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How to Make a Seashell Pipe

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Generally, handmade pipes and bongs are the first things that many individuals smoke out of throughout their years as cannabis users. From simple apple or pen pipes to extravagant pipe-shaped seashells you may have found at the beach. Seashells are naturally pretty and now you can use them to load a bowl.  

Yet, it is important that you know what implies using a seashell to smoke. Just like using plastic containers or sugar snacks as alternatives, the seashell’s chemical composition could have health implications in case you choose it to be the medium for your next pipe. 

Seashells primarily contain CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate) and the addition of heat causes it to break down into Carbon Dioxide and Calcium Oxide. Additionally, that produced Calcium Oxide reacts with water, readily turning into Sodium Hydroxide, therefore the gases from these poisonous materials can cause severe damage to your lungs and make you feel sicker than elevated. Think of this as a disclaimer.

How to Make a Seashell Pipe

If you decided to continue with the plan, making a pipe out of a seashell doesn’t require expert skills. You need basic materials you can easily find at home or purchase for inexpensive prices. To complete the task in 5 simple steps, you will need the following items:

  • A drill
  • A metal screen
  • Alcohol
  • A Seashell
  • Wood file
  • Hemp rope, clay, or fabric of your choosing ⎯⎯better if it is heat resistant.

If you want to make your own seashell pipe, you will just need to hunt down the perfect shell, and once you get what you think will work perfectly, it’s time to bring the creativity out of you.


  • Wash off the sand or dirt with water. It will likely smell like rotten fish too, so drop it in a pot with hot water (not boiling), enough to kill more germs and to get rid of the smell. Finally, rub some alcohol outside and with a cotton ball or a q-tip, on the inside.
  • Grab the large metal screen, maybe about an inch is completely fine. See if it fits where the natural hole is or else it can easily be cut down to size. 
  • Drill a small carb hole to the left of the screen-covered bowl, making sure it is placed below the screen so the carb hole does its work properly.
  • Now, drill a hole at the opposite end of the shell where a small opening forms, and use a file to smooth the edges. You can also use a wood chisel for this step. This will act as your mouthpiece.
  • To avoid burning your fingers as the seashell reaches high temperatures, use a decorative fabric or hemp rope and wrap it tightly around it. Clay or Playdough allows you to try to make something cool looking that covers the shell so you can hold it safely without hurting yourself.

That’s it! Now you just have to pack the bowl and light it up. Shells don't last long, though, so don't expect it to last what a quality pipe would. This handcraft should only be to satisfy your curiosity and check it off your list. 

Also, make sure you are being careful with the proportions of the holes you’re drilling and if the seashell is suitable to be a good pipe. You may already know how crucial airflow is to have a pleasant smoking session and those recently mentioned details will ensure this.

Another important fact to take into account is that these pipes only reach around 500°C so the shell should not burn immediately. That's one factor in your favor. Nevertheless, it will wear away after a while or with continuous use. Moreover, burnt sea shells are used to make quicklime, a very useful product, but not something you want to breathe. Give it a second thought before you do this dope, yet dangerous pipe.

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