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Vegan chocolate-orange cookies (with hemp)

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The Snack:

Vegan chocolate-orange cookies (with hemp)



The Talk:

A likely contender for the healthiest cookie on the planet, as if made with Hemp flour they are not only vegan but gluten-free! They are also incredibly easy. And better than all that, they taste deeper, richer, and guiltier than any cookie I’ve had since. The olive oil can be infused (with vanilla or other things) to add more layers. What they lack in dairy and gluten they make up for in sugar, but coconut sugar works as a slightly healthier alternative. Come on, it’s a cookie!


  • The Equipment:
    - Mixing bowl
    - Scales (cup measurer)
    - Baking tray
    - Oven @ 160*c. Clean Klip.

  • The Time:
    - 15 minutes (with fast mixing)

  • KLIP:
    - Next time you eat an orange, use a peeler to remove the zest (try just to get the orange, not the white). Leave to air dry in a warm place for five days. Then grind with the fine Control Disc to make ‘orange dust’. Or cook satsuma skin for fifteen minutes, until dry and crisp. Then slice it up!
    - Remember to wash your KLIP before and after.


For 15 cookies. 

  • Ingredients:
    - 220g (2 x cups) hemp flour.
    - 220g caster sugar (1 x cup).
    - 50g cocoa powder (½ cup).
    - ½ tsp baking powder.
    - ½  tsp baking soda.
    - 1 x tsp Maldon salt.
    - 150g cocoa nibs/ dark vegan chocolate (1 cup).
    - 50g pumpkin seeds. (½ cup) 100g olive oil (½ cup).
    - 100g hemp/oat/nut milk. (½ cup) 1tsp vanilla extract.
    - 1tsp ‘orange dust’.
  • Method:
    - Put oven at 180.
    - Mix all the dry ingredients.
    - Add wet ingredients.
    - Use hands to bind into the cookie dough.
    - Roll into a small golf ball, and bake on greaseproof for 8 minutes.
    - Sprinkle lightly with Maldon and orange dust.


The Twist:

Plain flour will do if hemp is hard to come by. Try switching seeds (hemp or sunflour both work well). Dried fruit is also nice. Date sugar can also be used (possibly even better for you than coconut sugar). Hash, herb, and oils are all easily incorporated. 



The kind of cookie you can bring to a party 😉


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Nice recipe! One place says 160 degrees and one place it says oven at 180 degrees (centigrade). Which is correct? Also… how long to bake them? ❤️

Posted by E on May 23, 2022

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