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Best Stoner Hobbies

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So, you have time, you want fun, and you’ve got a little bit of weed. Well, I’m all about that. Since I moved to Seattle, some of my favorite activities involve doing stuff that I already love, and trying them while being high. It’s life-changing! The way some of your senses sharpen (e.g. you might experience perceiving brighter colors, stronger smells, louder sounds, and of course, my favorite: richer tastes), simply makes an ordinary experience into a higher journey. So, without any further ado, here is a list of great hobbies to do when you’re high.


The other day I was walking to my pottery class when I realized that I was getting a headache. It felt like it was going to be one of those really bad ones, so I asked myself why are you even going, do you really want to be there for three hours with a bad migraine? Then, a spark of hope came in–– I remembered that I had a little piece of a weed gummy in my backpack! (For context: I’ve come to realize that these gummies get rid of my headaches pretty much every time). So I said what the hell, I’m not driving. I took the gummy, got into the studio, and boy was it fun! It was only a 2.5mg piece, so technically it was a microdose, which for me personally keeps me very functional and super relaxed. The class was amazing, I felt very creative and really as one with the clay. I ended up hand building two very cute jars that I now keep in my home.

Watching an Action Movie in 4DX

Trust me, it’s insanely fun. It’s like being in a theme park but way less expensive and way more immersive! And yes, you should still be able to eat your popcorn, don’t worry.

Cleaning Your Home

I know, I know, this sounds like a trap from a cool mom in disguise. But honestly, have you ever tried cleaning your home while being high? It’s amazing! Truly soothing even. In my personal experience, I really get into it–– especially when cleaning the kitchen. You lose track of time, get so much done, and in the morning you wake up to the beautiful surprise ready for breakfast in a clean home!


As well as with pottery, you can really connect with your materials when you paint while being high. Let your mind and body flow with the colors–– something very cool might come out! Or at the very least, I’m sure it’ll be pretty therapeutic.

Chocolate Tasting

Yes, this is as amazing as it sounds. Honestly, one of my favorite things to do when I’m high is experiencing flavors in my mouth. So imagine this, it’s a Friday night, you’re with your friends and a little bit of weed, and then someone takes out a bag full of different kinds of chocolates. You wash your hands, open each bar of chocolate and cut them into pieces–– one piece of every chocolate per person. You put them on a plate, label them if needed, and begin the journey. You all go one by one, in the same order and at the same time try each piece, really try it, feel it, and comment about it. I’m sure it’ll be beautiful. 

Tip: try including a refrigerated Kinder Bueno in your tasting. You can thank me later.

Playing Video Games

Of course it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that playing video games made it to the list. It’s no wonder why stoner gamers are such a vibe– it’s such a great combo! Honestly, there are a few things as rewarding on a weekend night as getting high and completing a (virtual) mission. Fortunately for you, my good friend Kite recently wrote an article enlisting the best video games to play while high, you can find it here.

Tip: play Mario Kart. You simply can’t go wrong with Mario Kart–– it’s so fun!

Following a Guided Meditation

That’s right, if you are ready to deeply feel your feelings with the help of your pipe, you might as well, as Deepak Chopra would put it, go within. Look, I love meditation, and what I mean by that is that I specifically love Chopra’s method. I live for his beautiful and peaceful guidance, and the way he also leaves some time to reflect by yourself. You should really try it, especially while high.

Visit an Aquarium

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a city that has an aquarium, you should really get the most of it and visit it while being high. I find marine life pretty astonishing. Honestly, fish are truly beautiful and mesmerizing. I would recommend, however, that if you go to the aquarium while being high, you should try to do it on a very low dose and at a time where there aren't many people around. That way, you won’t be the adult creep in the place, and you’ll have more quiet time to enjoy near the fish. And remember, if you do this, don’t even think about driving!

Take a Bubble Bath

Ah yes, the most relaxing thing of all. Taking a bubble bath, of course! Maybe light up some candles, throw in a bath bomb, put a little music on, get a glass of wine or some chocolates, and enjoy a nice warm bath.  

Playing Cards

This might end my marriage, but I will recommend it every time without any hesitation. Playing cards while high is so much fun! You’d think it would make you slower, but if you’re even a little bit like me, you might end up getting super into it and win every time! 

Tip: my favorite games are always simple. I recommend Slap, Spot It, and Uno.

Things to Remember

Never, under any circumstance should you put yourself––or anyone else––in danger. Know how much weed you can take and don’t mess with that. 

For all of these activities, I would personally recommend a small dose (2 mg of THC) to enjoy the fun without taking it too far. But hey, if you are reading this, you should be at least 21 years old and know how to take care of yourself. So, as my mom would say, be safe and have fun!

DISCLAIMER:This is not medical advice. The information on this article is for informative and entertainment purposes only. Nothing here substitutes advice you can get from a medical doctor. If you have any question about medical marijuana use, you should talk to a licensed physician. Remember that you should get familiar with local regulations on cannabis in each place you visit. It is your own responsibility to use any substance correctly, and only in the places and under the circumstances where it isn't penalized legally. All articles by HØJ are 100% informative and for entertainment purposes, don’t even think about consuming marijuana in risky situations, such as driving.


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