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How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

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To discover drug use among their workers, the vast majority of employers perform oral swab tests. Mouth swab testing is much easier to pass than a blood or urine test, because substance use will typically not show up in the results more than a few days earlier. In recent years, the saliva test has become a favorite for authorities. Saliva drug tests, due to the modern technologies, offer instant answers with minimally invasive procedures.Ironically, this mouth swab or saliva test is also job applicants and drug users favorite.. Why do they prefer this method? Simply because mouth swab tests have the nearest window of detection. This means that they are particularly applied to detect immediate or very recent cannabis consumption, while urine tests normally detect use of cannabis prior to the week and hair follicle tests detect consumption over the past 3 monthsIn addition, this kind of test is increasing in popularity, as smoking or consuming marijuana in any form has expanded into the mainstream. The tests can be performed on-site without the need of a medical professional to perform or supervise the process. Besides, the results can be determined immediately. Advices found online are useless or even counterproductive, but there are a handful simple ways to improve your chances of passing a mouth swab drug test. Would you know how to undergo a mouth swab and saliva test successfully if an officer pulled you over or your employer approached you at work all of a sudden?

How to Pass a Cotton Swab Test in 24 hours

For those who don't know what this is all about, the drug tests for saliva and urine detect completely different compounds. Urine samples show THC-COOH, a metabolite produced by the body as it metabolizes delta-9 THC, the psychoactive compound that gets you stoned when you inhale or eat it.On the other hand, swab tests are searching for activated THC, that is, delta-9 THC. In other words, after you hit your vape, do a dab, or just puff on a joint, the test will detect exactly what you would have all over the inside of your mouth. Saliva tests merely focus on the inside of the mouth instead of testing for it in the bloodstream, unlike blood or urine tests. Saliva test supporters claim they have greater precision. Saliva tests will only gather THC during the last 24 hours in most situations. Otherwise, THC would have already disappeared as the body is able to metabolize it during this amount of time. In some cases, tests may show positive for anywhere around three days and up to a week. Others, on the other hand, mention its ease of passing regardless of usage.  Saliva testing is used for roadside drug tests outside of job and school testing, which has raised its own controversy. Although saliva test advocates support their presumed improved accuracy, they offer a much narrower window for testers to screen a subject. Next, you will find a list of good solutions you probably will think of as enjoyable to pass a mouth swab drug test in less than 24 hours.

Give it a Rest

We barely have time to work with, yet saliva tests should therefore detect freshly consumed THC in the lining of the mouth like it has been noted. Therefore, a positive result it's highly unlikely to show up if you restrain your pot consumption 1 or 2 days before. This way, it won't ruin your opportunity of coming out unscathed.That's why the safest way to transfer is a nice tolerance break. A 24 hours detox is believed to be enough. It is recommended for those who are not that motivated to abstain from cannabis use for a week or so.However, everybody is different. This is why you should consider the amount you consume. It might be prudent to go a few extra days until you have no THC in your body if you're an everyday heavy user. The break might not be entirely necessary, but if the test turns positive, who wants to deal with the consequences?

Chewing Gum

To increase your saliva rate, chew a couple of pieces of gum. Chewing on a piece of gum increases the secretion of saliva, which can dilute any substance concentration in it. It is like turning on a natural filter for your salivaThe chemical properties of your oral fluids can also be altered by chewing gum, which can make the mouth swab test less precise. Go for cinnamon or solid citrus flavors if you have options. When you're nervous about surprise swab tests, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring a pack of gum with you to work on a daily basis.

Sour Candy

While it may seem as an impossible option, sucking a sour candy will help you pass a mouth swab drug test. Several studies have shown that drug use swab tests provide poorer performance right after individuals have sucked citrus candies.To make your saliva more acidic, suck some sour candy. The more acidic and sugary your saliva gets, the harder it is to detect drugs in it. So, if you have just 5-10 minutes until a compulsory drug swab test takes place, drop in 2 or 3 sour citrus candies in your mouth. To get as much of the acidic citrus flavoring out of the candies as you can, suck them instead of chewing them.Do this as the last resource you have when you’re truly desperate for passing a cotton swab drug test at any cost.

