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How to Make a Potato Pipe

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Rigidity and airflow. These are the secrets to achieving a successful fruit or vegetable pipe. Your creation’s consistency will determine how well it handles the engineering and modifications necessary to transform it into a raw, organic, vitamin-rich smoking device. 

Potatoes are a common starchy vegetable in the kitchen. It is a nutrient-rich food source and often a culinary ingredient native to the Americas. With an uncooked potato and a little bit of creativity, you can craft a perfect pipe, easy to penetrate with even a pen, without cutting or constructing requirements. The taste might be a bit less pleasant than smoking from an apple, but potato pipes tend to be a lot more sturdy than apple pipes. 

Moreover, the moisture in the potato keeps your bowl from smoldering and cools the smoke since the potato remains cold. All these qualities make potato pipes a surprisingly smooth smoking method to use when you’re out of rolling papers or bongs.

So, before you turn that root vegetable into mashed potato, keep reading to figure out a funny and challenging way to break up your smoking routine. Stay to learn how to make a potato pipe. 

How to Make a Potato Pipe


  • Potato peeler, coffee spoon, or pumpkin carving knife: These are ideal for carving a perfect-size bowl into your potato. Another useful alternative is a paring knife.
  • Phillips head screwdriver, skewer, chopsticks: These make a perfect tool for creating an airway between your mouthpiece and a freshly carved bowl. Metal and bamboo skewers work best, but another quick alternative is a pen casing.
  • One medium-size potato
  • Favorite cannabis strain 
  • Lighter

    Now that we have gathered everything together, give your tools and potato a quick rinse before starting this simple DIY potato pipe.

    Step 1: Carve Your Bowl

    Pay attention to the potato you have in your hand and feel its shape. Since these starchy vegetables are all different, take your time to see it as a pipe and determine the best place to create a mouthpiece and where you can possibly carve your bowl. The hole should be placed towards the opposite end of the potato, just past the middle.

    Using a carving tool like a potato peeler, coffee spoon, or pumpkin carving knife, sculpt your bowl with initial sharp angles. Stab and cut any relief until you dig a perfect bowl in a circular motion with very steep slopes. Finally, take out the walls of your bowl using your tool. 

    You can add a cone-piece to the top hole to match your bowl’s size to put your herbs at the end. As an alternative, you can mask the bowl with a piece of aluminium foil and make some holes with your needle resembling a pipe screen.

    Step 2: Carve the Airway

    It is time to create an airway using a Phillips head screwdriver, skewer, or chopsticks. Line up the airway to the bottom of the bowl with the help of the steep angles. Insert the screwdriver or skewer into the location you chose for your mouth. Connect both tunnels by pressing gently and firmly utilizing your tool and act as a drill to push until you reach the bottom of your bowl. Then, twist it and make a chamber. Be careful of not applying too much strength or you might push it out to the other side.

    Repeat this procedure a few times more, alternating with blowing up through the bowl into a trash can until you remove all the potato from the tunnel and it looks clear. 

    Step 3: Seal the Bowl’s Surface

    Next thing to do is slightly seal the bowl’s inside with the help of a lighter. Burn the bowl's surface to limit moisture. Try to do it fast, heating it up for a second without leaving any soot.

    Step 4: Load and Smoke

    Your cool potato pipe is ready to be loaded and lightened up. If you choose to use a cone-piece, insert it into the top hole. Proceed to grind your herbs and charge it with your good old mix, put your mouth on the draghole and inhale. Trip accomplished! 

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