giving something in return with every purchase to incentivize future sales. Let your customer know that you appreciate their business and look forward to hearing from them soon again. This strategy is not only effective at retaining customers, but also encourages them to recommend your store to family and friends (word-of-mouth marketing).

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