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How To Repurpose Cork And Help The Planet

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Recently, the Cannabis Control Board of the city of New York passed a few new regulations concerning, among other things, the packaging in which many cannabis products are sold in that area, and they are interesting to note because many of these new regulations are focused on ensuring that weed packaging is as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible.

And is not like this is going against the ethos of the modern cannabis industry, which is always striving to become more ecological-minded every day, but we are also exploring completely new territories altogether, because the social acceptance of pot is still very new in many places, so discovering what works and what doesn’t, what good practices look like in weed production, and the best ways to ensure that we offer a product that keeps a balance with our planet, are still getting discovered daily.

And when it comes to HØJ, we also want to do our part, taking care to use cork as part of the packaging of the products we have. So no matter if you get one of our KLIP grinders or a KOL 2.0 pipe from HØJ, you should know that you are not only getting the best accessories a true pothead needs to have, but also that the recyclable cork packaging you get is as friendly with our environment as possible.

However, you now might be thinking: “Hold on, is cork reusable or recyclable?” And the answer is YES! So today we want to take advantage of this opportunity to step a little aside from weed, and talk about how to reuse cork, how it works, and what you can do to reuse cork that you might have around. Please, enjoy!

But what exactly is cork?

As you may know already, what we know as cork is the bark of a very special tree that originated in Asia, but you can pretty much find it grown and harvested in every continent, mainly to be used in the wine industry. The reason why cork became popular to close the bottles used for wine is that cork lets through a tiny little bit of oxygen, helping wine to mature and get better over time.

And with the wine industry as big as it is, it’s no wonder that cork is also pretty well understood, being harvested by peeling off the outer layer of bark from the tree, which can regrow it with some care, resulting in a very sustainable material, and the resulting cork being friendly with the environment, which is why it is getting popular as packaging material for all kinds of products, mainly cannabis.

This also has the fortunate consequence of giving us plenty of knowledge of how to reuse cork, since it is such a versatile material (already used in everything from soles to yoga mats to even wall insulation in more sustainable buildings), that you can surely find plenty of uses for whatever you have left.

How to repurpose cork: A guide for the environmentally-friendly pothead

So, let’s say you bought many of the amazing cannabis accessories that HØJ has in stock right now, and even if you are happy with them, you know that the cork packaging is too good to just throw in the garbage. Never mind that this is the least eco-friendly way to dispose of it, you are also throwing perfectly good material that you can use in plenty of ways. So in the interest of our planet, let’s review the best ways to reuse cork you have at home:

1) Cork is excellent for your garden.

For the most dedicated enjoyer of cannabis, cork is always a blessing for your personal garden, as it is very helpful to improve the drainage of your potted plants, and to keep everything tidy and clean. Furthermore, if you plant something besides pot, such as orchids, you should know that cork is excellent for them; just ground any cork you have and put it in the soil you use to grow your plants. Make them as happy as weed made you!

2) Repurpose cork as a crafting material.

If you are the kind of person who loves DIY stuff, then you surely will know what to do with cork if you have the chance: bath mats, coasters, boards to hang notes on the wall, even flip-flops and lampshades. But if you are not, then somebody out there is, so it’s a good idea to ask around, and offer the cork to the people who can give it a proper home. You can also google crafting clubs and the like, and they surely will be glad to take whatever cork you have. It’s a really popular material to make stuff out, so always look to repurpose it if you can!


3) Drop it in your compost pile.

Composting is becoming a popular option to reuse whatever organic leftovers (be it from cooking or gardening) you got, making sure it goes back to the earth, and cork is no different. It breaks down very easily, thanks to its origin as a very soft kind of bark, and you can even crush it to speed up the process a little. Have fun!

4) Find your nearest cork bin!

Certain stores in the United States, especially those more environmentally-minded, tend to have programs and places to recycle organic materials you might have left. A great option is Whole Foods, as this store chain collaborates with groups like Cork ReHarvest to grind the cork you have, and distribute it to people and organizations (like farmers or manufacturers) that need them, so most of the Whole Food stores have bins where you can just drop your cork. Remember, the more uses of cork you find, the better!

Cork is an amazing material that will become more and more common as packaging in cannabis products and accessories with the aim to help the environment a little bit, so it’s always useful to know how to reuse cork, and ensuring these kinds of efforts will have the impact they want. So next time you get a package from HØJ, you will know what to do.

Enjoy, and thanks for the help!


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