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How to Make a Pear Pipe

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Ever since DIY pipes exist, fruits are the most used to convert into homemade pipes. Although apples are the most popular to do this, doing it with a pear can be just as useful. Pear pipes can be really fun, and if you have time to do it right, you can actually get a pretty nice smoking gadget. Another good thing about pear pipes is that, unless you don't have a pear at home, all materials needed to make it are objects that you can often find in any house. 

How to Make a Pear Pipe


  • Pear
  • Pen or pencil
  • Skewer stick


  • Start by creating the bowl of your pear pipe. To do this, carve a hole on the thick part of the pear with the pencil and keep digging until you reach the middle of the fruit. Clean the excesses.
  • Now, create another hole at the top of the pear with the skewer stick, and drill deep enough to connect the two holes. Once you join them, move the stick in little circles while inside to make the tunnel a bit thicker. This will be the stem of your pear pipe.
  • Then, use the skewer stick to create another channel to the side of the bowl piece. This channel will act as the carb. Airflow is essential to experience smooth and fresh smoke in any smoking device. Make sure the two channels connect with the bowl hole.

Once your bowl is packed, it is time to light things up and test this delightful piece of fruity art to smoke. When inhaling, take smooth holds to pick up the pear’s flavor and enjoy this delicious and tasteful smoking experience. 

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