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How To Make A Pipe Out Of A Can: Homemade Pipes and Tips

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We all have been through that situation when you have your weed ready, but you are missing something very important. What are you using to smoke? What can we do when there are no rolling papers, no bongs or pipes? If you don't have something to smoke and you are feeling anxious. Don't worry we have a solution. A homemade pipe ready to use in less than five minutes. You will learn how to make a pipe form scratch and out of items you can easily find at home. You’ll be able to make a basic pipe using an empty aluminum can and a sharp knife or scissors. 


Make a soda can pipe: DYI pipe in less than five minutes

To make a pipe out of a soda can you will only need an empty aluminum can and a sharp knife, scissors or a screwdriver.

Here are some steps to follow to make a homemade weed pipe out of an empty soda can:

  1. Clean and dry the can.
  2. Using a screwdriver or scissors make a slit on the side of the can, near the top. The slit should be about an inch long.
  3. Use the knife or scissors to carefully expand the slit into a hole. The hole should be big enough to allow smoke to flow through the can. 
  4. Hold a lighter or a match to the edge of the hole to smooth it out. This will also help to prevent the metal from sharp edges from cutting your lips or fingers. 
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the opposite side of the can, about an inch below the first hole. This will be the mouthpiece.
  6. You can add a bowl made of aluminum foil. 
  7. One of the easiest ways is to carve out a bowl, we will use foil for the bowl. 
  8. Your smoking device will work better after you insert the bowl in the pipe.



This homemade weed pipe is only for one use. Even though it is a homemade smoking device it's a threat to your health. There are many potential dangers associated with smoking out of an improvised device like a can, such as inhaling toxic fumes, cuts or burns to the mouth. Homemade smoking devices might be safer if you use other materials. Like apples instead of cans. Let's check a quick and easy to make pipe and check safer ways to smoke weed. 

It’s much better to buy a pipe that can work perfectly no matter how many times you use it. You can order a high quality pipe that will last forever and give you a smoother and unique experience while smoking weed. Stop coughing when smoking your herb, find the best pipe here


How to make an apple pipe to smoke weed?

An apple pipe is one of the best homemade smoking devices. This is a much more safe alternative, it's quick and healthy, because you can take some bites from the apple pipe if you are hungry too. This is a two-step easy guide of how to make a quick homemade device to smoke cannabis with only an apple and a pen or pencil. 

  1. First poke a hole on the top of the apple, where its branch comes out. The depth of the hole should reach approximately half the apple. The cut should be funnel-shaped because there, in the upper part is where we will place the herb. 
  2. Then poke another hole on the side of the apple. You must make a small hole, it must reach the first hole, that is where you are going to put your mouth to inhale the smoke. 

    As we can notice this is a much simpler homemade device for smoking cannabis. You don't need more than two cuts to the apple, it's very easy to make a basic pipe from an apple. Just make sure you dry the bowl where you are placing the herb and you're ready to smoke. You can also make an apple bong, it’s a little bit more complicated but totally worth it. 

    Now you know how to make a weed pipe from scratch, just use an apple and a pencil . Making a hole in an apple requires nothing but will. 



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