Greasy Food

This next tip is one we know you will enjoy as an option to pass a mouth swab drug test. Get yourself the fattiest food you can buy. Oily, greasy burgers, fries, pizza, hot wings. As long as it is oily, it doesn't matter. Active THC reacts to fatty foods, which is also why all those butters and cannabis oils are available out there. For instance, eating a slice of pizza can help draw the residual THC out of your mouth.The entire day before the test, adding high-fat foods to your meals helps the THC molecules in your bloodstream and saliva bind easily to fat. Then, it takes the THC with it as the fat is removed from the body, so it is much more difficult to detect your drug use. Therefore, eating high-fat foods as part of every meal for 2 days before the oral swab test will help you flush the THC out of your body.If you are not fond of the junk food mentioned above, there is no need to worry. You can also find healthy options that are high in fat and will work just as well to get the THC out of your system. Consider eating tuna or salmon, along with avocados, whole eggs, nuts, and cheese, for a healthier choice.

Clean Your Mouth

Drinks will wash the body out of its weed traces if you’re going down the path others do with urine tests. Nevertheless, when trying to pass a saliva test, the liquid is used differently. Instead of flushing the body with copious quantities of liquids, you will need to follow a more methodical process.Gargle for 4–5 hours before the test every 15 minutes. Go into the restroom, take a huge  mouthful of water, and gargle for 20-30 seconds. Rinsing with water will dilute the concentration of THC in your saliva and other substances, which will make it somewhat more difficult to detect drug use The impact this will have will be short-lived and limited, but it is one of the simplest steps you can possibly take.Another good cleaning option is brushing your teeth. To clear lingering old saliva, brush your teeth as much as you resist. This is not a very efficient process, but the amount of THC remaining in your mouth could rapidly decrease. Use a new toothbrush and a trustworthy toothpaste brand, and clean your teeth for a total of 2 minutes. Make sure your tongue and cheeks as well as your teeth are scrubbed. At the end, rinse and spit. Brushing your teeth thoroughly and frequently will not perform miracles, but it will ensure that your mouth does not build up old oral fluids.


Adulterants are compounds that interact with drug testing, and they come out all the time with new and advanced ones. It is a constant where a new adulterant is effective and it beats the test. However, shortly after a new test figures out how the traces of the adulterant can be recognized. If a tester detects the fingerprint of an adulterant, they will invalid the test immediately and make you take it again. Of course, that is one way of buying some time for yourself.Hydrogen peroxide is the preferred adulterant for mouth swab drug tests. 5 minutes before the exam, rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. Take a gulp of peroxide and swish it around inside your mouth for 30 seconds like you would do with a normal mouthwash like Listerine. Spit it out into the sink afterwards and be cautious not to ingest any of the peroxide unnecessarily. If drunk, it may cause internal damage.Try rinsing with a mouthwash, which is also an adulterant, in case you do not have hydrogen peroxide at handy. However, avoid using alcohol-based mouthwashes, since they could end up having a false positive result for alcohol abuse. These are the best options to pass a mouth swab drug test if the circumstances require it, however times are changing. As the narrative and laws around the use of cannabis evolve, it seems likely that cannabis specific drug testing will become more and more out of date.Specifically for medical marijuana where usage is encouraged not inhibited. HØJ is a direct respondent to the changing attitudes towards cannabis and their products reflect this. For example KLIP and KØL are specifically designed to increase the ease of usage and improve users smoking experience. Inevitably, there are numerous barriers to overcome before cannabis drug testing is completely abandoned, but hopefully, the day will come when we won’t have to hide the great plant that cannabis is. Until then, there are options available to you, just choose whatever fits your needs.

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I took a CRL mouth swab I last smoked was at 110am and i took the test at 620pm I mouth washed 4 times and brush my teeth . Should I be good ?

Posted by Jaye on January 06, 2023

THC is not hard to pass with saliva tests, especially if you are not a regular, very heavy smoker. I got my hands on a few saliva tests and experimented. My nephew was a very heavy smoker. He hadn’t smoked for about 12 hrs and it came up negative. He didn’t use any detection prevention methods.
Other drugs vary greatly on length of detection, but most won’t show after 24 to 36 hours of abstinence (unless you are a regular, heavy user). Get online and read the different claimed detection times for different saliva test brands. No, it’s not likely you will know the brand to be used, but you’ll get an idea. And I’m sure all these companies exaggerate their detection abilities, so keep that into consideration, too.
The experience while experimenting was my own. I am not guaranteeing anything! Best way to pass is to stop using as early as possible prior to the test. No one wants to hear that – they always want the miracle answer on how to beat it – but it’s the truth…..and THC is not that hard to go without!

Posted by John Hauser on December 27, 2022

Wow I love seeing all this thank you for your comments

Posted by E on December 16, 2022

So do mouthwash or gum works

Posted by Jevon Sloan on December 16, 2022

Taking an involuntary mouth swab for a job that doesn’t require u to have a machine license because they’re trying to get rid of people one this isn’t in the policy so I feel if anything does happen I can sue them but in the mean time which method is more affective and will work by the 15th ?

