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Is It Safe to Use CBD for Dogs With Anxiety?

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Anxiety is a problem that affects not only humans but animals as well. Our pets can suffer from stress the same way we do - they can have separation anxiety when we leave them home alone, and they can get anxious when they're in a new environment, be it a car or an airplane. As such, you can see your pet experiencing anxiety symptoms both in everyday life and in new, unique situations, such as celebrations on the 4th of July.

Is there anything that you can do about it? More and more pet owners seek all-natural remedies to eliminate the need to give their pups medications. One way to go about it is to use cannabinoid oil, best known as CBD - a safe, natural alternative to help relieve your dog's anxiety. Below, we explore the topic in more detail and explain how to give CBD to your dog safely.


What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many active compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, it does not have any intoxicating properties, which means that it will not make you or your pet high.

Instead, it offers a range of potential health benefits, including reducing anxiety. Using CBD on a regular basis may also help people and animals feel calmer and more relaxed after experiencing stressful events.

CBD goods are offered in many different forms and can be easily purchased online or in dedicated CBD stores.  Although the most popular CBD product is CBD oil, there are also other options available, such as CBD edibles, softgels, or topical creams. You may even buy CBD oil for dogs - beef flavored and give your furry friend’s wellness a boost!


How Does CBD Work?

CBD works by influencing the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for maintaining homeostasis, or balance, in the body. It does so by regulating a variety of functions, including mood, sleep, appetite, and pain perception.

The ECS is made up of receptors that are located throughout the body, including in the brain. When CBD influences these receptors, it can help alleviate anxiety and promote an overall sense of calm.


Is it Safe to Use CBD for Dogs?

Yes, CBD is safe to use for dogs. In fact, it is often lauded for its safety profile - it is non-toxic and does not have adverse side effects. When choosing a CBD product, you should also make sure that the product you choose is designed specifically for pets.

Human-grade CBD products may contain too much THC or additional ingredients that are toxic to dogs (like xylitol), so it is important to choose a product that is safe for your pet to consume. Look for one that has been tested by an independent third-party lab. This ensures that the product is of high quality and does not contain any harmful contaminants.

It is important to note that not all CBD products are created equal. Some products on the market may be of poor quality or may contain harmful additives, so it is important to do your research before giving CBD to your dog. Even though you should have no problem buying the oil - it's widely available in pet stores and online, you still need to pay attention to the hemp source, manufacturing process, and the full list of ingredients.

Besides doing some research before buying, you might also ask the shop employees about their recommendations. The people who work at the pet store are likely to have a lot of knowledge about the CBD products they sell and can help you choose the right solution for your dog. Tell them the details - is your dog a picky eater? Does it have any flavor preferences? This will help narrow down the options.


How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

The amount of CBD you give your dog will depend on a few factors, including its weight and the severity of anxiety it experiences. As such, you can't give your dog a one-size-fits-all dosage of CBD. To illustrate the point, a serving that's ideal for a Maltese probably won't have much of an effect on giant breeds like the Newfoundland.

As a general rule of thumb, you should start with a low dose and increase it gradually until you find a dose that works for your dog.

It is also important to talk to your veterinarian before giving CBD to your dog, as they will be able to offer advice on dosing based on your pet's individual characteristics and needs.


Can I Give My Dog Too Much CBD?

No, you cannot give your dog too much CBD. Even if you give your dog more CBD than they need, the worst that will happen is that it will feel sleepy. However, you have to start slowly and with small dosages to see if there will be any allergic reactions to the substance.

If you are concerned that your dog has received too much CBD or observe allergy symptoms, contact your veterinarian for advice.


Are There Any Side Effects I Should Know About?

CBD is generally well tolerated by dogs, but some may experience side effects, such as drowsiness or an upset stomach. These side effects are typically mild and will go away on their own.

If your dog has liver or kidney issues, we recommend not using CBD. The same goes for pregnant or nursing dogs - there is insufficient research to show whether or not CBD is safe for these groups of dogs, so it is best to err on the side of caution.


The Bottom Line

It is a horrible sight - your best friend hiding under the couch instead of wagging its tail and playing with you. Luckily, you can do something about it!

Going out without constantly worrying about your pet is a comfort everyone should have, and As you can see, CBD is a safe and effective way to help relieve your dog's anxiety. It will make your dog less stressed without producing adverse side effects.

If you think that CBD may be right for your pet, talk to your veterinarian about the best way to incorporate it into their care plan. Then take your time browsing the best brands and pick the ideal oil to help your pup!


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