Posted by Rodeshia Washington on November 04, 2022

I have to be drugged tested every month to keep getting my pain meds which I need but Smoking & eating the Edibles helps me so much more than just the pain meds. I’m to be tested on Thursday Last edible I ate was Yesterday Saturday 9-3-2022 I have never let it get this close to being tested before so I Pray that these suggestions work. It’s Not Fair that a lot of States it’s finally Legal but here where I Live it’s Still Not Legal. Thank you for all the info & Please Say a Prayer or send good Vibes my way. HAGD

Posted by Angelyn Haynes on September 05, 2022

I smoked before 2 pm today and I have a mouth swab to do tomorrow within less 24 hours will this still work or should I be safer than sorry?

Posted by Jaida on August 01, 2022

Its Sunday I smoked a few hits Saturday night I have a drug test Tuesday morning. I dont know if its urine or a swab but I’m going to continue drinking lots of water and am going to use this advise with gargling. Hope this works I’m so mad at myself for smoking but what’s done is done.

Posted by Shelia on July 18, 2022

I have a mouth swab in the morning at 9:30 . I know I’m dirty but I need to know something like Asap !!

Posted by Keke on July 14, 2022

I find it kind of weird that weed is the main focus of this issue, but I know that it stays in your system longer than the illegal ones I’m sure they’re usually looking for and concerned with. The only thing I have time to do is do coconut oil pulling on my way there. Wish me luck

Posted by Zach on June 06, 2022

I just finished smoking and recieved email from boss. I think i might have to do a swabtest tomorrow less than 24hrs away. Desperately need to know what I can do or use so I will pass the test from smoking/ use of all of the non-legal kinds known to man. Could u cover all narcotics & usage styles with remedy to pass swab? Asap help

Posted by Bobby B on May 23, 2022

I gurgled hydrogen peroxide literally for at least a hour the day before my mouth was foaming like crazy. Then woke up and did it again for a hour and went took the test shortly after and passed. Mind u I smoked the hour before my first gurgle but this test was done about 8yrs ago it’s nice knowing that method still works. I have a test Monday afternoon and it’s Thursday evening 🤞.

Posted by Kevin on April 19, 2022

WOW literally 5 minutes before I go in to the orientation, I did as recommended, soon after I sat down they handed out the saliva test kits, so after 40 goes by then I get the results
“Negative” I passed the test and for that I humbled to say thank you. Best advice ever.
Now I’m proud to be a part of the team.
Not just a temp.

Posted by Tlalok Xyno Vallejo on April 11, 2022

I’m will testing on Friday after 6:30Am, it’s Thursday 1:50am now, thank you for the great information I’ll be doing the hydro peroxide method. Although THC is not the only thing I have in my system I’ll have to start now to refrain whatever it is I’m using. Thanks again.

Posted by Tlalok Xyno Vallejo on April 11, 2022

Thanks for the information.

Posted by Tracy on April 06, 2022

If fat helps with THC removal in the mouth, why not use coconut oil, or something of the like, to pull or gargle with?

Posted by DeJean on March 17, 2022

Thank you for the tips and tricks for passing a mouth swab drug test. The solutions you provided were ones I’ve already known about, but reading them on your website has given me new confidence that they will work. I hope you continue to have success, and that your increase success will also increase the successful rate of your readers passing their drug tests. Keep up the good work boys. We’re all here cheering for you!

Posted by Brandon Hobbs on March 17, 2022

Thank you for the advice.

Posted by Evelyn Hawkins on March 17, 2022

Your very smart with excellent advice..thank you

Posted by Evelyn Hawkins on March 17, 2022

Thank you so much I have a interview for Amazon here in a few days and this article really helped me out.

Posted by Timothy Bartley on March 17, 2022

Thanks for the read! Very helpful!

Posted by Gene Kelly on March 17, 2022

This is working great!

Posted by Nummie on March 17, 2022

Great article about the mouth swab tests! I’ll let you know it turns out.

Posted by Jacqueline on March 17, 2022

OMG!!! Dude this totally worked out in my favor! I had to do a workability test for a contingent employer… Found out about the test on Monday and literally abstained from smoking for 24 hours, also taking into account virtually all the things this article recommended… 45 minutes later the guy advises me that my test was negative!!!!!!!! Thanks guys! This advice is beyond appreciated.

Posted by Lez on March 17, 2022

What really works I have a mouth swab at 10 o’clock in the morning

Posted by Vanessa cobb on March 17, 2022

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